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  • Samrawit September 29, 2011

    “I can´t understand why many of you commentators fill offended because of the word “ Agame”

    Those people who are commenting about the “agame” instead of the brave youth who chase the monkey are pro-isias. They are so shocked about the incident, they have to find something negative. Mind you they use the word agame..more than any other word at any thier sites.

    To the brothers, you make us proud. In the heat of the moment you may have use the word agame to show Yemane blood is not Eritrean as his master Isias. So what?

    • Mussie September 29, 2011

      “Those people who are commenting about the “agame” instead of the brave youth who chase the monkey are pro-isias.”

      Absolutely not!!! What we are saying is that these so called “youth” demonstrated the same type of thuggish behavior that embodies the current dictatorial regime. If we are advocating for “Change”, as the name of the group implies, then why do these “youth” go down the same gutter/childish behavior of Monkey and his clicks. After all, the antics displayed by these men do not bode well for the future of the youth movement.
      Folks, this is not about earning street cred. It is about bringing meaningful change that will alleviate the suffering of our people. To that effect, I don’t see anything in the clip that will benefit the cause for change.

      • Maazza October 4, 2011


        Although I do not agree, I respect your opinion and you are welcome to it. You must also respect the stands of Samrawit and I and hundreds of others who think to the contrary, i.e. the chase sent a chilling fear down Monkey’s spine when it happened and the clip is doing the same thing to hgdefites and their boss revealing how the youth is angered by the situation in our country. Monkey was moving around in downtown Manhattan, in my view, dead sure that nobody will even lift his eyes let alone chase him like a dog. Had he suspected, even remotely, anything like that might happen, he would have stayed put indoors. His ‘courage’ emanates from our fearful behavior towards hgdef. That spell got broken forever that evening of the chase.

        The fact that over 250 entries are so far made in this forum about this subject matter is eloquent. It is a very important clip because it will be remembered as the mother of all future defying acts. I bet it is the most clicked clip by hgdefites! Most of them will now consider before they venture to go to public places not knowing what may be in store for them. This in itself is a huge achievement.

        Finally, I hear what you are saying loud and clear. It is like what Selam says. We should be distinguished for being correct. It is highly commendable to express these concerns. However, in this particular case, when one asseses the silence that reigns in the majority of the Diaspora population, the fear that hgdef has put in motion is paralizing. Our sensibilities have been tempered with and we have lost our spontaneous nature. We have gone inward and we have shut off our conscience and refuse to react to glaringly alarming occurences. Our expression of indignation is NIL. To see young people daringly chase the culprit of our sad fate, Monkey, refraining from doing him any physical harm but reminding him that they will never leave him in peace, among other things, is, in my view, very highly commendable. It is outside the norm. It breaks this deep silence and fear.

        I don’t know if I have moved you an inch from your position but I sincerely tried.

  • Nahom. H. September 29, 2011

    This message is to all eritreans also PFDJ followers!!!!!!!!!!

    May i ask you what you do for your country? At least this group chased a tyranns puppet. They are very brave in my opinion and they inspire me to do the same. For you who are followers of this current regime, why the hell dont you go and live in Eritrea then, instead of living in europe or the states. You are all hypocrits.

    What PFDJ is doing is that they are recruiting young people in the west and europe by showing them other side of eritrea that is not real. The real world or the real eritrea is hiding from them. That is brainwashing young, even educated people. Education is the key and to look in things objectively is the way to the truth.

    Well you can say whatever about this videoclip, but in my opinion they did whats in their power to do. And now their are people around the world seing that not all eritreans are happy with the regime.

    We need to wake up as people, and fight for our rights and not being brainwashed by their propaganda. Be reasonable people.
    The real enemy is Isias and his dogs around the world. Not you, not between you. Please see that, isias objective is exactly that, to see eritreans fight with each other so that he can do whatever he liked with nobody controlling him. That is his real aim people.

