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Eritrean Government Denies Abduction of Gold Miners in Ethiopia

Eritrea’s government denied accusations by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi that it was responsible for abducting more than 100 gold miners in northwestern Ethiopia. The incident, which took place “recently,” was one of a series that

Eritrea’s government denied accusations by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi that it was responsible for abducting more than 100 gold miners in northwestern Ethiopia.

The incident, which took place “recently,” was one of a series that prompted a counter-offensive by Ethiopian forces on March 15, when they attacked three military bases inside Eritrea used by rebels to attack Ethiopia, Meles told lawmakers yesterday in the capital, Addis Ababa. He didn’t provide a more specific timeframe on when the abductions took place.

“It has become the modus operandi of Ethiopia to blame everything on Eritrea,” Girma Asmerom, Eritrea’s ambassador to the African Union, said in an interview today. “They think by lying and lying the lies may be perceived to be true.”

Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a war from 1998 to 2000 that killed 70,000 people, according to the Brussels-based International Crisis Group. Last month’s attack in southeastern Eritrea followed the January killing of five European tourists by Eritrea-backed insurgents, according to Ethiopia. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s government denied any involvement in the incident.

Cross-border abductions such as those carried out in Ethiopia’s northwestern Tigray region occur regularly, Ethiopian Communications Bereket Simon said in a phone interview today from Addis Ababa, without providing further details.

“The proportional measure was taken in account of all the misdeeds,” he said. A return to all-out war is unlikely, Meles said yesterday.

UN Sanctions

Eritrea has been under United Nations sanctions since 2009 for allegedly supporting rebels in the Horn of Africa region, including al-Qaeda-backed militants in Somalia. Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of backing groups including the rebel Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force, which yesterday claimed responsibility for an attack on Metema town in Ethiopia’s Amhara region on April 11.

About 20 buildings, including the Khartoum Hotel, were burned down, the group said in an e-mailed response to questions yesterday. Many of the properties were owned by members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which is a member of Ethiopia’s five-party ruling coalition and led by Meles, the EUFF said.

The rebel organization, which was established in June, also said it attacked a convoy in which the governor of Sudan’s Gadarif state was travelling on April 9.

While the claims are the “usual fabrications”, all such groups are supported or “directly manipulated” by Eritrea, according to Bereket.

Eritrea does not want to destabilize its neighbors by backing rebel groups, according to Girma.

“It has selfish interests in a stable, united and developed Ethiopia and Sudan,” he said. “They are big markets.”

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Review overview
  • Dawit April 18, 2012

    Girma Asmerom, another “megaberia”, who is placed in the heart of Ethiopia has come out again to defend the dying regime in Asmara. How long will this Amiche defend the dying regime. Where will he end up once the tyrant in Asmara is removed? Will he request asylum in Ethiopia?

    This amiche came to prominence during the border wars between Ethiopia and Eritrea, during which he was Eritrea’s Ambasador to the United States. He is best known for his grossly unrealistic and grandiose propaganda. ( you can read his interviews, and press releases during the border wars). This self serving, hypocritical Amiche is one more again acting as the mouthpiece for “Anjal Issayas”, and his PFDJ.

    His propaganda is apparently intended for non-domestic audiences subject to “Anjal’s” cult of personality. Will Ethiopia tolerate this Amiche espouse propaganda from inside Ethiopia. Will Eritrean supporters receive his excuses for the dying regime with derision and amusement, or will accept it no matter what?

    • hayelom werede April 18, 2012

      Who is dying, the government of Eritrea or you mercenaries and Woyane’s shoes lickers?
      Agame and mercenaries, keep on barking while the lions of Nakfa are marching forward.

      • April 18, 2012

        Who is lying????I will tell you who is lying, when AssyAss was on Aljazeera he was asked about the soccer players who defected , he said it was news to him, Ass was asked if Eritreans are free to leave ,Ass said yes they do, when he was asked about the shoot to kill order, Ass said ‘ Did u enjoy ur visit? to the journalist. He did not know Dawit Isacc…if this guy was Pinokio his nose will reach Yemen. Hylom I know ignoramus like you is going to hurl insults at me, and I am ready for you.

