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WORLD DAY AGAINST CYBER-CENSORSHIP REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS (RSF) ISSUES REPORT ON ONLINE SURVEILLANCE AND CENSORSHIP On World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is releasing areport denouncing the readiness with which leading Internet companies submit to the

On World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is releasing areport denouncing the readiness with which leading Internet companies submit to the demands of authoritarian regimes in order to profit. RSF is also concerned about the many cases of online surveillance of journalists and calls for the creation of binding international regulatory mechanisms.

The trade, plied by companies with expertise in cyber-surveillance, is lucrative, but dubious. RSF condemns the legal void that allows these companies to sell their products to regimes bent on online surveillance and censorship – just to increase their market share. Recent revelations suggest that the Israeli company NSO is implicated in a case of arbitrary Mexican government surveillance of investigative journalist Rafael Cabrera.

Online surveillance constitutes a serious violation of media freedom. According to a report published by Der Spiegel on 25 February, Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has spied on journalists with such international media outlets as the BBCNew York Times, andReuters for years.

RSF also deplores the frequency with which Facebook posts and tweets are reportedly suppressed. In Turkey, for example, Twitter, for the first time, deployed its local content management tool, which can be used to block access to a tweet or an account from within a given country. After last July’s abortive coup, Twitter lost no time in complying with orders to censor the accounts of more than 20 journalists and media outlets.

There is also concern about Facebook’s active cooperation with certain governments, its deletion of journalistic content, and its opaque content “moderation” policies. The examples include thefan page of ARA News, a website that covers developments in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and other parts of the Middle East. Facebook blocked the site for several days last December without explanation.

#CollateralFreedom: five censored sites unblocked by RSF

On World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, RSF is also pleased to report that it has embarked on Operation Collateral Freedom #3, with the goal of making online information accessible in countries where it is censored and deterring “Enemies of the Internet” from blocking news websites.

After unblocking access to 11 websites in 2015 and six others in 2016, this operation has created alternative access to five more news websites that are blocked in their country of origin: Ozguruz(the well-known Turkish journalist Can Dündar’s new site) in Turkey, Azathabar in Turkmenistan,Meydan TV, reporting on Azerbaijan from exile, Doha News in Qatar, and Alqst in Saudi Arabia.

This operation is based on the technique of mirroring. RSF uses the hosting services of such major companies such as Fastly, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to create duplicates or “mirrors” of the censored sites. “Enemies of the Internet” cannot block access to the mirrors without a collateral impact on their own access to these Internet giants, hence the operation’s name – Collateral Freedom.

An extension for the Chrome browser created in 2016 facilitates access to the #CollateralFreedom mirror sites. When someone tries to access one of the original websites from within a country where it is blocked, the icon of the “RSF Censorship Detector” app appears if the extension is installed. Clicking on this icon automatically redirects the user to RSF’s unblocked mirror site.

RSF has to buy bandwidth to keep the mirror sites accessible. The more they are visited, the faster this bandwidth is used up. RSF asks all Internet users to help pay for this bandwidth in order to prolong access to the mirrors.

Review overview
  • anti shaebia March 10, 2017

    How does that work in countries like eritrea where the most primitive subhuman creatures called shaebia rules the country by keeping all the young in slavery camp and internet is completely blocked or extreemely restricted to all. God forbid, i am going to abandon long held conviction of independence and give in to tesfaziens idea.

    • k.tewolde March 10, 2017

      anti shaebia ,you don’t have to go to that extreme,all you have to do is shoo the primates to their natural habitat and replace them with sound intellectual,fare humans who can reason.Then things will start to make sense..

    • Ghezae March 10, 2017

      You are a liar moslim pig just like your moslim pig father Mohammed.
      The last time you pathetically came on as Shiekh Anti-Higdef and now Sheikh anti-shaebia.
      I am not surprised that you are also deceiving poor assenna readers with your old and already exposed moslim pig NEFAHITO double standards and double faces such as adhanom, Wedi Hagher, Danilo, andom, Asmara Eritrea, Aba thimmer and so many pathetic moslim pigs bullshits.
      Did you graduate at one of your mujahadeen moslim pigs madrassas of Afghanistan or at one of your old criminal moslim jebha sponsors like Iraq, Syria, Libya or the Sudan shits?
      We won’t let or allow your type of old criminal bullies, liars, cheats to manipulate, confuse us with your fucking moslim pigs games and also fucking Islam hidden agendas. Your poor mugs and moslim ass lickers may be village idiots and old jebha criminals/crocks like k.tewelde and Z.Hagos but as to the rest of us respect our intelligence and integrity.
      Get lost to your murderous Afghan mujahadeen moslim pigs way of barbarian moslim world.

