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መሰደረ ሓቂ – ጀኔቫ

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Review overview
  • Sefa June 29, 2015

    well done brothers and sisters in Europe and Geneva.

    We are proud of you. Issaias and the ugly narrow minded and identity-starved elite leadership of Ghedli will be history soon as their Arab counter parts such as Libya, yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq … had experienced.

  • geneva warrior June 29, 2015

    noble cause.

  • yihdego zelalem June 29, 2015

    The one that posted the above was Aman…

    Thank you

  • Haile Gerye June 30, 2015

    Zehegus selfi wedqet n seretn nay H.G.D.F zreanalu hzbawi teqawmo bmkuanu hzbi eritrea khbenelu kemzelewo n qalsna ktrne alewo hadnet hzbi eirtrea nzelalem ynber

  • k.tewolde July 2, 2015

    the choice is clear cut, either you stand and support the united voice of the eritrean people who is trying to resurrect and usher a new era of peace, justice,tranquility, and of course rule of law or stand with hegdef and their goons who are marching to oblivion.half a century of lying is enough.