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  • zere September 28, 2011

    It is a brave act. Eritreans , we eritreans are ready to seize the moment. Nonetheless, while appreciating the young fighters who confronted teh disctator, every one of us who aprticpated in sharing our veiws should be also assit our brothers to liberate themselves from racist traditions . A free man is not at all a racist . I am referring to teh word Agame

    • abdi September 29, 2011

      agd,leba AGAME ARAY BELES

  • Negasi Tesfatsion September 28, 2011

    It’s a very good sign that young Eritreans started challenging the one-party leadership. We really should fight to make our country a better one. I’m really really delighted with the fact these brave Eritreans humiliated monkey.. Because he and his accomplices are also humiliating our people. But one thing I believe we should learn to avoid is this PREJUDICE we Eritreans have against the Awraja Agame. I know we learned to despise the Tigray ppl, I’m saying now let’s unlearn it. Even if Yemane “monkey/mousy” have a Tigray origin(through his mom), it does’nt make sense to insult him AGAME AGEME AGAME. niwedi Barka.. Barka Barka endabelka aytitserfon eka, coz he is proud of being from Barka. So let’s please challenge our perception first before we try to change the regime. Let’s make the hgdef leadership feel humiliated for what they are doing in Eritrea for their atrocities, not for their origins.

  • young eritrean September 28, 2011

    What a shame u so called Eritreans, u r thugs and criminals wiz no responsibilities to yr action. Is it the right way to demand or convince a poletician. This shows who u r, it is a group u insulting “AGAME” yr sole responser. Be afraid next time u will not be welcome to Addis or Mekele.I don’t believe u r Eritreans if u r, You r head less chicken “TESTA DI’ GALINNA”
    I am struggling to understand what this website is for if u r calling yr self to post eritrean causes. Why do post insulting, racist and derogatory messages??????????????????

  • Ash September 28, 2011

    very interesting how one uses his supposed Freedom… Name calling and …..

    As much as I hate what happening in Eritrea… this was very disrespectfull and shows stupid the guys were

  • get up stand up September 28, 2011

    prod of u guys,,,,,,,,, my country man don,t be silly,(get up stand up,,stand up for ur wright ,don,t give up the fight) bob marley,

  • get up stand up September 28, 2011

    how man can support PFDJ .please open ur minds

    • abdi September 29, 2011

      Get lost, focus on ur weed ya AGAME

  • zeshakeni September 28, 2011


  • CriminalYemaneMonkey September 29, 2011

    Yemane monkey is a murderer and adulterous!!!

  • Sammy September 29, 2011

    Those guys are pussies bothering him at night in the bar…only if me and my friend were there….we would’ve knocked the shit out of these FOB idiots…..its ok to protest but what they did was a pussy move.

    • Maazza September 29, 2011

      You and your friend should rush to Asmera to be the body guards for Monkey. Leave the USA and relocate to Eritrea if you are half the man you boast to be. Monkey will need body guards (preferably filthy-mouthed like you) because he has enemies all over for having plunged a beautiful country to the present state.

      Refrain from using gutter language in a public forum like this one. Shame on you.

      • selam October 3, 2011

        Dear Maaza

        Please ignore those kinds of people. Responding to what they say emotionally is just lowering yourself to their level. As I stated in my earlier reply you and Temesgen are very enlightened and have deep knowledge base. I want you to use your capacity to teach people about rule of law, democracy, and our Eritrean Social Fabric which is politeness, respect, honesty, hard work and many more. Moreover, I want you to unveil the crimes and the dirty deeds of the current regime and their followers with your brilliant English. I hope you will understand me positively.
        With lots of admiration!!!

        • Maazza October 4, 2011

          Selam haftey,

          Your posts (the earlier long one and this one) are precious to me. You are absolutely RIGHT to express your deep concern about not being dragged to the hgdefites level! Your posts make me reflect on a phrase I read many years ago: ‘I made you too weak to climb out of the pit, because I had made you strong enough not to fall into it’ God is supposed to have said to man.

          It is easy to indulge in responding to attacks with counter-attacks and compromise your purpose of highliting the gravity of the situation in our country. You put it poetically when you write ‘… and our Eritrean Social Fabric which is politeness, respect, honesty, hard work and many more’. I am a glorifier of the wisdom of our society who although denied self-rule due to historical circumstances, the high sense of truth and justice in their social inter-action, be it in towns or the rural area, be it Moslems or Christians, be it highlanders or lowlanders, the Social Fabric oozed with wisdom and dignity. During the Italian occupation, the fascist regime sent to Eritrea one of its top notch law experts in order to gauge the justice practiced in the country with a view to educating the ‘African savages’. He visited towns and villages, observed how justice was practiced by the people and went back and reported that the people had such high standards of a justice system that perhaps Italy might want to learn from it. So, we come from a rather unique society that measures the stature of a person not by wealth but by his bearing. The attributes you list, politeness, respect, honesty, and hard work, among other things, are the values each and every household tries to instil in their offsprings.

          I therefore totally agree with you when you rightly say, we can very easly sink into the mud and our argument will be obfuscated and it will lack the clarity it sets out to achieve.

          Again, as you very rightly point out, hgdefites are specialized and experienced in using provocation to good effect so that the message being sent become muddled. We must do everything we can not to fall into the pit. Selam, I know you will not hesitate to openly draw attention when in your judgement you find what is posted is below standards. All you want is for what we all are doing to have a positive impact on everyone. If we want our cause to bear fruit, we have to dialogue frankly and openly between us and show the other camp that we swim in honesty.

          Thank you my sister, Selam.

  • truly, Truly i say to you September 29, 2011

    I can´t understand why many of you commentators fill offended because of the word “ Agame”
    Didn´t you tell us Agame is the name of one province in Tigray, and the people from that region are very proud and decent? So if someone comes from Asmara or Mendefera then if you call the person Wedi Asmara or Gual Mendefera, should it be consider as insult? Please grow up! But if Agames has funny tradition and because of that, if the people start joking at them, weather the person come from that region or from another, what is wrong about? As far as i know almost in every society including in very high developed nations there are some trips who has funny history because of that the others trips are all the time making joke at them. So why is odd if it comes in our society? But the point the youngsters the used the word Agame as I understand was not even for joke or to despise the Agames, but they liked to point,that Eritrea is not leading by native Eritreans only. So if they fill so and say so, what is wrong about? However, despite HGDEF they don´t let them to inter in the seminar because of frustration the way they choose to express there anger was not absolutely clever.