    • Alamz March 11, 2017

      aNti shaebia or aNti Eritrea?

      you do not throw the baby in a washtub w/ the spent water. It is normal to have an opposition point of view and argue with a merit but you seems very irrational hence consider this the only reply you get at least from me. Stop playing with fire. either you like it or not Eritrea is here to stay forever so does “shaebia” because as of now this is the only party organized, w/ dedicated members, financially stable, organized w/ structure. Think of this party like Mexicos PRI (about 70 years in power yet some call it Democratic)

      • Tesfay March 11, 2017

        Sister Almaz & brother Ghezae
        Why are you wasting your valuable time, energy and space with a headless muslim hyena? The major problem with this headless muslim hyena has been brutality married and born with lies after lies (he can’t help it as it is within his sick/poisonous muslim blood). He over does it when he is not in need of it. He always does it as a matter of force of habit. In short, he is a declared pathological liar, that is more than verified. He may also think that he is smarter than his kind of filthy and wild headless muslim hyenas of the backward muslim world. Keep ignoring him but also let’s keep exposing him whenever he is at his muslim hyneas fake acting and spewing his muslim hyena bloods.

        • Tesfay March 11, 2017

          continuation: brutality with truth is fine and sometimes really needed. But sheer lying, misleading and mistreating/disrespecting others is one of the lowest behavior but is as normallty expected from a wild headless brutal liar muslim hyena.
          Let’s also not forget that the brilliant superman “TESFAZION AGAZIAN” is sending the wild filthy muslim hyenas into comas and wild desperation.
          But these rootless poisonous muslim hyenas and snakes have at last need to realize that they never and will never belong to Eritrea or the new holy Agazi state/nation. Unite and uprise the Habesha Christian people of the Agazi nation and God bless us all Habesha Christian Agazians.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! March 11, 2017

            For those who try to accuse Muslims for the mess they brought to themselves I say ;
            Either in Eritrea or Ethiopia you brought TWIN EVILS to rule both countries and the rest is history , Speaking the truth ,
            the so called Habesha Christian children became easy prey
            to fell victims at the hands of blood thirsty big brothers while
            cowards gave deaf ears to their cries . HASEWTI !

          • Keren March 11, 2017

            Kurdid aslamay Telam leKibaT aregit kelbi Yemen WHORE/PIMP
            You suffer so much from savage evil vicious cancer Islam’s inferiority complex, treachery, confused and identity crisis.
            From your young dog/kelbi age your stinking mushmush kelbi/dog body was soaked of savage evil barbaric islamic ELF mendef blood. Once a rootless poisonous kurdid aslamay temen/snake then always the same old kurdid aslamay temen aslamay asshole WHORE/PIMP.
            Libi aslamay Tiwiyiway, indeed, crocked like a savage evil muslim snake heart. As with our old precise saying “aslamay ziamene mai ziHaQone hade”, indeed, kurdid kondaf mushmush rootless aslamay should just be wiped out of our beautiful, peaceful and civilized world and sent back to his barbarian savage evil Islam shit world.

      • anti shaebia March 11, 2017

        Are u eritrean almaz? To hate ethiopians does not make u eritrean. Hagos kisha may hate etiopian or pretend to hate, but he remains to be tigraway. Who knows where ur origin is from. Shaebia is not equal to eritrea. Moreover, if eritreans want unity, u can not stop them.

      • anti shaebia March 11, 2017

        Only narrow minded, hallow and empty and above all ignorant half baked supports separation from motherland ethiopia. U thought u were going to be better off after separation- prooven to be the opposite. U thought ethiopia was going to be locked without doors to the world- guess what u prooved to be closed mind while ethiopia prooved to be niether land locked nor mind unlocked. U thought ethiopiaian economy was going to collapse without asseb- guess what – eritrean economy went to the grave as ethiopia flourished colorfully. All these resulted from immature and ignorant decisions by ignorant shaebia leaders who are high school graduates.

