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Justice Seekers Should never be Justice Killers

I was suddenly prompted to write about after coming across a cartoon on, a site usually labelled by most in the opposition as a government stooge. Since assenna is a regular on the

I was suddenly prompted to write about after coming across a cartoon on, a site usually labelled by most in the opposition as a government stooge. Since assenna is a regular on the website, though not as a friend but as the enemy, I assumed it was time for another round of attacks. After all, loves to harass So I thought it was going to be the usual attacks on the website. But I was, should I say, wide of the mark. Ironically, was defending, the most audacious opposition website from a barrage of attacks from none other than the so called opposition groups themselves.


The cartoon published on

We all know it is difficult to be definite as to what the needs and wants of “the opposition” or rather some of its members are. I usually find myself wondering: Do these people even know what they want let alone how they are going to achieve it?

Bottom line is the paradox and confusion in the opposition sphere is beyond belief. And that is about the only clear-cut thing the opposition has going for it.

The fact that the opposition could go on an attack mode against assenna  for an entire month in response to a single article it published exposes its fragility and negativity once again, and it is a clear sign that it has no clue as to its own dynamics.  Assenna is not merely an opposition media organization. It is without doubt the one most Diaspora Eritreans as well as Eritreans within the country follow for issues that are relevant to them. As a whole, its impact is ten-fold even when compared to that of the rest of the opposition groups combined.  It’s only for this very reason that PFDJ would love to have it crushed and silenced. Just as it is the reason why it fears the principled, relentless fight exhibited by Amanuel Eyasu and his team. This is a fact that can be illustrated easily.

I for one have followed, even read Amanuel’s  writing for over a decade now and I have never seen him go adrift the core principles he held from the outset. Remember, this is the second round of fighting for him. The first was the liberation struggle he joined as a kid.  He is sharp. His critical thinking coupled with his determination and his strength when faced with adversity, be it from the side of the regime or from within the opposition, he has time and again proven to be a role model for many  Eritreans. He is a reminder of our Eritrean values. And he is an inspiration to the old and the young.’s achievements are the result of consistent endeavour. The public’s unremitting financial support is also a testimony to the trust it bestowed upon it.

Those in the Diaspora just need to visit to find out that is the most visited Eritrean website. It has been for a long time.

Global Ranking of Relevant & Most Viewed Eritrean websites on (Accessed, September 26, 2016) 

1ST , Global rank – 124,731assenna_alexa

2nd ., Global Rank – 132, 231


3rd., Global Rank – 249,361


4th., Global Rank– 331,718


5th., Global Rank – 567,569togoruba-alexa

6th., Global Rank – 569,439


7th., Global Rank – 8,426,732



Why then, all these endless uproar by some in the opposition? If they really want change and justice they have to liberate themselves in the first place and develop tolerance of difference in opinions. By attacking, they are just doing an essential job for the PFDJ and undermining themselves along the way. and Amanuel have obviously shortcomings like everybody else; one has to be inactive to be perfect 100% all the time. This is particularly true in media organisations like assenna, where they operate in public. I may also not agree with several of assenna positions but it does not mean I have got to wipe-out the enormous contribution assenna and Amanuel are making. Bias and emotions blind people. That is why biased and emotional people work against their own interest. Unless we choose to be pragmatic there is no way for us to solve our complicated problems.

As a matter of fact, the entire opposition is not to blame for the incident mentioned earlier on. Nonetheless, it is important to point out this failure of some in the opposition. A couple of them have clearly developed a ‘copy-cut shock the public with dirty talk style’ for the sake of getting attention however temporary. For them, tarnishing everything Eritrean has become a fashion. As they are inept and morally bankrupt they have nothing to lose. However, the real justice seekers should sniff out the attention seekers among them in order to cleanse the political atmosphere. Fostering division, discord and confusion should not be tolerated. The opposition has to make a political sense to be trusted as an alternative. It has to be committed to positive change, the sort that Eritreans and Eritrea need if it is to appeal to the general population. After all, the people always know what is best for them.

