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Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change-North America: Makes Change of Leadership

The Board of Directors at Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change North America (EYSC-NA) would like to let know members of this vibrant group and all change seekers that we have decided to make change of

The Board of Directors at Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change North America (EYSC-NA) would like to let know members of this vibrant group and all change seekers that we have decided to make change of leadership to prevent any catastrophic damage to the organization.

On Saturday March 2, 2013 the board of directors conducted an Emergency meeting  and decided to demote the current chairman of EYSC-NA, Mr. Daniel G.Mikael from his position.

According to the Bylaws of EYSC board of directors has the highest power in the organization and the executive board executes on decisions made by the board of directors, and oversees and implements the daily activities of the organization. These two branches of the organization discuss on issues, make decisions and work together. When disagreement arises decisions are made based on majority votes. However, Mr. Daniel time and again failed to make these two branches to come and work together on issues that are very critical for the movement. A good example of his failures is the divisive public announcement posted on March 1, 2013 on the EYSC facebook under the name Eri-EYSC, which clearly said better if we go our separate ways while the majority of the board members were working on conflict resolution.

The Board has been trying hard to improve the leadership of the movement on resolving problems by discussion. However, the solutions couldn’t come according to the wishes of the majority of the board members. Several of the meetings that were called to resolve such problems did not bear fruit or come to a common conclusion. So due to all these unresolved issues and to mend the organization’s image majority members of the board of directors called an emergency meeting and concluded its meeting with a change of leadership. At the conclusion of this emergency meeting conducted on March 2, 2013: 13 (thirteen) members of the board voted for Mr. Daniel G.Mikael to be removed from his leadership position; none of the board members voted for him to stay in his position; 2 (two) abstained and 4 (four) of the meeting participants did not vote asking for the meeting to continue for Saturday March 9, 2013. Based on the bylaws of the organization and the majority vote in favor of Daniel’s removal from his leadership the board of directors concluded its meeting by demoting Mr. Daniel G.Mikael from his leadership position and the current vice chairman of the organization Mr. Solomon Assefaw to lead the organization as an interim chair person with immediate effect. Mr. Solomon accepted his new position and promised to bring the organization together and the board of directors assured him their fullest support during the critical transition period. The board of directors also agreed for Mr. Daniel to continue as a board member and ask him to work for the betterment of the organization.

On this occasion, the board of directors calls to and believes all members of EYSC around the world to support this decision. We would like to assure you that we are committed more than ever to stop the suffering of our people and country. We also ask you to keep up the hard work to put this vibrant organization as it was hoped for.

EYSC supports all inside and Diaspora based Eritrean change seeking groups and movements to salvage the nation and its people. EYSC reaffirms that it will work hand in hand with all opposition groups (Youth movements, civic organizations, human right groups and political organizations) in the ongoing quest for change in Eritrea.

Meeting participants were 19 and here below are the breakdown of the votes and names of the voters.

Those voted NO and chose Daniel should stay as a leader of the organization: None (0)

Those voted YES for Daniel to be demoted from his leadership position: Thirteen (13)

  1. Bereket Yohannes: From Winnipeg Canada Chapter
  2. Ghezae Hagos፡ From Winnipeg Canada Chapter
  3. Getu Tsgai፡  From Toronto Canada Chapter
  4. George Gebreslassie፡ From Delaware USA Chapter
  5. Haben Berhane፡ From DC-Maryland-Virginia USA Chapter
  6. Aman Luul፡ From Nashville USA Chapter
  7. Ghezae Zeresenay: From Bay Area USA
  8. Isayas Sium፡ From Bay Area USA Chapter
  9. Medhane Afeworqi፡  From Bay Area USA Chapter
  10. Tsigabu Asmelash፡  From Bay Area USA Chapter
  11. Abdu Seed፡  From Las Vegas USA Chapter
  12. Daniel Asrat፡  From Houston USA Chapter
  13. Tedros Mengistu፡  From Houston USA Chapter

Those  chose to abstain: Two (2)

  1. Alem Habtay፡  From Los Angeles USA Chapter
  2. Tigisti Mehari፡ From DC-Maryland-Virginia USA Chapter

Those chose not to vote: Four (4)

  1. Solomon Assefaw ፡ From Bay Area USA Chapter
  2. Yonas Hagos፡ From Los Angeles USA Chapter
  3. Amanuel Fisihaye ፡ From Los Angeles USA Chapter
  4. Aron Haile:  From Bay Area USA Chapter

Board of Directors Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change-North America (EYSC-NA)

March 8, 2013

Review overview
  • diamond March 12, 2013

    why this email.address is here till now?

