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ሓምራ ላመይ

እዛ ሓምራ ላመይ ሓደራ ሓደራ ዓርም ከይቲኸወን ከይስበር ዕድላ [gview file="ካላኣይቲ-ሓምራ.pdf"]

እዛ ሓምራ ላመይ ሓደራ ሓደራ ዓርም ከይቲኸወን ከይስበር ዕድላ

Review overview
  • FM January 28, 2015

    ይበል ይበል ግጥሚ “ሓምራ ላመይ” ልግዐ ኣወናዊንክና፡ ራህዋን ትወንን እንተዝህሉስ ንዅላትና ምኣኸለ።

  • wedi fre January 29, 2015

    Great GITMI Nura Hussain. HITERI AJOKI SEWIDI.

  • hureya January 29, 2015

    good poem ,but this poem was shows virtue of the saho people poem during the longstanding independence struggle time and the suffer our people and animals passed consequentially we can also use and interpret it for the current condition of our nation.

  • nebelbal7 January 29, 2015

    Nura Hussein,
    It is simply a humorous poem. May I demand more?

  • WaEro January 29, 2015

    Where have you been with talent?
    Can we have more of this?

  • Gomora January 30, 2015

    Actually this poem is from the song of Eng. Asghedom ” Guma Hamra Lamey”