Abrehale T/M





Review overview
  • Wedi Hagher September 29, 2016 is a great website and that is because Amanuel is a hard worker and a dedicated freedom fighter.
    That said, let’s be candid on this, he is also ‘Shabia’ to the core. There is nothing wrong in that, as long as he recognizes that others too come from a different political background and take care of their share of history whether good or bad. The problem comes when some times, people see him mobilizing they young against a section of the opposition (ELF based) using the same language used by Higdef. Besides, on some historical and political issues that used to divide the two sisterly organizations, such as Flag, languages ..etc, Amanuel is known to be an extremist who doesn’t temper down his tone. Both EPLF and ELF are gone for good, and the issues they raised or left behind cannot be imposed by either side. When the dust settles down, the new generation will find a solution to all that in a calm and brotherly/sisterly atmosphere for the benefit of common people in Eritrea.
    Amanuel is a respected nationalist with whom we all should work and join hands to continue provide the good service of Assenna to Eritrean diaspora..

    • Fikre September 29, 2016

      Wedi Hagher says:
      The problem comes when some times, people see him mobilizing they young against a section of the opposition (ELF based) using the same language used by Higdef. Besides, on some historical and political issues that used to divide the two sisterly organizations, such as Flag, languages ..etc, Amanuel is known to be an extremist who doesn’t temper down his tone.
      What exactly do you mean by the same language used by Higdef, Wedi Hagher? Do you expect him to start using birds language simply because HIgdef happens to use an Eritrean language? Are we to create another language because pfdj speaks Tigrigna or Arabic? You also accuse Mr. Amanuel for being an extremist who doesn’t temper down his tone. What exactly do you mean by that? Is this guy supposed to please ELF based opposition as you call them or do his job which is expose the evils of the dictatorial regime? Do us a favor and put the ELF based opposition on one scale and the Eritrean people and its future and the country called Eritrea on the other and come back to tell us which one is heavier. Surely the later, No?

    • Lemlem September 29, 2016

      Wedi Haghers & k.tewoldes
      Dishonesty is what you ventured to act in. Seraqi Mobae baElu ylefalef describes you sadly. ELF cadres never learn from their mistakes and instead they are still circling around in denials and vengeance. Too bad politics.

      • Hadas September 29, 2016

        The likes of Wedi Hagher, AKA, Wedi Jebha, want to burn and bury all EPLF’s history and its achievements, on the other hand, the Wedi Jebha wants to white wash all the dirty secrets of Jebha history and its bankrupt, slavish and servitude ideologies.
        What makes Assenna and its publisher Amanuel Eyasu the best is that he is not afraid to pinpoint and expose all EPLF’s bad history as he, rightly, defend EPLF’s outstanding achievements
        Assenna is nobody’s or organization’s slave, it only serves Justice and Fairness, be it EPLF, Kunama, Tigre, Afar, Tigrinya …. or any human being, even the Hoothi warriors in Yemen. Assena is not living in the ignorance of the 1960s, it knows full well that it is 2016.

  • Z. Hagos September 29, 2016

    To help assenna expand, the discussions should be relevant and realistic ensuring quality discussion. To do so, the justice seekers should be depended upon for their inputs, while at the same time raising the political awareness of our people. Always the discussions should focus on exposing the tyrant bysupporting our explanations with the victims’ side stories. And don’t forget to condemn those who are on the side of the tyrant and commend and praise those who are on the side of the victims, be it countries or people. Thus, the discussants by their way of discussions will be able to condemn what is doing and explain how dangerous and damage-causing his actions are. We should impose pressure on all pro-people websites and civil organizations to condemn Unless we are able to do that, the power of the people will not be recognized and respected by those who claim to be on the side of the people but by their action are clearly against the interest of the people. As a first step, let our condemnations of flow and flow in hundreds this time in support of Assenna.