    Peace n love between eritreans for eritreans and democracy

  • Addis Alem September 29, 2011

    I am an Ethiopian of Tigray origin. It’s very disheartning to see many commenters here defending these young people calling Yemane “Agame” and praise them for their courage. My specific reply for the commenter above with pen name “truly, truly”, who said “…. the people from that region are very proud and decent? So if someone comes from Asmara or Mendefera then if you call the person Wedi Asmara or Gual Mendefera, should it be consider as insult?…” Really? I thought you used the word to insult Yemane, instead of to tell him he is a proud man?! You proceed to say appalingly “….But if Agames has funny tradition and because of that, if the people start joking at them, weather the person come from that region or from another, what is wrong about? As far as i know almost in every society including in very high developed nations there are some trips who has funny history because of that the others trips are all the time making joke at them……” What would be the funny part that deserves to be made fun of in our history and tradition? We are people, who are religious. Is what is funny about us? We lived in freedom and resist colonization. May be that is funny and silly to you, but we are very proud of it. Which tradition is hilarious to you, sir? Does our tradition anyway have drastically different to yours? My question is why dehumenizing people who are the closest to you? I read so many commenters here, saying “That’s fine. It’s ok to call “humiliate” him b calling him “Agame”. But I say, why should calling some Agame be humiliating? Aren’t the Agames kind and sheltering for your “chosen race” brothers and sisters in their land country. Aren’t they sharing what little they have even now as we speak? It’s not just the us, why is it necessary to dehumenaize every one, especially Ethiopians. Why does it seem to be a “normal” thing to call the Amhara “Adgi” or the Oromo and other ethnics “Barya” or “hengogo”…Why? I am not upset with the old tradition of our ancestors somehow imposed such kind of attitude on us. But I am really disappointed at those who are justifing it now. I am truly sorry that there is a brutal dictatorship in Eritrea and it seems to be worse than Ethiopia and any other given African country. But with such kind of attitude, it makes me to believe that who ever replaces the Isayas may not be better….

    • awet September 30, 2011

      Addis Alem,

      I completely agree with your comment above. I believe that we should respect to each other as brothers and neighbours.

  • Solomon September 29, 2011

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time for that pot belly buffoon seen in the clip using the term “agame” to insult people. If you get a chance, check out YouTube clip of the demonstration at the Oakland festival. You could clearly see and hear him using that term and other full of vulgarity. I’m sorry but I find it shameful that this was considered such newsworthy to be posted on this site.

    To those that are defending his use of the term, please know that he was not using as a term of endearment. So, STOP making an excuse for him. Also, no-one and I do mean no-one has an idea the origins and roots of our forefathers from 16th, 17th, 18th, etc.. Centuries. So, to base one’s origins based what transpired in 20th century is hog-wash. Shouldn’t the political discourse be about what’s happening in Eritrea and how to alleviate the people’s suffering from a brutal regime instead of who is a full blooded Eritrean?

    Certainly, I like the fact the group is advocating for a change and has a worthy name for their organization, Eritrean Youth for Change (EYC). However, from what I have seen here, their behavior doesn’t embody an Eritrean culture. It was Erratic, Yeasty and Chauvinist!

  • truly, Truly i say to you September 29, 2011

    Apologize me for me as far as “Agame” is the name of a province in Tigrai ,it is not un insult word.But it is a location of the Area and the identification of the Eritrean Tigrina And the Tigrai Tigrina speakers people only. If you all are talking about moral or good manner, why you call then To Yemane Gebreab “Monkey” then which I find it un fair and more immoral? Which word is truly immoral “Agame or Monkey ?” Didn´t PM Meles himself during the interview if i not mistaken with Amanuel Iyasu, used it to call Yemane Gebreab, “monkey?” So why you are now blowing dust when you hear the word Agame?The one who is not ashamed to call humman being “Monkey” he has no right to claim or to be wonder about the word Agame. Anyway i am not a supporter of any kind of un embarrassing word, rather I am a person who focusing and regarding about the very serious political issues only,eventhough to myself many times HGDEF juntas they call me Agame because I face to face opposing them.

