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Fetsum: We have the action that needs actors to succeed

Everything comes and goes but the worst thing in life is killing initiatives with reckless procrastination. Opportunities after all cannot survive without acceleration as we witnessed time and again in the Eritrean diary. The Voccaroian

Everything comes and goes but the worst thing in life is killing initiatives with reckless procrastination. Opportunities after all cannot survive without acceleration as we witnessed time and again in the Eritrean diary. The Voccaroian initiative for unity, for instance could have succeed by now had we nurtured it together. But neither did the opposition groups play their part nor our people carried their responsibility of fueling the dynamics after his departure; and it ended up being history instead of reality.

To me, the Eritrean opposition camp is dwelling more towards individualism with the disgusting division in place. If there is any advantage for one to gain from the stagnant struggle, it must be spiritual development about how unconscious and egoistic human beings can destruct considering themselves as the only solution to the common problem. The extent of self-consciousness in us Eritreans is a universal case point for what ego can do to ordinary human beings because it is hard to see 5 million people with extraordinary history of resistance divided into tens of political and civic groups that refuse to narrow their differences through genuine dialogue after cyclic failure through the curse of individualism. The two fronts were one more too many to bring independence considering how few in number we were and this reality seems to have been forgotten in view of the current opposition camp that over suffocated the reasonable space for accommodating diversified groups that claim to bring a solution in the country. I sometimes wonder how they can justify their stillness and still think of making it alone without global leadership. Yet, the disease called ANNINET keeps on going with no breakthrough in sight.

As per GI, we believe the first step of exchanging information with the people is done. There is no doubt that most Eritreans by now are aware of the GI strategy and how much we have been working for the cause with limited resources. Based on the action plan released several times to the public, our goal was to complete the election of local Baitoes in 2017 and move to the next stage of forming continental Baitoes that eventually would elect global leadership that represents all Eritreans in Diaspora. Although we can not boast of achieving success parallel to our expectation, we were strongly encouraged by the support we received from different sects of the people that are still coming a piece at a time. Yet, it is not enough to dislodge the heinous regime lingering on the society since independence.

As we repeatedly address in the past, GI has no interest beyond facilitating the election process and empowering the people through their own decisions. We know this is impossible without transparent relationship between the groups in the opposition camp and the people at large. We also have no problem following any workable idea that may come from any group to this effect and, in fact we have been encouraging for this to happen because we see it as additive energy that can energize the strategy through genuine dialogue towards integrating different visions and producing a collective strategy to cure the problem as soon as possible.

At this stage where the opposition camp continues to expand with different groups sticking to their respective perception of resolving the dilemma, life continues for our people in its most depressing and desperate form the society could have ever imagined. The New Eritrean Movement that proposed a “new models of struggle” with our former partner of the grassroots movement, OUR VOICE happens to be the latest group in the pool that we never heard of in the past. I am a believer of diversified ideas as long as they align within the concept of visionary unity and it is too early to comment on because of lack of adequate information but I cannot help being surprised by the situation. The question is whether the pattern will enhance the struggle or otherwise which we have to see in the near future.

To some of us with exclusive consciousness, a faster solution at any socio-political risk seems to be the way to go and to some others with inclusive consciousness focusing on permanent solution appears to be the way to go. Yet, we have not seen any promising action from the advocates of the so called faster solution. Nor can anyone reasonably prove GI’s incapacity to quickly answer the Eritrean question of freedom and democracy despite our belief that the strategy is the fastest and lasting method of solving our problems in the condition people carry their responsibility of electing their local Baitos in their respective cities.

Our search for freedom cannot hit the mark by begging the groups to unite but by doing the best with all the resources available in the ground. Reality asserts, however, that we have reached the threshold where we cannot afford to stay ideologically divided any longer. But our struggle for freedom has been contradicted by our resistance against dialogue and unity. The tendency to change the situation divided to tens of groups has not only failed but also has become toxic to the point we keep on forming new groups instead of unifying the already existing groups under global leadership. Meaninglessly expanding the groups has become a serious compulsion of our people in in the Diaspora. The Adey adinjerai iyu mentality is forcing some of us to neutrally look at the problem instead of involving to unite the opposition camp by energizing the GI through direct interference. It is detaching us from our responsibility to change the situation with strategic unity.