  • k.tewolde September 29, 2016

    Justice seeker,it depends what justice you are seeking,from what perspective,what justice means to you,what you want it to look like and I guarantee you people will come up with different answers.The reason is ,because we come from different experiences.The individual is the some total of his/her own life experience and will seek a resolution that redeems or satisfies their individual experience.That said,the justice seeker camp is made up of the pre-EPLF era ghedli,EPLF era,HGDEF era till present, it is a generational warp.Do we have an individual who can bridge the gap and combine this rich experience into one and lift our nation from doldrums it is in?I doubt it.Will there be an individual in the future free of biases does not even relate to any of the generations above? definitely yes,by then Eritrean nationalism will cease to exist.

  • Fikre September 29, 2016

    A justice seeker is someone who seeks justice. If someone opposes a government for anything other than that they are not a justice seeker. Some oppose pfdj because they hate Isayas. Others do so because they see the regime as eplf which defeated elf and they will never ever accept it. You can hardly call someone who opposes pfdj for the sake of opposing a justice seeker.. The k.tewoldes of the opposition are part of the problem not the solution. Life experience has to do with vengeance. None whatsoever with justice. Justice is justice not revenge. wala tnfer mber tel ya zbl nay neger tiena aykonen..

    • Z. Hagos September 29, 2016

      Fikre, the topic is as to why seeks to be more than Isayas in its enmity against the justice seekers. Do you know, what the webmaster of does? Below are some examples: lures and posts materials of those-opposition-against-the-opposition, like Keleta Kidane and Mahmood Saleh, then they have differing points with the justice seekers. Alem Goitem, the webmaster of is a kind of an instigator of civil war and sworn enemy of the justice seekers. He does not want to learn the truth about the victims of the tyrant. When all Eritreans, even pro-the-regime members, and the world were grieving the victims of the Lampedusa boat tragedy, the webmaster of described the victims as the spoiled who fled their country because they didn’t want to work.

      The webmaster of, the way he is sticking with the tyrant appears like he chose to sink headfirst to vanish without trace along with the tyrant into the prisons of the ICC (International Criminal Court) for life.

      • Lemlem September 29, 2016

        Please call it instead of
        And call the traitor greedy man Feger Bariem.

    • Lemlem September 29, 2016

      Very well sail indeed. I couldn’t agree more with your great comments.
      We have too many yesterday’s failed losers of ELF still with lots of revenge.
      They still need soul healing lectures and remedies for their sick backward mentality. Most of them are stuck in the 60s unable to move on to the 21st century of globalization and integration. Keep it up brother.

      • Lemlem September 29, 2016

        sorry for my misspelling of sail should be read as “said”
        Well said again and God bless you borther.

  • robi September 29, 2016

    Enjera zgi blae haw Abrehale. A colonized mind will never be able to free others. Long live assenna! Long live Ema! Thank you for your service and dedication. You indeed are an inspiration. kndi million ileka aleku.

  • Z. Hagos September 29, 2016

    Breaking news, investigative facts about the Webmaster of the

    According to this justice seeker, a close friend of Alem Goitem – the webmaster of, found out that Alem Goitem receives phone instructions every weekend from Zimehret Yohannes, the director of Research and Documentation Center of the tyrant, in Asmara. Thus, is functioning like the official mouthpiece of the tyrant against the justice seekers.

    The webmaster of focuses on instigating inflammatory items and news against the Eritrean justice seekers and the victims of the tyrant. No doubt, Alem Goitem appears to be raw without knowledge about what he is doing and is directly out of justice to stand as an informer of the tyrant and an agent who disparages or belittles the claims of the victims of the tyrant and the strength of the justice-seekers.

