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ተመን ኣብ እግርካ: በትሪ ኣብ ኢደካ !! ብ ሰንሰሎማይ ሰላም ኣብ ሃገር᎓᎓

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Review overview
  • ERITRAWIT April 24, 2015

    Kubur Sehafey,Ab Egrna aykonen zelo entay da kab laley skab tahtey tete-mtemew Nekesew ka, merzew ab zkednawo yzeralna alo!!!!!!
    Alem B Alema Endatezarebet, nhna ka sematen bekeyten koyna terefna wey ane.

  • Meharenazgi Merhawi April 24, 2015

    ሰንስሎማይ ሓሳባትካ ጽቡቕ’ዩ፡ ሓንቲ ታሪኽ ግን ከካፍለካ። ሓደ ግዜ ብዙሓት ኣናጹ ኣንጻር ጸላኢተን ድሙ ኣኼባ ኣካይደን ብከመይ ይድሕና ዝተፋላለየ ሓሳባት ኣብ ዘቕረባሉ ግዜ ሓንቲ ካብኣተን እምበኣር ክሳብ ዝገበርና ንገብር ድሙ ክትመጸና ከላ ምእንቲ ሰሚዕና ኣብ ጉድጓድና ክንሕባእ ኣብ ክሳዳ ቃጭል ንእሰረላ ዝብል ሓሳብ ምስ ኣቕረበት፣ኣዚዩ ጽቡቕ ሓሳብ ኣቕሪብኪ፣ነታ ቃጭል ግን መን ይእሰራ በላኣ።ስለዚ ዝኸበርካ ሰንሰሎማይ ኣብ ዝተፋላለየ ኩርናዓት ዓለም ካብ ዘለዉ ኤርትራዊያን፣ኣንጻር’ዚ ዘሎ ውልቀ መላኺ ዘይተዘርበ የልቦን እታ ተሪፋ ዘላ ግን ኣብ ክሳድ’ዚ ውልቀመላኺ ነታ ቦምባ መን ይእሰራ ኢዩ?

  • rezen April 24, 2015

    “ነታ ቃጭል ግን መን ይእሰራ?”

    Highly educated professional with deep knowledge of psychological cat behaviour coupled with sound technology and mechanical engineering, may do the job.
    Just a wild idea.

    • yohannes April 24, 2015

      Rezene, Eritreans they don’t have that person, Eritreans are able to insult Agame that is all. They will continue to say until they dye Agame only Agame.

      • rezen April 25, 2015

        You made your message very clear in no uncertain way.

        What was that Tigrigna perfect expression for the occasion that goes perhaps something like ጸባ ስተ፥ ጸባ ኣስቲኻኒ …… I am NOT sure that is the correct expression. Forgive me. You see how doomed I am in my own language, in my own culture etc. But then, I was never taught the Tigrigna language in “modern” schools from elementary all the way to university. Not a single subject (like: Tigrigna >>> grammar, history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, music, literature….) was part of “modern” educational curriculum in Eritrea. If an Eritrean Educator were to suggest such a curriculum in modern schools,I imagine, she/he would be laughed at. Tigrigna is just for the “hagereseb”!

        Tigrigna, derivative of ancient Geez (comparable to Latin) was not (and still is not) considered worthwhile by indigenous Eritrean scholars to push for it to the limit of their influence. They are comfortable with foreign language and uneasy with their own ancient written language. It is a perfect inferiority complex, resulting from one hundred years of subjugations under different colonial forces.

        But we are smart!!! We cover our weakness (inferiority complex) by artificial superiority complex declaring that we are superior society in Africa; that we are civilized society; that we should really be compared with European societies – not with the Agames of Tigray or with the ‘donkeys’ of Ethiopia!!! Oh Lord have mercy upon Eritrea!

        Such an attitude was encouraged during the ghedli era leading to more disaster: መን ከማና! Let me close this subject with an example. A well known Eritrean professor was stating his views regarding the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia. He declared, with all the confidence at his disposal, that the decision to federate Eritrea with Ethiopia was the greatest mistake, because Ethiopia was uneducated and savage country where as Eritrea was too advanced to be tied to backward Ethiopia. An American sociologist who was at the gathering was somewhat annoyed by the blanket statement of the professor. With a little trick in his hat, he asked the professor a question: What do you call screw driver in your language? “caciavite” of course, replied the proud professor. Bingo! With a sneaky smile on his face the American responded: “but that is Italian word”! Silence! The Ethiopians have an indigenous word for it.

        Now, in all consciousness and fairness I cannot leave the topic hanging. In fact, I am truly delighted to observe in the Internet and in conversation with individuals that increasing number of humble Eritreans are coming out, critically looking at themselves and accepting the reality of themselves, leading to the healthy attitude of criticizing thyself.It is the first monumental step leading to sanity. Ask any psychoanalyst.

        Eritreans are indeed honest hard working people, but they are not superior to any nation; Eritreans are really generous people,so are other nations; Eritreans have their own weakness, just like any other nations… I see a clear change of attitude in increasing number of Eriteans. I hope this trend will continue. In the process, if we see overzealous swing to this new attitude, let us accept it as only a forceful expression, not as a malice but as an acute awareness for the better. I pray it continues.

  • asmeret April 25, 2015

    rezen be yourself!You are not Eritrean and you don’t know Eritrean. Tworoof dehery isayas. rezen I’m sure not a long ago start eating three meals a day so be thankful. God bless Eritrea and Eritrean!