We are suffering from object oriented consciousness that attaches people to the material world as if life will be here forever. Nothing but lack of spiritual consciousness is responsible for this tragedy, ego being the fuel behind the inferno burning the Eritrean people alive. How can we miss the advantage of unified action otherwise, when that is the only thing missing in this confrontation with the dictatorship? What does it take for the groups to sit down and discuss the matter and what would they risk doing so for them to reject unity through dialogue to this extent of personification? Why are not our people working with GI to change the situation?

All strategic outlooks can be integrated to achieve a swifter and everlasting solution in our country through the power of higher consciousness that promotes respect for one another, compassion for the victims of the regime, humility and collective resistance with no personal interest attached. All we have to do is opening the heart to listen to each other and investing our energies on unified solution to the problem. Yet, in vain!

Although most Eritrean activists in the spot line could not so far work together despite the worsening situation in the country, the people should have taken the responsibility of enforcing dialogue as the only way of breaking the stalemate and integrating the available strategies on the table. Unfortunately, this is not taking place and the situation continues in motionless ambiance with no breakthrough in sight, needless saying that the people’s passive status is allowing the emergence of new groups into the already crowded political jam to the blessing of the common enemy. Unhealthy quietism is further installing doubt on the minds of genuine citizens currently entertaining the inevitable natural dissolution of the regime with no effect from us to guaranteed justice in future Eritrea.

We have reached the threshold of dreaming success through ineffective resistance brothers and sisters making our websites the source of information and abusing each other instead of the solution. Commentators are having a hard time sticking to the messages misusing the forum for demoralizing and insulting one another. Some people are saying that GI must work harder to involve the people while simultaneously watching from distance without involving themselves. They are waiting for something to take place without their effort. Few others are saying that GI has to start action for the people to follow it; they cannot even explain what said action means.

The fact remains that GI is approaching two years since it came to existence in February 2016 with significant progress in terms of encouraging Eritreans to form their local Baitoes, contacting all the groups in the opposition camp on individual and group level of the relationship to resolve their differences through dialogue. It has been conducting uninterrupted meetings on weekly basis, constantly participating in various paltalk rooms, attending groups activities from the US, Canada to Europe and repeatedly writing and video-graphically informing our people the importance of forming global leadership to change the terrible situation at home.

C’mon folks! What is GI supposed to do that it did not do so far and how can it do more without the people’s assistance? How can people ask for action without being the actors of our action? This is unfair, selfish and immoral for no political effort succeeded alone without the people in the history of human resistance against dictatorship. Because GI is working more than its share and has done the best providing the most promising solution followed with intensified effort to amalgamate the opposition camp under a concrete strategy without compatible response from. The people must interfere now to practicalize the strategy by pressurizing the opposition groups to engage in dialogue. This is the people’s revolution that they should navigate in the background through action.

Assessing the situation from strictly personal point of view, we can neither continue as such without effective support of the people nor are we everlasting that can indefinitely work hard without tangible progress. We cannot change the situation at the rate of this ridiculous speed unless we decide to leave it for nature to resolve the problem and quit the resistance all together. Time is running out and we have been late, sleeping all the years wasting many opportunities in the past.

What is keeping us from doing it once and for all? Can we afford to keep on wasting time and resources riding in the beltway of stillness? Can we control the ever expanding opposition without our people checking and balancing the dynamics through genuine effort to create a transparent public stage of dialogue between the groups? The least we can do is participating in the election of local Baitoes and let us please do it so that we can move to the diplomatic stage of the challenge with convincing statistical evidence at hand. Let us break the chains of silent observation becoming the actors of freedom instead of the collection basket of information and rumors before everything collapses to nothingness. Let us please elect the local Baitoes everywhere in the world this November 15 for a new beginning in this unbalanced journey to freedom. Act now instead of asking for action because this is a call for action. The struggle for independence was the action and our assistance, the catalyst. It would never have made it without us. So do your part now in the local Baito election process so we can aim at the enemy with a strategic bullet instead of asking for action without action. Good luck and see you soon!

Review overview
  • geladios October 14, 2017

    Day in day out the opposition groups and all Just Seekers ignoring the call of UNITY is unfortunate. Instead of coming together that they chose to stay apart from each other. Regardless, how hard the initiators trying their effort to achieve this noble cause to keep alive our unity. So far no luck. What an alternative choice do we have to become a strong movement than this a noble call. So far no victory in this matter is a mystery itself. Dr. Fetsum, GI, and many others are doing a good job by encouraging us with a clear message and we thank you for your tireless work. I am so saddened for ignoring this noble call for no good reason. However, I am proud of you for those who still working hard to bear some fruit on this unfinished task. For God sake, let’s wake up and give them our voice and hands to accomplish for the betterment of our unity with diversity.

