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You are cordially invited for a talk by Abeba Tesfagiorgis:

You are cordially invited for a talk by Abeba Tesfagiorgis: Topic: As a country and people, where were we? Where are we now? And where are we heading? Organised jointly by Initiative of change, Network of Eritrean

You are cordially invited for a talk by Abeba Tesfagiorgis:

Topic: As a country and people, where were we? Where are we now? And where are we heading?

Organised jointly by Initiative of change, Network of Eritrean Women in Europe, Eritrean Education and Publication Trust (EEPT) and Eritrea Focus

Date: Thursday 16 August 2018    5.30 to 8.00 pm


Initiative for Change, 24 Greancoat Place, London SW1P 1RD


Abeba Tesfagiorgis Baatai Bio:

BA of arts in World issue and MA in International and Intercultural management /USA

Worked for Ethiopian Airlines and in American Consulate General in Asmara and the World Bank in Washington DC USA


Co-founder and two terms president of the Asmara YWCA. President of the Relief and Rehabilitation Association of Eritrea in 1974-1975 which was closed by the Ethiopian military Government (Dergue). A member of Moral Rearmament in Eritrea (presently called “Initiative of change based in London).   Imprisoned for being involved in the Eritrean Liberation Movement. Upon release migrated to  USA.  After independence returned to Eritrea worked for “Regional Centre for Human Rights and Development” founded by Paulos   Tesfagiorgis, closed forcefully by the Eritrean Government.  Forced to return to USA. Today an activist for justice in Eritrea.

Authored 3 books. Two in Tigrinya and one in English titled “A painful Season and A stubborn Hope: The odyssey of an Eritrean Mother.”

Review overview
  • Dawit August 10, 2018

    Dear sister Abeba T/giorgis,
    Eritreans think with their heart not with their God given brain, translation to: Eritreans think with their caveman brain
    not with their modern, educated and logical brains. Where they to exercise the better part of their brain they would not have found themselves destitute and homeless or enslaved by the savage evil barbarian muslim Arabs.
    And they definitely wouldn’t have tried to invent a fake nation at a time when nationhood was becoming obsolete. In addition to that, relatively speaking, thanks to some exposure to the fascist Italian civilization and shameful colonization, we were supposed to be at the top of the food chains before the fake so-called “independence” or more like slavery; now we have become infiltrators, migrants, refugees, conscripts, boat people, slaves and worst of all cheap spare parts to the savage evil muslim Arabs.
    Never have our people being worst off – thanks to evil ghedli and to the savage evil Egyptian mercenaries and korakur riffraffat of the ELF mendef shit. Whatever fake Eritreanism ever was is now long dead (only the delusional ELF foot soldiers HADEMTI TSAHITSAHITI losers think not). Eritreanism has now acquired a new definition, ain’t nothing pretty about it, and no amount of red lipsticks on the dance floor can save or change it. Have people ever gone so high (in guayilas and empty rhetoric) from the so low only to return back to the bottom and below in one life time like the poor sick Eritreans??????? Nope!

    • Dawit August 10, 2018

      Dearest sister Abeba, I forgot to ask you if you are the sister of the brilliant man Petros T/giorgis?

      • Misghina August 10, 2018

        The answer must be yes because it seems they are both deki baAtay.
        I hope I am right but they both have the same surnames of T/giorgis BaAtai.

        • Gezae August 10, 2018

          Yes, she is Tesfagiorgis BeAtay,s daughter. Her brother Solomon was my class mate at Bet Giorgis Middle School. We were neigbors. So I had a pretty good know how for here while she was working as a Secretariat with Megersa and Kindie when Asirivatan as well as Mesele Mitiku were the Head masters of Haileselassie Comprehensive High School Asmara In the years 1968-1969 Calendar…

          • Dawit August 10, 2018

            Thank you brothers Misghina and Gezae.
            They are both {sister Abeba & brother Petros} beautiful and brilliant people. Their father ato T/giorgis BaAtai must be a very proud gentleman. I believe they also have third/fourth brother by the name of Paulos T/giorgis! Thanks again, to both of you gents.

          • Misghina August 11, 2018

            Brother Gezae,
            First of all I thought you said in one of your posts that you were wedi Amiche (wedi Addis or wedi other Ethiopian cities) but now you confusing me by being wedi Asmara and a neighbor of the T/giorgis BaAtai family! Regardless to my more serious question, where is the exact area/location of enda aboy AbAtai gezawti??? If I am not mistaken I believe somewhere between enda sintetaato area behind enda Tesfamariam dukan/supermarket and Gezamanda Talian near enda enkode area! I’ll stand to be corrected and their dad was a great kind man indeed.

          • Misghina August 11, 2018

            My mistake please correct my misspelling and read as:
            enda aboy BaAtai and not enda aboy AbAtai, sorry and many thx.