  • Alem March 12, 2013

    If you are oppose ur goverment out side the country, that means you are fighting by any means to bring change. If you read carefully this is the work of intruders from PFDJ. From personal point of view the previous leader had a better stand.

  • Point March 13, 2013

    The rabid dog Amanuel Eyasu and SIMRET are puppets of Woyane!!

    • Asme March 13, 2013

      Unlike the ignorant dictator you are serving,Amanuel Eyasu allowed you to spew your nonsense in is website.There fore he is progressive minded.

  • Lalmba March 13, 2013

    This is what we call Democracy. Well done guys.

  • bashy March 13, 2013

    መስሓቕ ሸራፋት ካብ ምዃን፡ ምጥንቃቅ ከድሊ’ዩ። እዚ ኣብ ደገ ዝግበር ሓርነታዊ ቓልሲ ብወለንታ ዝስራሕ፡ ጻማኻ ክብ ተካይዶም ስራሓት ትረክቦ ኣወንታዊ ውጺኢት ዝኽፈል ስለ ዝኾነ ኣዋጃዊ ውሳኔ፡ ይኹን ጋዜጣዊ ኣንጽር መቓልስትኻ ኣብ ዕዳጋ ምውራድ ኣይመድለየን።ንለውጢ ዝደፋፍእ ደክመታት እንተ ኣጋጠመ ብውሽጣዊ ኣሰራርሓ ኣባላት ቦርድ ከምቲ ዝተወሰደ ስጉምቲ ተወሲዱ፡ እኩል መረዳእታ ንኣባላት ብምሕባር ብውሽጢ ክውዳእ ምኣኸለ። በዚ ዝተወሰደ ኣገባብ ግና ካብ ሓላፍነት ምውራድ ዘይክነ፡ ክብ ቃልሲ ምቡኻር እውን ክጋጥም ወይ ውን ክኸስት ስለ ዝኽእል። እንተደኣ ሓደጋነቱ ዓቢ ክይኑ፡ ምውራድ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ እቲ ኣብሓርናታዊ ቓልሲ ዝካየድ መደባት ተጻራሪ እንተ ኮይኑ መግለጺታት ምውጻእ ከድልየኩምዩ፡ምኽንያቱ ምውራድ’በር ፡ እቲ ጉድለታት ስለ ዘይበርሀ። ኣብ ኣኬባታትኩ እቲ ጉድለታት እንተደኣ ተዛራሪብኩምሉ ኣብኡ ተወዲኡ ኣብ ደገ ምውጻእ ኣምበይ-ምድለየን
    ባሃላይየ። ንሓርነታውዊ ቓልሲ ኢደይ ኢድካ ንበል፡ ኤርትራ ወይ ሞት!!! ኣርክክክክክክክክክክብ ሓዎም

  • Daniel Mehary (metaabity) March 13, 2013

    My advice to my dearest EYSC:

    EYSC is suffering with bunch of members who have other interest. Those have especial interest that is an actual or perceived of interest in an action that results in, or has the appearance of resulting in, personal, organizational, or professional gain. EYSC members and board members are obligated always to act in the best interest of the organization. This obligation requires that any EYSC member and board member, in the performance of organization duties, seek only the furtherance of the organization mission. At all times, members and board members are prohibited from campaigning hard against organization day and night, commenting openly on social media the internal affairs of the organization and separating projects of the organization from the organization. My advice to my dearest EYSC is you need a law of safeguard against organizational conflict of interest not mediation.
    What should be included in a conflict-of-interest policy?