    • Addis Alem September 29, 2011


      I don’t think you got my point. When someone tells you that they are offended and feel personally insulted because of what you said, you just express your regret and move on. You just don’t keep justifying your point and repeating the offensive manner the person was offended with. If Meles Zenawi called Yemane “Monkey” he definately is at fault, and should never have done that. But are you telling me calling someone agame is a better insult than calling them monkey? My point is dehumenaizing people, who are your kins is wrong and should be stopped at any rate. And you have to give me the privilage of a priority to speak about this, because I am an offended party. In order to demean and insult a person you hate so much, you used a word that is especially reserved for my people. That is what my point is. Good for the young people for confronting their enemey. I hope next time, will do it with out insulting and dehumenizing me and my people.

  • Solomon September 29, 2011

    Who cares what PM Meles said…he’s a leader of another nation, not mine. His own people should hold him accountable according to their own standard. It’s lame and a disservice to lump those men in the clip with the PM.

    We are talking about the behavior of these so called “full blooded Eritreans” and the majority of the commentators on these medium are offended by the insults and the vulgarity. Again, STOP making an excuse for these types of stupid acts.

  • Real EPLF not Higdef September 30, 2011

    This is the begining of an end. Question is whose end. PIA knows so smart he knows it, cause his strength is deliberation of circumstances and reading what is unfolding. He is fully aware all those in that beautiful , new york and american auditorium will have no stomach to sustain what is about to unfold in the coming months. Like any naieve citizen sucking public consumption news not too many people are aware why he was in Uganada. If he recited what is spelled out for him by Museveni(Satellit Diplomacy on behalf of IGAAD, USA and some others in the West) half of that crowd would have rolled out. He knows the few with resolve move a mountain like our fellow brethern did from the mountains of Sahel and the deserts of Barkaa which includes him. Those few were outside echoeing the truth. What he probably did not know though some of those kids outside were born and are the top breed of our struggle Betimherti Sewra(Zero School). That would send shivers in his spine. All you have to watch is Mengistu’s last two years meetings. Even their facial demeanours(not necessarily look alike) the truth and lies from people. Great ideas are never popular when they start even with the esteemed prophets. So if there is one thing Issayas is not like the people welcomed him , he does not fool himself like they do. He also remembers it is the same crowd that fooled him during the last visit soon after he had a bitter debate with his colleagues (G-15). It is this ululation and rock-star fans that fooled his decision. Back from Uganada he is doing what exactly G-15 advised him to do. Ironically it is few days after 10 years to Sep 18. I am a numbers guy like chinese do. 1 is alpha/begining and in the Tirgrinia culture 8 is when we gather a social and traditional meal- Meadi. 1+8 is 9 which is Eritrea and it’s people. If you do not believe what is unravelling please watch every meeting Mengistu did in his last year or two. So much similiarities even if they do not look alide, the demeanour of the public meeting is so alike and to an extent even these two dictators.

    • Maazza September 30, 2011

      I subscribe to your designation, Real EPLF but not HGDEF, because I consider myself precisely that. It is what seperates me from the brilliant Net writer and democrat Yosief Gebrehiwet because he lumps these two opposed concepts together and puts them in one basket. I will therefore take this opportunity to expand on it a little.

      The selfless EPLF spirit ‘ane K’dm, ane K’dm’ in the battle fields, during the struggle, is the true nobel identity of our country. To die so others can live a better life places us in a very honorable position in history. The determination, steadfastness and sacrifice demonstrated by our Martyrs and Veterans and fighters and the people as a whole, is the legend of our times. We soared so high, there was a time, during the referendum, when you wanted to shout I am from Eritrea, uncalled for. There was much potential and hope and oozing EPLF spirit, but thanks to DIA and Hgdef, it turned into sheer nightmare. Even now, inside our country and scattered all over the world, there is an absolute majority of the EPLF spirit simmering with rage and disappointment waiting for the right hour. The real Hgdefites, in and outside the country are but a few. Some would like us to believe that there were 6000 Eritreans that rushed to salute DIA in north America. Even though, what percentage is that of the total population residing in the US and Canada? A drop in the ocean, without exaggeration.

