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Eritrea blames US for Ethiopian attacks; US denies

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Eritrea's president said Monday that attacks on targets inside his tiny Horn of Africa nation by its archrival Ethiopia was the "handiwork of Washington." Ethiopia said on March 15 it attacked

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Eritrea’s president said Monday that attacks on targets inside his tiny Horn of Africa nation by its archrival Ethiopia was the “handiwork of Washington.”

Ethiopia said on March 15 it attacked three military posts inside its northern neighbor Eritrea. The country said it launched the attack because Eritrea was training “subversive groups” that carried out attacks inside Ethiopia.

President Isaias Afwerki said in a statement sent Monday from Eritrea’s Ministry of Information that “last week’s so-called attack is basically the U.S. Administration’s plan emanating from frustration.” Isaias said the attack evolved out of a “failed agenda” to disturb Eritrea’s “independent path” and “bright economic prospects.”

Eritrea routinely accuses the U.S. of overlooking abuses by Ethiopia, a key U.S. ally in the region in its war against terrorism. Both the U.S. and Ethiopia denied the allegations. The U.S. Embassy said in a statement posted on its website that it “rejects any allegations that it planned, participated in, or supported the attack.”

Ethiopia’s minister of communications Bereket Simon said the U.S. was “not at all” involved in the attacks. He said Ethiopia was acting on its own and out of self-defense. Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a border war from 1998 to 2000 in which about 80,000 people died. Bereket said Ethiopia “won’t allow a war situation” to occur.

Eritrea also said it won’t go to war over the attacks. The Red Sea nation, with a population of about 5 million people, does not receive foreign aid and is sanctioned by the United Nations because of human rights violations. U.N. reports have indicated that Eritrea has supported the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab in Somalia. Eritrea denies those allegations.

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  • jgna March 27, 2012

    The fact that the americans are against esayas (if at all) is nothing but a ‘failure of dimplomacy’ from his government side. But he is trying to use this grave failure as a pretext. The best solution is to get out of this failure and work for peace with all parties (opposition parties, neighboring countries, western states etc)
    otherwise, the man will go soon!!!

    • sador March 27, 2012

      do you think there are opposition parties ?????????????????????????????????????? it is good if you say mahberat nay ekub wedi ekub

      • Baraee March 28, 2012

        Yes there is opposition …it is called G-15 and it’s followers, it is called Shaebia opposing Higdef Mendef….the rest even those in Addis Abeba are symphtatizers….Now do you get through your head or you have other thoughts.

  • X TEGADALAYE March 27, 2012

    Leave alone USA, there any nation in region who likes you?in hes mind attacked by the coalition of Ethiopia and US forces. Higdef and his mind is Malaria infected, deceitful, stubborn, mischievous, hateful, selfish, greedy, arogant, boastful, all the characsteristics god has given to devil.

    • March 27, 2012

      Right on…i think Isayas has syphilis like Idia Amin had that affects his thinking, he is trying to blame the US to show Eritreans that no enemy has confidence to attack him without major power backing. The truth is he knows the Eritrean mass had had it with him, instead of defending him they might explode and topple him like the US ambassodor said in Wiki leak thing.

  • Zeray March 27, 2012

    Why is Issayas blaming the United States, when he can directly blame Ethiopia? Ethiopia is overt about taking responsibility. In my opinion it is because he does not want to fight back Ethiopia at this time. To do so would mean his demise. Again, Issays failure in simple diplomacy is costing Eritreans their life and livelihood.

    Issayas is a failed president and must go. It is time he faces justice for the destructive results of his administration.

  • March 28, 2012

    You guys are you really eritreans or fake eritreans. I guess you are bunch of half agmie half any other ethnic. We really eritreans love Isayas whether u like it or not. You will never see our beloved countries instead u will buried underneath of UK land. There is no short cut getting any opportunity it is hard work like H.E. Isayas fought 30 years.

    • GOOD MAN March 28, 2012

      I’ll pray for you.

      • March 28, 2012

        No one be fooled by the bunch of illusionist who dreaming while sitting in internet cafe and biting western sandwich. You are a bunch of looser who lost hope to get asylum paper to get welfare without hard work. Neither education credential nor getting job in Europe. just talking desperately while u drinking alcohol. we know nobody offer u job in europe and of course no body welcome u in eritrea, simply u are a collection crap and losers.

    • Baraee March 28, 2012

      Ya imbecile brain….our brothers and sisters fought the war….Here is what he was doing.
      1. Learning Arabic
      2. Devising divide and rule while others are busy fighting and paying their life
      3. first conniving with Woyane in the field and pushing ELP
      4. then connving with Woyane and putting Bitweded and the like
      5. then conniving to create war against Woyane when they betrayed him, he is not the regional leader , that defintely got him mad.
      6. side by side Consitution was comimg along while Nakfa became our currency against his wishes.
      7. He opened a war to punish Woyane thinking Amharas would rise and eat Woyane. Wrong calcuation
      8. With Consitution in the making and our heroes of Sahel- Military and polititial genius and top SPY of Eritrea Petros, and others were to demand why war was necessary he created as usual propaganda that they were Woyanes.
      9. Let me assure 2 of his sisters, 5 of his brohters live comfortably in the CIA country the great USA. His mom visits to the USA at least and let me repeat at least ONCE PER YEAR.
      10. On the contrary some families paid 4,5, 6 children to liberate our land.