      • April 18, 2012

        Hylom Worada
        The message below was actually for Tef about the lying ,sorry but anyway you are both Woradas, it doesn’t matter.

    • Mr. T April 18, 2012


      It is about time you get some sort of a reply (or you may call it rather a sour greeting) for your woyane attraction (keleb-leb) in this Eritrean website. It is true that we are current directing most of our energy against the ruthless PFDJ regime but that does not mean that we have forgotten the barbaric woyane regime either. Eritreans have the right to despise Girma Asmerom now for serving the PFDJ regime, but patriotic Eritreans are also very proud of him for his superb service to his country during woyane’s reign of terror and barbarism. You better shut up glorifying the inhumane and barbaric woyane’s regime in this Eritrean medium. We are all victims of your woyane regime. I am sure there are many other Ethiopian sites that are willing to accommodate your crap.

      • Dawit April 18, 2012

        Wrong assumption. I am an Eritrean. If you want to verify I can give you a friend’s phone number so that you can ask them whether I am an Eritrean.

        • hayelom worede April 19, 2012

          Reveal your ER.Identity Card, don’ t tell us your friend’s telephone number

  • Tef April 18, 2012

    Meles has a lying problem. He lies 20 times per hour. He needs professional help.

    • Danielo Williams April 18, 2012

      so true. It is in his gene and can’t help it.

  • Dawit April 18, 2012

    My gut feeling tells me that Ethiopia will soon declare this Amiche persona non grata.

    • ahmed saleh April 19, 2012

      I appraciate if we could show a little sensitivity to others feelings not to
      offend them. Repeating Amiche word shows negative impression to your
      observation for those Ethiopian born Eritreans. We should restrain ourself
      from this kind corrupt beliefs of divisions. Enough is enough lets start with
      fresh progressive mentality to see the light of hope.

    • Translate April 19, 2012

      In his genes? He is half Eritrean, you moron! What does that make you?

      • Ghebre April 19, 2012

        If I am not mistaken he is 75% Eritrean; you better make some research!

  • April 18, 2012

    For Eritrean it is not new for what Meles is doing. He is been lying since he got into power. He has been a destruction for our democracy. If this guy care for Eritreans one things he needs to do is to get out our land and Issayas won’t have a reason to hold us back. we Eritreans would appreciate Melles if he does that for Eritreans. Threaten Eritrea means more control for Issayas . Issayas is using Badme for him to stay in power. Once Ethiopia is out of our land Issays will be gone for good. Meles needs to stop lying to help his friend in Asmara. These two leaders are using Badme for them to stay in power. Meles and Issayas know very well what they are doing to us. They will be in power until they death. Badem is the reason they are still in power. What’s is in Badem? NOTHING.

    • Unkay April 19, 2012

      “Issayas won’t have a reason” Don’t be naive. Isias can still play “US or CIA is after Eritrea” game. I have to agree though if meles get out of badme Isias will have one less reason to play.

  • FACT-is-FACT April 19, 2012

    Are you disgusted for the fact that Girma Asmerom happens to be born in labelled him an “Amiche” . your comments repeatedly mention that “word”

    is being an Amiche a crime? is an Eritrean born in Eritrea more Eritreans than the one in Ethiopia? How do you gauge it? what matrix do you use? .. the fact that an umblical cord is buried in Ethiopia? if you are disgusted by those who are born in Etthiopia and you don’t see them as Eritreans “real like you” then how do you see those kids who are born in America, Europe, the arabia, far east including yours…. from Eritreans “real ones like you” etc ?

    .. are your kids who are/would be born in the Americas, Europe… are they “real-Eritreans” in your matrix? if your saying you and your kids (that are now living in the West is saying that you are Eritreans) then so shouldn’t that matrix apply equally to our parents who hatched us in Ethiopia? shouldmn’t it be?

    are you saying ብጀካ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝተወልዱ/ዝዐበዩ ኩሉ ኤረትራዊ/ት ድዩ እቲ መሠረት ሥነ-መጎትካ ! what a Hypothesis brother! countless Eritreans with this attitude are the one that put Eritrea in this tragic pridicament. ዓዲ ሀብታም እንተተወሊድካ እቲ ኤርትራውነትካ ከምዘለዎ 😐 ዓዲ ድኻ ግን -… Gud … ንሀብታም ድኣ መንከ ዘይሰግደሉ፥ ፥ !