        • fake people March 13, 2017

          Dearest anti shaibiya,

          You told Almaz hating Ethiopians does not equal loving Eritrea. Unfortunately ,you are wrong. Eritreanism is based on hating your abbysinian/handsha identity.We eritreans have no compassion for Sinai victims ,but when it comes to hating Ethiopians our toungues sharpen. Remmember,people who hate together does not mean love each other.

      • adhanom March 12, 2017

        Iseyas complained
        In the past 26 yrs nothing was maintained. As a result he said hirgigo dead, water pipe lines rusted, crusted and broken, air ans sea transport non existent, land transport very weak, turism below sea level, educational resourse non existent. Iseyas has complained if the other iseyas – the presiden listens. Do u think the president will listen to iseyass complainy?

      • adhanom March 12, 2017

        Do not u think eritrea was there even before shaebia was created?

  • Z. Hagos March 11, 2017

    In a land of one-eyed man, like Isaias, who claims to be the king, even a half-eyed man is not allowed. That is what we call censorship in practice at law. Because it is the power of seeing, the eye automatically entitled him to become the only king. That is why, again, he denies an eye to anyone else. Isaias is not exceptional to this fact. But he is the worst at it and by denying the rights to possessing eyes he establish the worst dictatorship on earth.
    Isaias’s secrets depend on withholding information. Normal dictator uses one gun to control the flow of information. But Isaias uses 1000 guns to seal off all his information because of the crimes he is involved in and the monies he stashed from mouths and stomachs of the starved Eritrean people. The worst of Isaias censorship is that he is afraid of thoughts and words being expressed. Therefore, he ordered no any word spoken by any Eritrean or communicated to promote democracy and rights. Those who could not hold their tongues are considered to be calling for their immediate death. So, they resort to pressuring themselves to remain silent but ultimately their internal pains force them to explode with the secrets they know and face their death. This way or that way, whether one is only intended to open her/his mouth is considered suicidal putting the rope around the neck and waiting to be hanged by Isaias.

    • Keren March 11, 2017

      How long are you going to cry like a weak spoilt child about Isaias’s 1000 guns?
      Where are your 5 or 10 guns then just to make you look like REAL oppositions fighters?
      You nervous pussycat clearly lost your ‘man’s gut or maAnta nay sebay’ in PFDJ’s guayilas.
      What you now desperately need is not 1000 guns but 100 punches in your brick shitty head.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! March 11, 2017

        How long are you going to cry like a spoiled child using 100 nick-names ,

        • Keren March 11, 2017

          Ayte headless Arab/Shire savage evil moslem dog, how long are you going to open up your stinking aregit kelbi moslem WHORE halal fagnatura ass and keep getting 100 different drillings from your savage evil barbarian moslem Arab slave masters? Are you also getting drilled fucked up savagely by the white man (Americans) in order to keep getting your crippled aslamay goHaf lemani/beggar welfare monies and food stamps? Go back to your stinking Shire/Sheraro “singer sewing jelebiya” and selling shiro berbere, beles old business.
          Wedi savage evil moslem dog Halima, rot in your vicious Islam’s HELL where you truly belong and come from in the first place. Your days of the savage evil rootless Arab dog are really and very numbered in Eritrea and start packing before it is too late mushmush saHab gimel.

          • Keren March 11, 2017

            Go back to your stinking savage wild evil moslem Yemeni or to the Shire/Sheraro ‘singer sewing jelebiyas’, selling shiros and berberes, beles to the Adi grat and Mekelle people.
            Alternatively, sell your dried up and savagely fucked up halal fagnatura ass to the people of Adi Grat or Mekelle – Tigray.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! March 11, 2017

            We have seen similar incidents of commentator with multiple
            identities and it will not surprise us to find out that Almaz ,
            Tesfay , Gezae and Keren belong to the same person .
            Unfortunately his soul had been consumed with hatred and
            grudges for no apparent reason but the result of arrogance ,

      • Maekele March 11, 2017

        Don’t forget these gutless, opportunists and spineless so-called oppositions like that Z.Hagos and coward bojbaj aslamay sheyani ab jelebiyuU have 1000 remote controls to fight against 1000 Isaias’s guns.
        They own all the latest technological know how and remote controls to remove Isaias from power and to kick him out of Eritrea. So don’t worry and just relax as we are in a very safe hands of the village idiots/chickens of the opposition.