          • Gezae August 11, 2018


            No I was not Wedi Addis or wedi other Ethiopian cities. My Dad and I were both born in Asmara-Eritrea. But I left Eritrea in the beginning of 1971 to Ethiopia as all Eritrean students did for higher education. In end of 1974 I joined ELF straight from Addis.

            After ELF was driven or forced to enter Sudan we assembled EPLF as ELF Sagim with all our organization trucks, bulldozers, caterpillars, different properties and documents soon before all the Wayane fighters left to cover trenches in the Halhal, Worchega, Ashera, Melebso, and Ruba Anseba.

            In 1986-1998 I went to Tigray Ethiopia leading ELF, Sagm political propaganda UNITS. Soon when border war erupted I was detained at central/MaEkelawi prison, later deported to Kenya for political and security reasons. Then finally early 1999 I came to the USA as a political asylum.or refugee That is all.

          • Deglel August 11, 2018

            Gentleman Mr Gezae – gentleman because you are a reformed peaceful human being – not anymore a savage ELF butcher beast.
            Gezae nebsi, I believe Misghina was only asking you {since you mentioned to being a friend of Abeba’s brother Solomon and also to being old neighbors} where exactly the area of aboy T/giorgis Baatai was located in Asmara. I don’t think he {Misghina} is planning/contemplating on writing a book about your past history or shefatu/bandits ELF mendef Arabic/Jihad adventure.

          • Deglel August 11, 2018

            correction/addition: please read as, not any more ‘an advocate’ like the other stooges of the barbaric murderous ELF mendef shit.

      • Petros Tesfaiorgis August 12, 2018

        Dear Dawit and Mesghina

        The answer is yes.

        • Deglel August 14, 2018

          Dear Petros, why are you so secretive of your area location in Asmara then?
          You said the answer is yes but you avoided to mention your area name, why?

        • Kampala August 25, 2018

          Brother Petros, the answer is yes to what?? Your answer is not complete yet!

    • Danilo August 10, 2018

      Da , the worst thing is you think with your stomach and urinary tract. Leave the brain think first to precede heart value..

      • Deglel August 10, 2018

        South Sudan savage evil muslim dinosaur – Danisaur, Italiano/Islamico nomad pigo Danilo – Fernilo scarico, as I feel very sorry for you being a noisy talking/barking dinosaur subhuman, I’ll be very gentle to just remind you to mind your own stinky Yemeni/Sudanese nomad business!! Leave Eritrean issues to real/genuine dekebat Eritreans, OK!

  • Gezae August 10, 2018

    Asmara 08/10/2018

    UAE to Build Oil Pipeline Linking Eritrea’s Port of Assab with Addis Ababa
    UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation, Ms. Reem Al Hashimy, today unveils her country’s plan to build a pipeline linking Eritrea’s port city of Assab with Addis Ababa.

    • Danilo August 10, 2018

      You are proposing blood pipeline Gezae. Shame on you!

      • Deglel August 10, 2018

        Wedi Halima savage evil muslim Arab slave dog, any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental! Are your parents {the South Sudan dinosaur} siblings???
        All of your ancestors must number in the millions; it’s hard to believe that many people {many dinosaurs} are to blame for producing you. What should we propose for your brain-dead then?

  • Danilo August 10, 2018

    Dear Abeba, you have heart breaking messages. Who have brain think twice. For others need heart sympathy.

    • Deglel August 10, 2018

      Danilo – Fernilo scarico garbage, you are just “MedaKemi”, and Halew-low aytebziH please!
      You might as well find your own league that is in your barbaric ELF mendef shit nomad bushes.

      • Danilo August 10, 2018

        Deg, I leave the apportionment to talk Abeba on post of mine. If you have brain be ready. But bear in mind to hide your heart in ….open to continue.

        • Deglel August 10, 2018

          Fernilo – Italiano pigo scarico, you are as usual all over the places, please what are you exactly trying to say??? Translation to your savage evil muslim Arab slave masters “Arabic” or even Italiano would be very much appreciated!! Sister Abeba can only talk in our beautiful organic AGAZIAN tigrigna!!!

  • Wedi Hagher August 10, 2018

    Pipeline for Ethiopia and more prisons for Eritreans, that is what the Shifta regime is doing.

    • Deglel August 10, 2018

      indeed, “Neday nay libu yiHalim”, Abdurobo teraAraA, comedian Iraqi Ali, 100% MOSLEM NEFAHITO, Wedi Saho whore snake/rat, would your savage evil outlawed criminal shifta/bandit Awate would have done better than DIA then??? You’ve the bloody guts to talk about prisons using multiple cheap pen-names. As the Amharic saying, “Yegebeya girgir yimechal le leba”. indeed. Eritreans all over should be careful of the evil muslim wolfs/Arab slave dogs wearing sheep’s skin. Simply, only worthless people (especially with the untrustworthy evil muslims) create worthless nations.

      • Danilo August 10, 2018

        Deg, you seem to have via …Gezae ከም ዝብኢ ነቁዩ እንድዩ፡ዝተረፈ ንወኸርያ ከም ዝኸማኻ !!!