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 19, 2012

    Mr. Tef,
    ኤርትራዊ “tef /ጤፍ” ዝብል ሽም ክሕዝ,ዘሕንኽን ዕሸላውን እዩ …ባባ ኢሳያስ ጣፍ የሕምም ዩ ኢሉና ኔሩ!!!…ሽምካ ናብ “በቆሎ” እንተቐየርካዮ ኣሓይሽን …ባባ ኢሳያስ ከይቅየመካ ኢለ እየ !!!

    • Mr. T April 19, 2012


      I like your sense of humor. Is “beqolo” Amharic word and what does it mean? This part-time commentator, Fact-is-Fact, is back for the rainy season, and I am wondering if you could offer him a few tutorials about Tigrigna letters. He is still using Amharic letters and phonetics such as ዝ”ዐ”በዩ instead of z’abeyu (rab’ay fidel), መ”ሠ”ረት instead of the real “se”, “ሥ”ነ-መጎትካ instead of the real “s” and “ሀ”ብታም instead of “ha” (rab’ay fidel).

      • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 19, 2012

        Mr. T,
        Glad that you gave attention to my humor .beqolo is of course corn,maize…..
        Now, about fact is fact not following….proper phonetics……I have an example….When I “Tactically withdrew” from …Kenya..& asked asylum in Uganda……,The German govt. gave “aid” in form of medication, to the Ugandan govt….the problem ,it was expired medication….well ,a doctor in Kampala gives a medication to a patient…,the patient realizing that it was expired …..came back to the doctor…& said “Doctor,the medication you gave me ,”the date”on it is expired”…The doctor replies…”WELL, DON`T SWALLOW THE DATE ,JUST SWALLOW THE MEDICATION” ha….ha…ha Well, my point is unlike the medicine from germany ,FACT is FACT`s message is not expired ,to the contrary …hence ..just swallowb the message ,not the phonetics…god ,how do I do it..,so brilliant.

        • Ahmed saleh April 19, 2012

          Hard feelings and grudges doesn’t bring healthy environment.

        • Mr. T April 19, 2012


          This is one of the few times that I think you have pretended not to be your real self. Firstly, your analogy, although has become a disaster. It did not do a good job that it was supposed to. It went contrary to the message you were trying to convey. If a medication passes beyond its shelf-life, it usually turns out to be toxic. So the doctor may not have been a real medical doctor. There are plenty of witch doctors in that part of the world. If the doctor thinks the date on the medication is less important that the substance that the medication of made from, it is really scary. I am glad we have the FDA to protect everyone of us.

          My previous comment was not about Fact-is-fact’s message anyways. It was about how to find ways to help him fix some of the problems he/she has on the use of Tigrigna alphabets. And I have no idea why you have gone so ballistic on that small gesture of mine to even call yourself that you are “so brilliant”. This does not mean that you are not. After all, I enjoy many of your humorous and artistic comments. I am worried that you have even attracted the attention of the great mullah (Ahmed saleh) … just kidding.

          • Mr. T April 19, 2012

            Please ignore the “comma” and “although” and “of” after the word “medication”.

          • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 20, 2012

            Mr. T / TEWAHDO MULLAH/ABUN

            “I am so brilliant” was part of the humor exagerrating my “analysis”, not in comparison to anybody .

          • Mr. T April 20, 2012


            I appreciate your effort to elevating me to the status of “ABUN”. However, I believe that I hardly deserve it. It is a sacred title which is gained through years of religious education and moral dedication. alemawi ftret (worldly) like me is not worthy of that title. I am sure the great mullah (Ahmed saleh) and the Ethiopian born and raised (F-is-F) would have no problem agreeing with me.

            You see, my friend, people like me don’t possess the ability of mind-reading. You can even consult the weirdo amiche who is fond of calling me “the imbecile”. I am laymen who sees and reads nothing but what is posted in all of the light colors.

