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Eritrean diaspora to be forced to pay their 2% duties online

According to our knowledgeable sources from inside and out-side Eritrea, the regime has set new plan to put all its embassies throughout the world in one integrated system so that all embassies can have secure,

According to our knowledgeable sources from inside and out-side Eritrea, the regime has set new plan to put all its embassies throughout the world in one integrated system so that all embassies can have secure, real-time and direct online connection with the central office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with each other, and all the Eritrean diaspora will be ordered soon to pay their 2% duties online. Although, the regime is in hurry to implement his plan, personnel related set-backs have been delaying the process.

Since the process has taken more time than scheduled, recently issued an order to Eritrean embassies in western countries, and in countries who have already risen their concerns over collection of  “diaspora tax”, to inform those tax payers to pay in Asmara, whenever they go back to Eritrea or pay through their relatives in Eritrea. Strict orders has been passed not to attract any unnecessary attention on 2% taxation as the issue has become talking point among diplomats and financial security authorities in different countries.

The dictator is introducing this plan as a last resort to guarantee the sustainability of its extraction of money from Eritrean diaspora in the light of the increasing pressure over its legitimacy from western countries and their allies in the middle East, like Kwait and Dubai, who are convinced by the latest effective campaign of Eritrean justice seekers throughout the world. The regime has earmarked about $1 million budget to implement this program. One Eritrean American IT expert from the United States has been periodically visiting Asmara to train the required personnel and set the necessary facilities for this integrated system.

According to our sources, already some computers and other equipment have been bought abroad and sent to Eritrea. Moreover, our multiple sources have confirmed that the plan is directly handled by the Office of the President.

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  • Simerrr2012 July 18, 2014

    It sounds good but first you need electricity to run the PC’s , you need high speed internet connection, you need human resources , you need special anti-virus to protect your PC’s from hackers, you need Adetat who can’ pay on line. you need on line banking to wire the money, the person who wire money should not be food stamp collector to wire money….At the end, you expose yourself more and make the control much easier to the UN and America. We know higdef is like a hungry lion who sees meat when it comes to money but are they so damn? I would be more comfortable t believe if you tell me that higdef is training human ATM machine who bring money from A to B like they do now. HIGDEF and modern technology , transparency are not compatible. Have you ever seen drug dealers use online banking or any banking system? It is a suicide.

    • eriman July 18, 2014

      I don’t think the program is being implemented to overcome the restriction that are being put on Isais regime in regards to 2% collection. I believe this is being developed for better management/MIS of the fund that are being collected from diaspora Eritreans at a central point i.e. Asmara. This will also help Eritrean Embassies cut on cash transactions, which is expensive, and get their bank accounts credit immediately.

  • alemayehu July 18, 2014


    • oromay July 18, 2014

      Alemayehu wakgira, if you are intetested in paying 2%,please do it for Abay grand dam.

  • metsaku July 18, 2014

    Alemayehu, first there is no Eritrean by the name Alemayehu so stay away,
    Second, we Eritreans (this doesn´t include you) suffered under this terrible dictator and we have to put an end by exposing the tacticts.
    Even by making people to pay online it is very easy to track the amount they received and it can even be blocked internationally if we work together.

    • Mussie G July 18, 2014

      Hi metsaku,
      If names like Tadesse, Assefaw, Kassa, Alemash, Alganesh, Abeba, ZeleQesh, Adanesh, Asress, Tessema, Yirga-alem, etc ….Fiori, Luchiya, etc…are common in Eritrea why not Alemayo? First you have inform your goverment to let people with those names to officially change their colonial-inherited names to ‘Pure-Eritrean-Names’. Then you can comment what you have said above.

      • Suleman July 18, 2014

        Mussie G. Bingo!! you have hit it right on the head. The name “Alemayehu” should be as much an eritrean name as names like “Vacaro, Vitorio, vasalo etc” and “Mohammed, Ali, Usman etc”

      • TwoWayStreet July 18, 2014

        Well said Mussie. Metsaku’s first sentence pushes you away from reading his following statements.
        Deal with the issue, Metsaku, and Alemahehu is a nick name anyway.

        And Mussie I don’t agree with your comment on “IT IS OUR DUTY”, for this to be our duty we have to have a legitimately elected legislative, executive, and judiciary government. The legislative body will write the law saying ‘EVERY ERITREAN IN THE DIASPORA SHOULD PAY 2% INCOME TAX” and the executive body will enforce it and if you did not pay the judiciary body will penalize you based on the law. But what we have is an illegal government.
        I am with you on your comment “NO ONE FORCED US TO PAY”. In a way yeah, no one is forcing us. There are Eritreans who pay this willingly, on the other hand force is applied in many different ways, for example your kids back home are asking for a passport so that they could join you, and you are asked to pay 2%, there is no way you will say no, otherwise you are risking the lives of your children.
        It is easier to say don’t pay 2% to this dictator government, but in reality a lot of Eritreans are finding it difficult to do that and accomplish what they really want back home.

        • Mussie G July 18, 2014

          Dear TwoWayStreet,

          I am Mussie G. I just commented only on metsaku’s lame comment. You must have read another comment from a second Mussie. I like your comment, any way.

  • Mik July 18, 2014

    If I pay 2% tax to eritrean government. They should provide electric and clean water and cheap food and good servis to our oppressed people.

  • Wedi Hagher July 18, 2014

    There are about thirty five thousands strong DEMHIT army stationed in Eritrea, recently integrated into EDF.
    Money collected from diaspora is partly used to finance such groups, while Eritreans are made to flee their country because of harsh treatment and lawlessness. Much of the money collected from diaspora also goes to finance facilitators (security and intelligence officers) who are keeping a blind eye on smugglers, human traffickers and EPDJ affiliated business in Sudan.
    The regime’s financial resources are continuously drained also because high standard of living of officers in the Army and security services that protect the regime. In recent years a lot of families connected to EPDJ, have moved to Dubai, and are sending their kids to expensive schools there. Who is paying for them ?

  • megos July 18, 2014

    Don’t worry. one day one of the experts will defect the regime and expose the system and tell us, as well as those foreign countries. Then, that is the end of the regime. first of all all the internet server is controlled by the big western countries. money handed hand to hand is difficult to control. this will create more problem for the regime.

  • Dan July 18, 2014

    How can eritrean people lead by who is growth enda suwa.

    • tewele July 19, 2014

      Dan where did you grow up enda sheramut?

  • Hidat July 18, 2014


  • med July 18, 2014

    I don’t think that will work; and I am sure regime will not do that for many reasons. Doing this mean exposing every single money that PFDG gangs are collected from their fool supporters to the rest of the world. So; that is a suicide for the gangs themselves which they will not intend to do it. The order may come from paranoid Iseyas but it will not pass through the filter Yemane Gebreab (Monkey). One thing everyone should understand is the country is running by Yemane Monkey not by Isseyas; Monkey with his dual head is destroying the country in propose; Iseayas has lost his brain after the G15 2001.

  • MightyEmbasoyra July 18, 2014

    Did isayas somehow tap to the fiber optic line under the red sea?

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