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እ ቲ ሓ ቀ ኛ ሰ ዲህኤ ን ሓድ ነት ይ ሳግም

ቅድ ሚ ክል ተ ዓ መት ብ ዛ ዕ ባ ሰ ዲህኤ እን ታይ ተ ባ ሂ ሉ ከምዝ ነ በ ረ ዶ ከ ነ ዛ ኻኽ ረ ኩም ? ሰዲህኤ፡ ሓድነት ዝሕላገታ፡ ሓቂ ዝዕጥቐታ፡ ፍትሒ

ቅድ ሚ ክል ተ ዓ መት ብ ዛ ዕ ባ ሰ ዲህኤ እን ታይ ተ ባ ሂ ሉ ከምዝ ነ በ ረ ዶ ከ ነ ዛ ኻኽ ረ ኩም ?
ሰዲህኤ፡ ሓድነት ዝሕላገታ፡ ሓቂ ዝዕጥቐታ፡ ፍትሒ ዝኣንደባታ፡ ዲሞክራሲ ዝውዕለታ፡ ኣይትኸውንን ኢያ ነበረ – ያ – ነበረ ዛንታ፡ ኣለዉዋ ዝኸላኸሉ ካብ ዘይፍትሓዊ ወስታ፡ ክትነብር ኢያ ንዘላዓለም ብሸዊታ።

Review overview
  • Ghebrezghi Shimhalal August 30, 2019

    Dear Dr. Ghebre,

    First, I really appreciate your efforts to inspire and educate the general population in the diaspora. Regarding the history and experiences previous parties in Eritrean politics, We know that the leaders of these various parties miserably failed to either ensure their continuity as a group or else collaborate with other groups to solve the many issues we face as people without a shepherd. We have had many leaders, but not as progrmattic enough with the ability to inspire and create and galvanize a coalition of patriots from all walks of life. They spent so many years (1982-present) fighting over trivial and abstract ideological matters; instead of mapping out practical solutions to the existenstial threat we face as a people of a new nation.

    Therefore, the new generation cannot afford to either espouse the politics of the old generation. They have to give way to the new generation who are full of hope, energy, and knowledge. The world has changed, so should our thinking and the type of leaders who can take us to the promise land. My message to those who have been divisive and divided many a times is simply to, get out of the way! Eritrea deserves much better equipped,, critical thinkers, and pragmatic leaders in this globalized world.