  • Danilo October 14, 2017

    It is a good effort at least by saying ” unity ” or even creating clear strategy for that but hard to achieve it. If we blame the opposition groups ( sacro santa ) there is discredit, and the new global initiative also have only just desire. very few following it. my desperate question is, do we ordinary people should be blamed too? I guess yes! Because we are not participating. therfore, if people have to have a power should coordinate by simple participation no matter with whom to overcome division.

  • Asmara Eritrea October 14, 2017

    Good and very encouraging initiative. Keep going and people will eventually follow.

  • Simon G October 14, 2017

    Brother Festum,
    I admire your tennacity and good work for your people. Even if I had something to criticize you (just for the heck of it), I wouldn’t. The reason is that you are doing more than of your fair share. A person who does nothing to the struggle do not have higher moral ground than people like you.
    You put it very well:
    “the disease called ANNINET keeps on going with no breakthrough in sight.” This is one of our MAIN problems.
    ኣነ ምሁር! ዋላኳ ‘ተዘይተማሃርኩ
    ኣነ ፈላጥ! መጽሓፍ ከይንበብኩ
    ኣነ ጅግና! ከይተጋደልኩ
    ኣነ ሃብታም! ከይሰራሕኩ ሓንቲ ከየፍረኹ
    ኣነ መሃዚ! ሓንቲ ከይፈጠርኩ
    ኣነ! ኣነ! ኣነ! ኣነ! ከማይ መን ኣሎ
    ብጀካ ‘ትሽፍታ ናይ ዓዲ ሃሎ

    Piece of advice though; if you want to send a clear and concise message to Eritreans, which you do, make sure to keep your articles very short. You can do that in chapters if necessary.
    We are becoming well known people who don’t bother to read and learn from articles like this but pay high attention to worthless Belabelews.

  • Simon G October 15, 2017

    ዝሓለፈ ወርሒ ኣብ Red Sea (Oakland, CA) ትበሃል ቤት መግቢ ምስ መሳርሕተይ (ደሓን ትእቶ Uber, ሰቲራትና ላ] ኮይና ወሑዳት “ኮሮና” ጓዕጓዕ ምሰበልና: ኣብ ጥቓና ዝነበሩ ፖለቲካ ጀሚሮም. በቃ! ‘ታንፈልጣ ፊልሚ ጀሚሮማ።
    ሓደ መንእሰይ’ዩ ዓባይ ሕቶ ዱብ የብለሎም። ሓደ መንእሰይ: ከምዚ “ኣራንቺ” ዝመስል ጮግሪ ርእሱ: ግጥሚ ይጅምር!

    እንታይ ቀቲሉና: ንዕቀት
    እንታይ’ዩ ሃስዩና: ትዕቢት
    እንታይ ደገመና: ኣነነት
    ኣንታ እንታይ ተሳሂሉና: ድኽነት
    ናይ ሓንጎል’ዶ: ናይ ንብረት?
    ክሳብ ክንድዚ ከርተት
    ዋይ ውርደት!

    [ሓደ ድማ ይሓትት]

    እሞ ኸደኣ?
    እንታይ ዩ ፈውስና? ፍልጠት
    ወስኸሉ ክብረት
    ክፈጥረልና’ዩ ቁጠባው ዕብየት

    [ሽዑ እንታይ ይብል መስለኩም? ካላስ ዓዲ ከይደ ንመሃንዲስ ኢሳያስ ክሓቶ። ሓደ ፈላስፋ ናይ ኤርትራ!]
    [የዕሩኽተይ ክበልዑኒ! ኣታ ወዲ ክሓርደካ ‘ዩ። ኣብዚ ኮይናኳ እንዳ ተጠንቐቕናስ ኣብ ኣፍ ገበል ክትኣቱ?
    ወረ ሓደስ ክጠራጠርኒ ጀሚሩ። ደላዪ ፍትሒ መስለኒ ኔሩ ሕጂ ግን ሳይሞን ዓርከይ: ኣይግድን!]