        • Deglel August 10, 2018

          South Sudan Danisaur, I don’t know if you are really awake or sleeping and having a nightmares about the great peaceful man Gezae!!! You obviously have low IQ to figure out obvious lies in your pathetic nonsense comment.
          Simply, once a damaged beyond repairs zombie then always the same old….

  • meretse August 10, 2018

    Grretings to my dear sister/sistersI want to tell you this article a unique from all your previous written articles. Its message is lound and clear that could resonate under the blue sky boasting the low moral of all generations. That I can tell you ( fo course it is borrowed). After I read your article I felt like I did rewatch one of my favorite movies; “Mother India”. Without any exageration— I have seen you reptresenting one of the main characters there. The main character in the movie was Radha, who refused to sell her pride, her honour, her identity to the rich and famous guy. It was Radha who decided to till the land using her two boys as oxen. It was Radha who refused to leave her land (ancesteral village) after a heavy flood destroyed their farmland,. It was Radha who cried bitterly and was able to change the people’s mind who were ready to desert their village. It was Radha who killed her belove young son, Birju for the sake of her people’s love. My dear sisters, I like to see you raising your voice. Nothing is possible without your participation. The despot has come a long way. Finally he is burgining to sell the country as it is his boat or ship. My dear people what kind of evidence are you awaiting to hear? Have you not heard him pledging to Abiy:- “From now on words, you are in charge! Yes, have you not heard him saying, from now on words : “you cna do anything you want! Have you not heard him saying you are a blaze of Love? My dearest people, how is thiss concept new to you? As Eritrea is a young and beautiful princess the young Prince Abiy, is fresh flowers from his Awassa garden, to impress the princess his falsehhod love. One thing the young Prince forgot is : Eritrea had never been on sale. Ertreans had been and still are in charege of Eritrea fo all..Please forgive me for the many errors that you encounter… have no time

    • Deglel August 11, 2018

      Keshi Kushet meretse aka the criminal ELF mendef shit Fedayin taliban beast.
      I never imagined you to watch any normal human beings movies especially beautiful family movies like “Mother India”. I always imagined you {as a former barbaric evil Islamic ELF murderer beast} to be watching some Dracula movies or some brutal Afghan/savage Arabs movies.
      Btw, my favorite ever movie was “Hati mere sati – Harmaz’yu Arkey – an elephant is my best/loyal friend”.
      Now, let me get back to your usual village Halewlows and Tsewetseway craps. As Karl Marx remarked in the Eighteenth Brumaire, “Men make their own history, but they don’t make it as they please; they don’t make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past”. In your bojbaj/coward and opportunist HADAMI/TEBELATSI case, it is simply translated into: “ab enda E’wurat’si baAl hade a’yinu yinegis”, indeed! Just because you are bloody turned to a zombie by your murderous ELF mendef shit, you are also simply assuming that everybody else is also like you {a damaged beyond repairs and life long zombie}! What a poor soul! Get real you delusional jackass.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! August 11, 2018

      Issaias said ” we and Ethiopians are one people ” . Hmmm.
      After I cleaned the house Abiy is free to take full charge .
      Congratualaion for NIHNA-NESU people .

  • Setit August 11, 2018

    Deglel aka DEGEL
    I know who you are (from your IP address).
    No wonder you are writing the whole day! You have no job because of your criminal background & thus have to sit & shit the whole day!

  • Eyob August 11, 2018

    So many extremist Amhara who claimed Asseb to be Part of wello have congregated in Bahardar and are thrusting to throw life in to their demand. the Amhara state leaders are quietly Facilitating such a nuisance to take place in their state- it is now clear the Importance of continued Sawa national service to fend off such crazy dream from greedy people! This unexpected rush, rush peace agreement needs to be re-examined! it has evil buried in it!

  • Bereket August 11, 2018

    Yes there is hope for south Sudan as warring factions has agreed to a peace pact signed in Khartoum- South Sudan being too close for Ethiopia, it can supply it’s fuel needs from the Abeyi Oil fields that is bordering Ethiopia- Noticing this unraveling development, UAE and Eritrea are ceiling an agreement for mutual business interest to tie Ethiopia to their Long term interest thereby denying South-Sudan Oil supply to Ethiopia via land root. Eritrea benefits from port service and UAE benefits from the supply sales!

    • Aba thimmer August 11, 2018

      But why Ethiopia doesn’t bay from South Sudan? I think Dr Abie is selling Ethiopia to Arabs all together Eritrea too. We Eritreans no longer to be blamed. ” ሁለቱም ሲል ኣንዱም ያጣል ፡መደምር ሲባል መቀነስ እንጂ “!!!

  • AHMED SALEH !!! August 11, 2018

    For those who entertain in Eritrean
    miseries , I have no a clue why they
    jump to attack participants .
    For those who fight against wrongs ,
    I say to stay focused on critical matters that needs our attention .
    Do not waste your energy for some
    haters hidden place behind internet .