            Singap-E, I would have truly given you a credit if you had just said that “so brilliant” thing was not a humor but a terrible “hiccup”. Please continue making us laugh.

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 19, 2012

    “ንእስነተይ ምለሱለይ፣ሂወተይ ሃውቲቱ –
    ስድራይን፣ኣዕሩኸይን ሰሪቖምኒ ሸፋቱ” !!!

    ከመይ ኣለኺ፣ ንእሽተይ ገጅረት
    ድኳን ፍትዊ፣ እንዳኖራ፣ ቀበሌ ኣምሳለ ገነት
    ሸኩ፣ ክሪዚ፣ ሰላም ኣዕሩኽ ናይ ንእስነት
    ገሌና ኣብ ትያትር፣ ዝተረፍና ምጥፋእ ምሃይምነት
    ዘይተራኸብና እኳ፣ ድሕሪ ናይ ´91 ባርነት
    መሊስና ድኣ ኣደልደልናዮ፣ ናብራ ስደት !!!!
    ኣይደልን ሸፋቱ፣ ኣዕሩኸይ ሃቡኒ
    ኣንጊሄ ክረኽቦም ኣብ ሪጋ ናይ ባኒ
    Amoreን ፊልም ህንዲን ክሕክዩኒ
    ኣዋልድ ደቂ ገዛውተይ ፍሽኽ ክብላኒ
    ተቛጺርና ንቺነማ ኦድዮን ከሰንያኒ
    መታን ሰብ ከይርእየና፣ሓሊፈን ክጸንሓኒ
    ናይ እኒ Mumtaz,Amit, Jaavani-Divaani
    ኣብዛ ቅድሚ ዓይነይ ሎሚ ተራእዩኒ
    ተጠሊዔ ከእዊ እየ፣ሸፋቱ ንእስነተይ ሰሪቖምኒ !!!
    ዑስማን፣ኣልኣሚን፣ዩሱፍ ስዒድ፣ ተኽለ
    ሙሉቀን፣ ጸሃየ፣ ኣስቴር፣ ፕያሳ ናበይ ኣበለ ?
    ክትፎ ፣ በያይነቱ፣ ቀይወጥ…ብምኣዛ-ሽትኡ ዝልለ
    “ያስመራ ልጅ፣ ቴምር ኣምጥተሃል ተባለ”
    ክብላኒ ብዓል ኣማረሽ፣ ኣነን በቕሊ ቐሺ መሲለ
    “ምን ኣለበት እኔ ራሴ፣ እጠራህ የለ ”
    ምስ ስሓቓኒ፣ ኣብ ማእከል ሜዳ ተሓንኵለ
    ኣልግሱለይ !መንነተይ ሰሪቑ፣ ባህሊ ሸፋቱ ዘማዕበለ !!!!!

    • Cambo April 19, 2012

      aya Singapo,
      You made me write this, though I vowed not to read any of Asena’s comment for the next few weeks because of my busy final school work. Your poem “ንእስነተይ ምለሱለይ፣” is incredible that can be a great song with some changes one day.
      During the Fasika holidays, I had the opportunity to hear about the story of Minilik Wesenachew’s “tizita ayarejm” ትዝታ ኣያረጅም, a powerful song that I just learned was written and composed by Mer’awi Sitot. Here is the link to “tizita ayarejm”, i.e. tizita ay’argn ትዝታ ኣይኣርግን:!

      • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 20, 2012

        Brother Cambo,
        Thank you as always ,you are very gracious. But ,by studying ,specially higher education ,you may have lost your Eritrean citzenship. Papa Isaias closed the one university in Eritrea ,out of “care”, he did not want Eritreans to have mental break down,…. and soft hands ,can not dig trenches well……so ,your going to school makes you ,fifth column/ሓምሻይ መስርዕ ፣ ባባ ኢሳያስ ትምህርቲ ምኽባርካ እንተፈሊጡ፣ ዕሸላውን ዘሕንኽን እዩ፣ ክብሎ እዩ።…..I will listen to the song .
        Thank you Cambo T´mhirti