    [ከድኩ ደኣ]

    በል ንዓዲ ሃሎ ተበጊሰ
    እቲ ዲጋ ከይፈረሰ
    እንጂነረ ኢሳያስ ከይደቀሰ
    መዓልካ ክብሎ ናብ ልቡ ‘ተተመልሰ

    [ጠጠው ኣብሉ ሰሓቕኩም: እንታይ ይፍለጥ?]

    [መዓልካ ኢንጂነረን ኣባጓይላ ኤረትርያን, ደፊረልኩም ድማ ሽዑስ]
    [እምበኣር ስጋዕ ሕጂ ኣይተኣሰርካን ሳይሞን ጂ? እዚ መሃንዘል ወዲ ፍርዙን ስርሑ ረሲዑ]
    [ደሓን ደሓን ናብ ሕቶይ ክኣቱ ኢንጂነረ]
    [ኢንጂነረ ምሕረት ዣባክኒ መኢሉኒ ኔሩ። ኢንጂነረ ክብሎን ፍሽኽ ክብልን ሓደ]

    ኢንጂነረ! እንታይ ‘ዩ ጸገምካ?
    ትገብሮ ስራሕ ኩሉ ኣጸልሚትካ
    ካብ ሰባት ተኸዊልካ

    እንታ ዩ ዝኹሉ ሕብእብእ
    ብለይቲ ከመዛብእ
    ትመስል ከታሪ ዝራብዕ
    ካን ሰብ ከተንብዕ!

    ጸገምካ: ተፍጥራዊ ድዩስ ፈጠራዊ
    ብዘይ ድምጺ ከተእዊ
    ሓኪም ዘይትርኢ
    ወይ ክትመውት ወ ክትሓዊ
    ካብ ውሽጣዊ ሃልሃልታ ብርቱዕ ሓዊ

    ተሳቒኻብውሽጣዊ ስንክልና
    ሕማቕ ‘ኳ ርኢና
    ካባኻስ የድሕነና!

    [ኪርኪርኪር! ኣየ ሳይሞን: ታ ኢንጂነረ ምባልካ ‘ኳ ተሐጉሰኒ ያ]
    [ረአዮሞ ኣብ ቅድሜኻ ዘሎ ዲጋ; በል ጽን ኢልካ ስምዓኒ]
    እንታይ መስለካ ሳይሞን?

    ኣሲረዮ! እቲ እንኮ ናይ ርእሲ ሓኪም
    ልዕለይ ክፈልጥ ደስ ኣይበለንን
    መቸም ከም ሓሳድ መጠን
    ልዕለይ ፈላጥ ሰብ ዘሎ ኣይመስለንን
    ልዕለይ ሃብታም ሰብ ዘሎ ኣይመስለንን
    ‘ተልዩ ድማ ከም ትኪ ይበንን

    [ዝገርም ‘ኳ ‘ዩ ናይ ኤርትራውያን ነገር! ኣይርደኣኩሙን ድዩ?]
    [ኦኬ ቀጽል ኢንጂነረ]

    ናተይ ዓለም ከምዛ ትፈልጣ
    ንሽሮ: ስጋ; ንዓጽሚ: ሰላጣ

    ውሑጅ: ካብ ታሕቲ ናብ በሪኽ ይፈስስ
    ክኢላ ደቚሰ: በዓል “ስንኩል ሓንጎል” የንግስ
    ንዘይፈልጡ: ዘይገበሩ: ዘይወዓሉ: የሞግስ
    ኩሉ ብግምጥልሽ!

    [ዋእ ኢንጂነረ: ከመይ ከመይ ደኣዩ ዝነገር?]
    አምኡ ‘ዩ ደስ ዝብለኒ
    ዝበልኩዎም: ዝምእዘዙ ኣለውኒ
    ኣብ ኮፍ ዘበልኩዎም: ዝጸንሑኒ
    እንዳዋረድኩዎም” ዘሞጉስኒ
    ንዓይ እንታይ ትብለኒ?

    [በልስከ ቀጽል ኢንጂነረ: ዝገርም ዩ]

    እብለካ ኣለኹ: እንዳ ጸረፍኩዎም ዘጣቕዑ
    እንዳ ዘለፍኩዎም: ዘይሰምዑ
    ሓዎም ቀቲለሎም: ዘይነብዑ
    መታን ክነብሩ ክበልዑ

    [ሓመድ ባ ይብል ዑ]
    [ዩ ሲ ሳይሞን? ተረዳእካኒ ትመስል!]

