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ትኸል ንቐል – ስምዓዮ ‘ቲ ደወል! – Let’s go to New York! It is Oct 29th, 2015

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH October 11, 2015

    Time to break the wall of fear and intimidation.
    Time to fight for what you believe , for your people but
    not for their fight at expense of innocents .
    Fight in honor our patriots principle of freedom , liberty
    and justice for all .
    Our small contribute can make a difference between good
    and evil . Some people might come with an excuse for
    political exploiatation but they missed to understand that
    all terrible events perpetuated toward our people had been
    victim of corrupted politics . The same way they hide their
    dirt under blanket of politics , we have obligation to expose
    wrong deeds through politicizing reality on the ground.
    We paid heavy price for letting arrogance reign in Erittean
    society environment .

    • fetsum abraham October 11, 2015

      love u tegadalai ahmed saleh. u r a heck of a fighter

      • AHMED SALEH October 11, 2015

        Fezum Abraha
        The time we met and knew each other long time ago , the memory I have
        is about innocence and respect among Eritreans reflects our personality .
        Your love is in it’s place and will stay that way regardless .
        Now to observe that rich culture hijacked by ill-will forces and people to
        watch with silence bothers us all .
        Thank you , stay well and strong , buddy . You are good person and keep
        to preserve the Futsum I know how at any cost .
        KUBUR YEKHBREKA HUSUR YEHSIREKA said our forefathers . SO LONG !

  • Tesfit October 11, 2015

    Using pen name, HGDEF has responded in tesfanews to Ruth Habtemariam’s translation of the G-15 interview with Dan Connell. The writer[s] also said they will present evidence America’s attempt to kill Isaias. Interesting because why are they responding now after 10 years (since Dan’s interview was published)? Could it be because the translation to Tigrigna became damaging?
    I hope to hear Ruth’s reaction about this.

  • Yohan Frezghi October 11, 2015

    Sadly, we know everything about how we Eritreans fight each other and die, but we know very little about how to defeat the PFDJ and create a peaceful democratic country. Indeed, this was and is the reality of Eritrean politics. How many more demonstrations is needed to defeat DIA and his mafia gangs?

  • k.tewolde October 11, 2015

    It is time! It is time to give the last upper cut NEZI MUSHMUSH SIRAAT. See you at the venue.

  • russom ogbai October 13, 2015

    See you all in New york.
    This is the least we can do for our beloved Eritrea & it’s great people
    Who are suffering under tyranny and slavery. Eritreans & friends in North America,our proximity to the UNITED NATIONS AND THE WHITE HOUSE, is an advantage to make our case by traveling short distance. Others have to cross oceans. Let’s use the apportunity. See you all on Oct. 29th 2015 in New York. Finally,AMANUEL Assenna,thnx & God Bless You.

  • saba October 20, 2015

    It time for us to stand up for our ppl.

  • saba October 20, 2015

    Time to break the fear.Sisters Mothers we can do this.God bless you all.