        • AHMED SALEH !!! March 11, 2017

          hi nameless , faceless , stranger , assenna nefahitto
          Didn’t I told you long time ago that your are neither with deleyti-fithi
          nor with HGDF supporters . After you lost the fight you lost your mind to speaks with your own shadow .

          • Keren March 11, 2017

            FoE moslim demented pig, biafika miHiraE gemirika.
            I thought you were only a specialist of wetting mishan ab jelebiyuU bojbaj feraH dihul aslamay!! But as a demented and leper aslamay pig also as probably your savagely fucked up ass is blocked up you unfortunately started bichenawi mushmush kelbi afika miHirae gemirika.
            Savage Arab dogs aKhalib areb afika yishinilu aslamay pig that is if they have not already been doing it. But it is your ignorant re’isi kelbi mushmush re’isiKa that needs urgent shinti nay savage evil aKhalib aslam. Rot in your vicious Islam HELL.

    • andom March 11, 2017

      Z hagos
      Iseyas and his henchmen are narsissists. They believe they are the best when they are the most useless of the entire eritrea.

      • Keren March 11, 2017

        Wedi mushmush rootless Yemeni nomad Abdurobo just ROT IN YOUR VICIOUS CANCER ISLAM SHIT HELL. Your days as a coward headless Saho rat/snake are very numbered and would soon be the next Tutsi of Eritrea that is your savage evil cancerous lowland moslem Arab dogs mercenaries being savagely slaughtered and dumped back to their savage evil barbarian Arab slave masters.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! March 11, 2017

    YES in deed our typical nefahitto had spoken , I can see you didn’t forget the old
    nick-names .

    • Keren March 11, 2017

      Ayte Kudid aslamay mushmusj kelbi Arab WHORE/PIMP. Did you miss me as I have been away on real work and family related business/matters.
      You see wedi savage evil dog Halima mother, unlike you crippled for life wheelchair beggar lemani goHaf aslamay food stamp collector and welfare dependent, the rest of us have to work day and night to support our selves as well as our families. But with you mushmush rootless kurdid kondaf lemani goHaf aslamay it is 24/7 on assenna spewing your cancerous and vicious cancer Islam shit. Btw, wedi savage evil monster beast negis Mohammed murderer peadophile and slave trader, when do you get time to get drilled by your barbaric moslem masters? They probably finding your aregit kelbi/savage Arab dog’s fagnatura ass too blocked up and too exhausted for smooth penetration. But you could always remind them to use their stinking petrol to wash or lubricate your lemani Yemeni/Shire kelbi ass.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! March 13, 2017

        For the record, he by himself proved that I wasn’t wrong to identify the
        same person with multiple nicknames who keep abusing this forum for
        long time . His negative ideas and bad languages supports my suspicion ,

  • Negusse. March 11, 2017

    ዝኸበርኻ ሐው መርሐዊ ፤
    ኩሉ ኢልካዮ ዝጎደለ የለን ፤ ለባምን ብሱልን አበሀህላ ኢልኻ።
    ልብን ምስትውዓልን ይሀበና።

  • Adam March 13, 2017

    when we engage in discussions about subjects which involve national issues with respect and
    understanding as civilized people we inspire others with constructive example .
    Provocations and violence are the enemies behind destructions of under developed countries .

  • adhanom March 15, 2017

    I totlly agree. If u atgue that higdef is the best party u have ever seen and i do not agree with that all i need to ask is the reason why u think or believe so. I also have to try to explain why i disagree with you. If one convinces the other it means that one has learned new thing from the other. If that does not happen we still have learned one thing probably the bigest thing in our life- that we have differences in our views and that is not only normal but also our right. After all who am i to think that my views are always right and no body else has the right to have a different view. If i do that i am prooving only one thing , that i am primitive.