    እንታይ ግበር ትብሉኒ?
    ኣነ ኢሳያስ ኣይኮንኩን ጸገም ዘለኒ
    ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ‘ዩ ምርዳእ ኣብዩኒ
    ከላ: በጃኻ ግደፈኒ
    ‘ዛሕማቕ መርዘን ከይትትሰኣኒ

    [ኣቲ ሳባ: በጃኺ ካብታ ብሉ ለበል በረድ ጌርኪ]

    • Yitbarekh October 15, 2017

      Simon G,
      You too should make your comment short and informative.
      To my more serious and valid comment/question is you lost me about “Uber” setiratina news!
      Please tell us more about the current situation with Uber in the USA! The reason I am a bit lost or confused is that I have also been reading about Uber in London – UK as being closed/penalized due to some irregular activities or improper works. Thanks in advance.
      I would very much appreciate your response and clear update information.

      • Simon G October 15, 2017

        ይትባረኽ ነብሲ ሓቅኻ። ቀሺ ዝበለካ ግበር ዝገብሮ ግን ኣይትግበር ዶ ጌረያ ሓቀይ?
        Well Uber is not an ethical company but it created a job for me and millions of others. What can I say; this is a temp job till I get my degree, if it is possible. Wish me good luck!

        • Yitbarekh October 15, 2017

          Thank you Simon Nebsi too, only this time I wish your response was longer!
          Is Uber a taxi company in Oakland, CA just like the one in London – UK?
          Many thanks again for your prompt response but not satisfactory yet!
          I wish you all the best of luck in your degree, as long as it isn’t in politics!!

          • Simon G October 15, 2017

            ይትባረኽ ነብሲ!
            Yes, it is the same company that has a problem in London recently. It’s head quarter is in San Francisco, ~15 mins from where I reside.
            Well, they frame it as a ride sharing company but it means a Taxi company.
            I am not into politics, even though I sound one of them. My interest is into Quantum Mechanics. Hope to get my BS in about 18 months.

        • Yitbarekh October 15, 2017

          Once again Simon Nebsi, many thanks for your perfect clarification. Yes, you do sound like the politicians but you posses a beautiful sense of humour unlike most of the boring dull politicians. Keep it up as it is a special gift talent from God. Do you need a lot Mathematics in today’s Mechanics?

          • Simon G October 15, 2017

            You most welcome, brother Yitbarekh!
            he problem is, at this time, as Eritrean, politics is in your blood. I am not sure if it a curse or a blessing.
            Yes, mathematics is a necessity. If you want to be a physicist, you need to tall all Calculus classes, Differential equation, Linear Algebra, + probably Fourier transform and many more of them. BTW, if you can do physics, you can do everything, from what I hear.
            However, to be an Electrical Engineer, like brother Festum, you need one more step a head.
            Remember, nothing is impossible. You just need positive thinking!

  • Araya Debessay October 15, 2017

    The question that should be asked of anyone who is being saddened and tormented by the sad state of affairs in our native land is, so what are you doing to end the suffering of your people Lamenting, feeling sad, being angry will not help our people. If we are serious about ending the suffering of our people, the minimum we can and should do is to join justice seeking brothers and sisters in the locality we live in, form our own local baito and elect our local leaders. If can accomplish this step, electing country-wide and world-wide leaders of justice-seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora will be an easy process. Thank you Brother Fuzum for urging us to do the right thing.

  • Nahom Solomon October 15, 2017

    There is a story in the Bible that always makes me shudder…….the story of Samson after his demise in Delilah’s hand…… his hair was shaven ……. and his hands were tied and yet he didn’t realize that his power had left him and he attempted to exercise it only to become a laughingstock in the hands of his enemies……….
    The same is true for the so-called Eritrean opposition, simply a waste of time and a complete laughingstocks.

    • Nahon October 15, 2017

      If you are really against tyranny in Eritrea, instead of belittling the opposition, do your part. You be a credible opposition.
      But discrediting the opposition while doing nothing or worshiping a megalomaniac is a shame, to say the least.