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 19, 2012

    ከመይ ኣለዉ እንዳ ጃራ ድራሮም
    ሰለስተ ሞጎጎ ኣርሲኖም,ጾሞም ምሕዳሮም
    ተዓዊትና ዝብሉ እንዳኣተዉ ተጸይሮም
    ጠልቀፍቀፍ ክብሉ ዓይኒ ዕጉሳት ኣንቊሮም
    ምዅዓት ጉድጓድ ክንደየናይ ከየድሕኖም
    መንእሰያትና መሳኪን ኣዲኦም ትሰጥሓሎም
    ከም ዘወትር መዝሓል ጥይት ክኾኑ እዮም
    ንብዓተይ ነቒጹ እዩ ክንደየናይ ከይነብዓሎም
    እዚ እንተኾይኑ ነጻነትሲ ,ባርነት ይፍጠረሎም
    ብተገላቢጦሽ ምናልባሽ ምሕረት እንተውረደሎም !!!

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 19, 2012

    “እመንዎ ኣይትእመንዎ !!! “BELIEVE IT OR NOT !!!”

    ትማሊ ምዓልቲ ,ዓድና ደዊለ ነዝማደይ ብቴሌፎን የዛርቦም…..እና ሓደ 65 ዝዕድሚኡ ሸራፍ ሓወቦና ኣሎ , ,… በዚ ናይ 2012 ሓድሽ ወራር ወያነ,ህዝቢ,ሃገሩ ክካላኸል ካብ 16 – 65 ዝዕድሚኦም ,,,ገገዝኡ ከይዶም ናይ 1 ወርሒ ታዕሊም ተዋሂብዎም ክዋግኡ,ናብ ካምቦ መዓለሚ ይወስዱ ኣለዉ …..ብረቡዕ,ነዚ ሰበይቱ መይታቶ ንበይኑ ዝነብር ሓወቦይ, ገዝኡ ይኹሕኩሑ እሞ…. ——-ያላ ..በል ተዳሎ ንዓናይ ይብልዎ…እሞ, ሓወቦይ ወትሃደራት ምዃኖም ምስ ርኣየ ,,,ደንጽይዎ..ናበይ ክኸይድ ?ይሓቶም….ሃገር ካብ ወያነ ክትካላኸል ንታዕሊም…..ዋይ ኣንቱም ደቀይ ኣነ ደኣ…ኣስናንኳ ዘይብለይ ..ይብሎምሞ….”.ስኒ ኣየድልየካን´ዩ ,ክትስሕቀሉ እኮ ኣይኮነን …ክትዋግኣሉ እዩ”….ኢሎም..ጽዒኖሞ ናብ ታዕሊም ተወሲዱ ይብላኒ ። ። ። እዋእ… ምክልኻል ሃገር ዕድመ ኣይውስኖን እዩ….ኢለ…በቲ ናይ ሓወቦይ,ሃገር ከይካላኸል/ከይዋጋእ ኢሉ ዘይሃገራዊ ምኽንያታት ገሪሙኒ ,ሰብ ኣይስማዕ ኢለ…ሓፊረ ናብ ድቃሰይ ከድኩ !!
    ድሕሪ ሕጂ ውን ሓወቦይ ኢለ ኣየዕልለሉን´የ, መሕፈር ዘርኢ !!!

  • sara April 19, 2012

    another lie to ethiopians from woyane…. 100 mine workers abducted by shaebia….
    the truth is there are more than 100 woyane prisoners from the recent border clashes with eritreann defense forces ,instigated by woyane.

    • Gebre, April 19, 2012

      Hi Sara, congradulations. Do You mean you have captured 100 Woyane soldiers in the current limited ( propertional ) strike? It is interesting story if it is not fabricated by 03. Any, way your King Isaias said when he was asked to reveal some facts about the conflict and he said ” Abeu zweale yfelto.” Correct answer. Those who happe to be there during the conflicts know well than any body else. But, I suspect you are not one of them.

    • hama-sinai April 19, 2012

      Esayas, being a failure in Somalia has started to support opposition rebels of the newly born country south sudan a geneva report indicated. This just to fight ethiopia in a different front (proxy, as no confidence for a direct confrontation).
      In addition to this esayASS has kidnapped 100 ethiopian miners.
      …. it could be the end of modern history.

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