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  • yeakel August 13, 2016

    I am sorry to say but Dr Nasrudin, I found your story very hard to believe. “that’s where the shoe pinches” Who are you? Where are from? Please we are tired of this ugly dictators different tricks..

  • Staz Bara August 14, 2016

    According to the interview with Assenna Radio, he said he was born in Sudan in 1979 and came to Eritrea not earlier than 1991 (after freedom) and he said he attended school 1-12 in Asmara and graduated in 1999. please do the math it means he finished High School in 8 years. He is hiding his true identity, this person was not born in Sudan, he does not have the accent of a who spent the first 12 years of his life in Arabic speaking country. he could have said YEANI YEANI WOLLAHi YEAKI ZATU BES after every word.

    • aman August 19, 2016

      Good observation. He also said he studied in Capetown, south Africa from 2001. i was there during this time. i don’t remember his name and face neither do other students of that time. he is a lair.

  • Zekarias Abedom August 15, 2016

    Untold crimes of the blood-sucking beast ruling Eritrea. I am very sad to hear about what happened to you. You could have followed another dream in Europe or U.S but you are an innocent person who flew back to your country from South Africa to contribute to the health of our people. I thank God at least you are in safe hands now and consider Dr. Bereket’s coming to you was God’s purpose to save you for all the innocence and sacrifice you paid. You have many things to be happy and proud of. You have saved hundreds of lives of our brothers in the typhoid outbreak in the camps of death in the so called prisons and military training camps. You are unforgettable person in the history of Eritrea, your interview will be heard in the coming decades, and my children have heard it and my grandchildren will refer this video to know the doomsday history of their country. Michael and Gual Weldai, the beast’s collaborators to kill and destroy people’s will never be having the security they feel now, time will change and time of vengeance will come for all collaborators and thier masters. Be strong Nesrie , there is a lot of good things for you in future. Don’t give up, the Almighty will be with you. We love you and we are proud of you!