      • Nahom Solomon October 15, 2017

        Keep following and supporting our noisy but useless opposition blindly and indefinitely, notions such as Nahon’s. That notion, by the way, is what they call a sunk cost fallacy. It is like you buy a food (take away) and when you start eating, it makes you sick (vomiting). It can even kill you if you eat more of it but you say, “I might as well eat it because I have already bought it or paid so much for it.” That is how foolish you and your opposition are. Nevertheless, opened a space, a plat form, for the persuasion of reason believing that reason furnishes joy to society better than bullets do. Don’t ever underestimate commentators credibility you idiot useless one. And what part are you contributing in your useless opposition?? .

        • Kalighe October 16, 2017

          Opportunists like you, praise the tyrant as long as he is strong, for own interest. But once he is gone, they quickly join the very opposition they have been working against, to look for opportunities with the new rules.
          Opportunists are the worst enemy, because they are not always visible and they can switch sides any time.

  • k.tewolde October 15, 2017

    It is heartbreaking to see this tiny nation of few, fragmented and torn to many pieces,over half a century of divide and conquer from within took its toll on the poor people’s psych rendering it catatonic to fight back.For now the devil is having a field day dancing on the corpses of those that had fallen and the harlots are cheering him on and clapping on the sideline.It is a dazzling and wild party for the visually weak at heart,but it is the opposite for those who know the consequences similar when Moses descended from the mountain with the marble stones in his arms.There is a reason why Eritrea is the way it is,regardless of the repeated desperate calls from the wilderness to rise,there is a reason why the people are not responding,however the resurrection is inevitable at the almighty’s time.Are you ready?!!

    • Nahom Solomon October 15, 2017

      Enough of your empty philosophy and weather forecasts for the tiny nation as you put it. But what is your solution and contribution to the tiny nation? As respected Prof. Araya Debessay clearly and rightly stated it, “Lamenting, feeling sad, being angry will not help our people.”
      Where is your next “Moses” going to descend from, and how long will we have to wait for that to happen?? Will he come with his marble stones to your useless opposition then?? Back home in Eritrea, people are really sick and tired with your kind false/empty pledges and philosophies.

  • Bini October 15, 2017

    Indeed, indeed brother Nahom, to me too the mantra of political opposition is simply:
    But the opposition has to prove that in the court of public opinion.
    Because trashing the governing party is not good enough to put you {the opposition} on the top.
    You ‘the opposition’ have to prove to the citizens of the Eritrean nation “how” they would make the economy better,
    they have to explain to the public “how” theywould protect the nation,
    they have to prove “how” they would solve Ethio-Eritrea problem,
    how they would balance Eritrean policy to our North and to our South,
    and most importantly, “how” they would stop the exodus of our young ,
    they have to prove to the public “how” they would have a representative government…………
    To sum it up, they have to sell their ideas and their visions to our people. Period.
    Trashing, name calling, counting PFDJ mistakes is repulsive; because it doesn’t say much about them.

  • Meretse October 15, 2017

    Dear Bini,
    All your questions are damn right although in one vondition–only if you are a member Yanomai tribe who live in the rainforest of Brazil or Aborginal Australians. According to cultural anthropoligists these tribes the most isolated tribes. Due to their location and life style they barely had no information about the outside world. In this case if they had to ask any question it would be valid and sound. But for you and me it would sound very ironic to raise questions such as thr above.
    It is your right to suport pfdj, and it is your to defend it any way you wish with valued arguements such No unity No victory, Be honest with your self Bini. I can assure you you are smarter than asking the above questions. I can assure you pretty know very well about the following preposition- of, by, and for.
    Democracy means …..
    The rest will follow by smart people like you.
    Have a good day

    • Yitbarekh October 15, 2017

      Dear Meretse,
      Did you actually mean in one “condition” in place of vondition, If not, what is vondition then?
      I would also like to ask you if you are also a member of this so called Yanomai tribe, and what have these tribes got to do with Bini’s valid and timely questions or points?? By the sound of your comment you are just trying to be ‘smarter’ than Bini but this is so ridiculous game.
      Dear Bini,
      The process of forming a fully fledged opposition with broad popular support in Eritrea is work in progress. It would take many things, including some parts that can only come from the inside (Eritrea). What we have now is a highly volatile situation, where a minor trigger would easily set off dramatic events on the ground to unfold. People are increasingly less tolerant of alternative views but we have to start asking urgent questions about the matter if some percieve each as the other’s threat, Keep it up brother..

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