      Agreed, ‘It is this ululation and rock-star fans that fooled his decision.’. But it also gave him the energy for 10 more years in power and he is still roaring! That the beginning of the end is here is filtering through to a wider player, but in my opinion, a lesser participation at the Centre would have hammered the fact home and shortened the agony of such a blatantly oppresive mis-rule. I just hope that this shouting and screaming we witnessed at the Centre, will not fuel him to hang on for another few more years. He must go, like yesterday.

      I totally agree with you and have said it in another forum that the cunning and crafty Isayas is clear in what is coming his way, unlike his barking (in the Net) henchmen and outright worshipers.

      It is refreshing, educating and also very timely reading messages like yours. The ones posted by supporters seem to me tired and boring, not to mention the insults and menacing they communicate!

      • dawit September 30, 2011

        You said 6000 eritreans is a drop in the, what abot 30 so-called oppositions, lol, keep daydreaming.

        • Maazza September 30, 2011


          I suggest you read and re-read the post by EPLF but not Hgdef and pay particular attention to the following entry:

          “He knows the few with resolve move a mountain like our fellow brethern did from the mountains of Sahel and the deserts of Barkaa which includes him. Those few were outside echoeing the truth. What he probably did not know though some of those kids outside were born and are the top breed of our struggle Betimherti Sewra(Zero School). That would send shivers in his spine. All you have to watch is Mengistu’s last two years meetings.”.

          This phenomen cited in this paragraph contains the formula that will give you supporters and your DIA sleepless nights for the moment and victory to the trodden in the long run.

          As regards the 6000 being a drop in the ocean percentage-wise, I will leave it up to you to provide us with the figure: 1, 2, 3, 4%? of the total Eritrean population residing in the US and Canada?

          You may have also read about coersion and intimidation excercised by hgdefites who have accumulated a wealth of experience to breath down the necks of those who have, for one reason or the other, to pay the dues and are forced to belong.

          A fundamental difference between you and I is, whereas I gave the benefit of doubt by considering your exaggerated figure of 6000 (the Centre’s capacity is 2,600 I believe and there are empty seats in the pictures), you blatantly say the number of those protesting was 30. Distorting facts and denial comes to you easy! This speaks volumes about a person.

    • Helen September 30, 2011

      Thank you “EPLF”. Very well said.

  • kalieayu Haftom September 30, 2011

    Well, this is the only moment of proof of the civility of Tigreans. Hundreds of Eritreans attempted to insult Yemane by calling him “Agame”. In the past decades there were many Tigreans who used to insult an Eritrean (if deemed enemy to himself) by calling him “Anseba”-to mean “Halay”—“Empty minded”. Now our elders and Parents taught us such an insult to a mass of people in the era of globalization is stupidity on the part who insults likewise. For this reason, you don’t ever hear these days anyone tigrian insulting an Eritrean by labeling him “Anseba”. So when can we see the Eritreans come back to their senses and be bestowed with civility. Will these people be sponsors of peaceful co-existence with neighbouring countries better than Isaias does once the dictator is gone? I doubt. As a final note to those who try to belittle our glorious Agame–please be mindful that Agame awraja is the birth place of the Ethiopian hero “General Tsadkan”—who sweeped out the envading eritrean army from our country in a matter of few days. If you know this, then you will be most excused to continue on and on your insults by saying “Agame”.

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  • OneBulletAway September 30, 2011

    This regime is at its last days. As the ambassador of america in eritrea said in wikileaks papers, the regime is one bullet away from falling. I couldn’t agree more