  • senait debessay September 29, 2016

    folks, (shabia’s secret agent) is on a mission to dismantle all Eritrean Justice seeker and obviously ‘mission accomplished’ he probably will get a raise for this.
    this is exactly what he was assigned to do, divide us, that picture says it all. Don’t be so emotional and shoot at each other.
    I get my sources from assenna and I am an active supporter of the site, do I like everything about assenna, no, but I give Amanuel a credit for working hard to expose the injustice that we are witnessing in Eritrea as we speak.
    chill out and think twice about the issue you’re talking about, we forget the agenda (meskerm) and start being smart on how to attack each other, as far as I am concerned all of you going back and forth seem justice seekers, but look at yourself attacking each other. is enemy number one of and all justice seekers.
    than you,

    • Z. Hagos September 29, 2016

      Thanks senait debessay for giving a punch in the nose to and exposing its mission. The best for the justice-seekers and all pro-the-people is to boycott or stop visiting The major responsibility falls on those who have information about the webmaster and as to why is doing what he is doing. By way of convincing Alem Goitem, the webmaster of, to make a U-turn, we may also help the justice-seekers. I say so, because is involved in passing sensitive information on to the regime about the justice-seekers. The fact that the webmaster has many elements in the opposition camps, whom he knows and communicates with daily, denying such sensitive information being passed on to the regime will weaken the regime information wise and strengthen the justice-seekers by winning the eye-and-ear of the regime living among the justice-seekers..
      The webmaster of was many times caught taking pictures and videos of demonstrations against the regime. For sure, since he knows the backgrounds of those demonstrating, the information passed on to the regime must be security sensitive that may lead to affecting lives and properties of those related to the demonstrators. The justice-seekers must report to their respective authorities about the ill-intentions of the webmaster as an informer of the regime that threaten their lives and securities of their relatives in Eritrea.

  • ruth September 29, 2016

    2 senait debessay and Z. Hagos,
    The issue here is not even The problem with Eritreans is that they jump to conclusions without having read what is written. This is how it is done: First read. Then draw your own conclusion. The article is addressing the short comings of the ‘opposition’ that is unfortunately shooting at its own head. That is called suicide and it is caused by mental illness. It is totally wrong and delusional to try to hide your illness. Besides that would only exacerbate your condition not help you get better. The naive ‘opposition’ is infested with parasites like desale bereket (pfdj’s agent whose mission is to ‘dismantle the opposition) and amiche (a pro andnet whose mission is to destroy nationalism). The writer is asking the ‘opposition’ to do some soul searching. The illustration seen on top of the article was posted on meshrefet. And he tells us as to how it prompted him to write this article. Meshrefet attacking assenna is a common place thing. That is a none-issue. Yet the opposition ganging up against assenna, an opposition media that is sick. What’s pathetic is that people should feel it is acceptable. Why do you think that is the case? So read before you write comments.

  • PH September 29, 2016

    Why do we bother to much on secondary issues when we have another priority at first and most importantly to defend and act accordingly. why do we have quick sensor to make hate.

  • Tes September 29, 2016

    The aim of meskerem is pretty much clear to wedge rift and demoralise any one see threat to PFDJ. They are paid agents and do the dirty stuff for HGDEF. The main iam is to prolong the ressistance from achieving its goals. They knew their livelyhood depend on the chaos of Eritrea. If thing get back to normal in eritrea those old fools and outdated individual will be jobless and had nothing transferable skill. Hence that is their level and the best is to ignor them not to fall to thei level.

    Ammuniel is a dedicated activist and his contribution to the ressitance is second to none. His detemination is unpalleled and above all he is very dignifed and principled. However, he made a mistake to lash out to all youths the very victim of the cruel PFDJ and he was so emmossionaly charged and he use very unwise words. He has right to express his disagrement with any issue but should know better than the way he delt with. He should not gloss every one with the same brush. He should not bring the victom of sinai to the equestion.They had been through hell and they are living with their stigma. They don’t want reminder and it was wrong and Ammanuel should come out and appology to any one offened by his words. He is bigger than that and to say sorry will make him more stronger and respect person. I am sure he knew it was a mistake but he lack courage to come out and say sorry. He should say it soon when apportunity arise otherwise his great work and achievement will be a stain by this mistake. He will fall from grace.

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