    A policy on conflict of interest has three essential elements:
    Board members and staff members in decision-making roles should make known their connections with groups doing business with the organization. This information should be provided annually.
    Board members who have an actual or potential conflict of interest should not participate in discussions or vote on matters affecting transactions between the organization and the other group.
    Staff members who have an actual or potential conflict should not be substantively involved in decision-making affecting such transactions. The filer of the EYSC is not to implement these laws that made EYSC on current mess.
    As the result, those 13 members who vote some of them don’t have voting right because they are involve on personal interest. For ex. Some of them Members of EYSNS, EYGM and some ex- members are member of other organization. GUIDE LINE IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR AN ORGANIZATION.

  • bk March 13, 2013

    well, first what is Daniel’s point of view, everybody has to read it. where is it? don’t act the way PFDJ does. second you guy’s mentioned that ” The Board has been trying hard to improve the leadership of the movement on resolving problems by discussion. However, the solutions couldn’t come according to the wishes of the majority of the board members. Several of the meetings that were called to resolve such problems did not bear fruit or come to a common conclusion”, but there is no time between the day he posted his view in fb to the day he got fired. only one day!. the new chairman is now ato Solomon Asefaw, the one who didn’t give his vote! “SOMETHING FISHY”. hiding your vote to look innocent! anyway something is going on, TRANSPARENCY GUYS!. tell us the whole story, so that we can have better understanding and judgment. we are fighting for change, there should be a change in every thing. don’t repeat PFDY’s techniques. best wishes

  • Gual Asmera March 13, 2013

    I am saddened by this announcement. We Eritreans seem to “have agreed not to agree”! This only prolongs our suffering & takes us to worse conditions. I was very cautiously optimistic
    about EYSC. I am very disappointed by this announcement because it proved my fear: that the leadership cares more about power than anything else. If the motive is power and personal grudges, no organization will be able to bring the desired change.

    The process of removing Daniel from leadership seems to have been done ‘democratically’ …but, don’t we all know better?!

    This seems nothing but the outcome of power struggle between Daniel & Solomon. Period. I happen to know both as leaders. Why can’t you both SERVE in your strongest areas? So disappointed!

    • Haben March 16, 2013

      you are actually mistaken,
      this is the result of the chairman ignoring the board for a long time!! To late but good outcome. Daniel never wanted to answer any question that came from the board or members on FB. He started projects, banned facebook admins with out consultation with the board. That caused the board to supect that he had alterior motives. in meetings he would refuse some indivitualls from presenting a motion…i have seen vidios of thier meeting….it is SAD, but he lucks what it takes to be a leader!!! And this has nothing to do with Solomon Asefaw!!

  • hlina March 14, 2013

    Unity is the only solution for our future
    o This is a very crucial stage for Eritrean struggle because the Eritrean youth already affected by the HGDEF methods not to UNIT by calling different names and instead of fighting together to the enemy focusing on position.
    But I will try to highlight my great concern about this article. WHY
    1. This kind of explanation written on replay instead of sending to Assena? Because I didn’t know may be SOME ONE HGDEF OFFICIAL CAN WRITE THIS EXPLANATION FOR FREE WITHOUT ANY APPROVAL.
    3. If 13/17 people voted for change of the Chairman so what is the reason with change of one person from this position. This tells us as there was power conflict but this is not going to help anyone at the time of salivation. You are talking from USA about your innocence but thousands Eritrean Youth are suffering and waiting to die SINA and SAHARA DESERT.
    4.IF majority voted for change so what is the point right now? Does this mean you need to create new name again? I can see there are a very controversial issue for the mission of occupying HGDEF EMBASSY IN LONDON Please ask for Emanue Assena whether the Youth from YOUR MOVEMENT OR NOT?
    Please Mr. writer you are in the developed world you need to accept your defeat and if you were innocent or HGDEF’s messenger the time we tell us. As a youth we need to adopt and to accept defeat.
    If you are HGDEF agent you will labels it whether with AWRAGAWIAN, LIUKAT WEYANE, AGAME OR GEBHA.
    If you are wise enough you need to show us your identity.

  • Petros Haile March 14, 2013


    I just wanted to share an aljeezera documentary program i just watched under the title of “Lebanon: Sibling of Syria” … a 45 minuites of a syrian and Lebanese relationships for over 40 years, and how still Lebanon suffers from Syrian influence …

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