      Stop being an imbecile…!! help yourself to be human.

      • March 28, 2012

        i will take that. but i know u are moron.

        • Baraee March 28, 2012

          I appreciate you took that. Moron is understatement, for a man coming from a country with dictator that would say no word when 300 of his citizens perish in a sea, where Eritrean youth has their body as spare parts in Sinai….I have no doubt if we sat together, I would convince you to see right back at your family and neighborhood in Eritrea….

        • Awet April 13, 2012


          Why are you worshiping an evil human being? If you really had an Eritrean root, you would not have advocated for a man who has destroyed the future of our generation. Those Eritreans know what exactly I am talking about. I don’t have to list for you the attrocities this man and the system he created, has commited against our people and country. Please be fair.

    • GOOD MAN March 28, 2012

      I am not writing here to argue or discuss anything that we differ about, because it’s time for us to submerge our differences and realize that it is best for us to first see that we have the same problem, a common problem that will make you catch hell.
      Whether you are Eritrean or Ethiopian, you are going to catch hell just like I am. We’re all in the same boat and we all are going to catch the same hell from the same man. He just happen to be an evil man. All of us have suffered in our country, political oppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation at the hands of the devil.

    • March 29, 2012

      listen u dummy, unless u support Isayas u are not eritrean? true eritreans are those who agonise with the people of Eritrea against a mad dictator called Isayas, it is traitors like u who sold Eritrea to Isayas.

    • April 13, 2012

      Are you Eritrean? That is the question? There is no way you call yourself Eritrean and seeing Eritrea destroyed by a mad dictator.

  • Baraee March 28, 2012

    DIA is a liar,

    What amazed me was he said “…..kulu nezi bweyane itegebre koninwo iyu bzeyka Washington….” What a liar….No one gave a hoot what Woyane did….What happened all the hullubula where the Ethiopian opposition were about to overthrow Woyane, Woyane is almost gone etc…What a pathetic and pathological liar wodi shit AFTOM.

  • Dr Haile March 28, 2012

    The US should not have responded to allegations emanated from Eritrea/Isaias. All Eritreans except Isaias agree Ethiopia has the capability to attack Eritrea any time they want because Isaias deliberately disintegrated the country and its people in the last 20 years. Why would Ethiopia need such a huge power like America to attack Eritrea? Remember! because of our shameful government Djibouti with 500 thousand people get Eritrea signed 5 points which were drafted solely by its government and we swallow the points without any opposition to them. America will remain an excuse as long as Isaias is in power. The reason is that Isaias consider himself big even bigger than all African leaders combined. Down to the MAD DOG!

  • Cambo March 28, 2012

    You made good observation. Why would Issaias use the USA as his scapegot to blame for all his problems? Above all, USA is the chosen land of all his brothers and sisters; it is also the favourite yearly holiday spot of his mother, the daughter of Medhin Berad.
    It is a paradox why Issaias hates the USA this much?
    Baraee wrote: “9. Let me assure 2 of his sisters, 5 of his brohters live comfortably in the CIA country the great USA. His mom visits to the USA at least and let me repeat at least ONCE PER YEAR.
    10. On the contrary some families paid 4,5, 6 children to liberate our land.”

  • Truly,Truly i say to you March 28, 2012

    part 1
    Sorry, Baraee i have to contradict with your in point 5 and 7 written statements. First of all Isayas created the war not because he is against Woyane, or he likes to punish woyane like you put it, but in the contrary he opened the war because he likes to punish Eritreans and to destroy Eritrean economy, and he did it. Finally the guy is not real Eritrean but Ethiopian origin in Eritrean sheep skin. His stupid useless confrontation with powerful nation like US and others is also another evidence of the plan he has to destroy Eritrea.

  • Truly,Truly i say to you March 28, 2012

    Part 2
    Can any sensible person imagine Isayas is leading the country without any influential of external powers specially without US?And the US are frustrated because of the economy growth and the mining boom like the sick man he said and wants to fool us? Nonsense! If it was so, and if the US they were not using his ignorance to their interest indirectly , have the US difficulty to stop all foreign companies that working in Eritrea if they will? Can any serious man who knows a little about politic like me thinks, let alone companies like Canada, Australia, and UK( the truth allies of the Us administrations,) even those not that much allies foreign companies be have ability to work against the US interest? So the fool psychopath man if he realy thinks so, he is not only fooling himself, but to whole cult worshipers including you socalled naming yourself oppositions too.

  • March 28, 2012

    ISAYAS WAS ,IS AND WILL BE CURSE FOR ERITREA. PLEASE PRAY FOR BEST AND BLESSING OF ERITREA. God bring bad leader like isayas to punish the land. so as to be free from dictator , we have to pray and strugle.

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