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Why I support the Turkish to come to the streets, and win over the military coup!

I am not a fun of Turkish President Erdogan, it is not personal, just for his contempt and  disrespect on democracy. But nothing justifies a military coup to overthrow a democratically elected president, even if

I am not a fun of Turkish President Erdogan, it is not personal, just for his contempt and  disrespect on democracy. But nothing justifies a military coup to overthrow a democratically elected president, even if he is Erdogan of Turkey. A military coup to a democratically elected leader is something that should categorically be condemned by everybody, everywhere.

I am for a regime change in Eritrea, by all means, by by poitical means and military means, even military coup. In fact I am one of those who believes military means is the only way to overthow a military government who came to power by the Gun, and never has a legimate mandate by the Eritrean people. But, no a military coup to a legimate government. As someone who had been under one the most atuthoritarian military rule in Eritrea for most of my life, and even still suffering from the iron fist military dictatorship after I escaped from my country, I can surely speak about the nightmares of a military rule to the country. I decide to write about the very unfortunate events unfolding in Turkey to the support the Turkish people to come to the streets and win over the military coup over a legitimate government.

Erdogan is elected by the people, but he is much closer to an authoritarian. Or at least he has been following an authoritarian process. And it is not hard to see Ergogan’s discomfort with Democracy. His crackdown on the Media, his suppression of the opposition. His party moves from a party with a liberal agenda, to a part of religious and authoritarian agenda threatening the secular nature of the Turkish Juducial, leading to growing frustration and mistrust of the secular sector of the Turkish society. And in the last few months, the political tension and the security challenges in the country has been very serious.

After being in leadership since 2003, as a prime minister and now as a president, Erdogan has been under critics for interference in the Media, in the judiciary, including the military. And he has been successful in subordinating democracy so that it best services his regime. His interference in the Judiciary, the reshuffling of the country’s judiciary, Judges and prosecutors some accused of being the supporters of the moderate Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, a political rival who lives in the United States, and some for being behind the investigation of his close businessmen and himself. And his new bill that seeks to restructure the supreme court of Appeals and the Council of State, which would allow him to control on the country’s highest administrative court. Erdogan couldn’t even tolerate a comedian in Germany, for a joke about him.

Although, the coup organizers would point to borders, migration, the Kurdis and the security situation to rationalize the military coup. Nothing justifies a military coup, to a democratically elected government. And the  only way to get rid of Erdogan is through political means. A coup on legitimate parliament, legitimate government, and legitimate president, is an attack against democracy. And the Turkish military, which defines itself as the defender of the Turkish democracy, needs to realize that the coup itself is not democratic.

But not only the Turkish Military and the Turkish people, everybody who stands for liberal ideas, democracy, even those who was critical of Erdogan, should come out now and condemn the coup. And that is why I am condemning it. As an Eritrean, under military dictatorship for most of my life, who stands for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Eritrea and everywhere, and advocates for it, I condemn the coup in Turkey by the military and stands with the Turkish people. Generals and authoritarians in power without any legitimate mandate from the Turkish people will bring more bloodshed, terror and instability in Turkey. Adding salt to the wounds of a region wore of authoritarians, terrorists and extremists. That is why this coup should be categorically condemned.

Although, Erdagon is right when he said, Turkey 2016 is not a country in Africa or in South America, through a face time after the coup organizers ceased the state television and the airport and two of Istanbuls biggest brigades. The president called for the people to come to the streets to defend democracy. And the people did support the president risking their lives. I salute the Trukish to come to the streets, say to the military generals that the ballot box is the only way to power, and win over the military coup.

Erdogan’s claim that this coup is organized by a minority in the military, is an attempt to underestimate the coup and even accusing them of working for a US-based Fethullah Gulen, a political figure. Considering the Turkish military structure, a top down, very organized, works only in order. If it is not accurate to say all the military is involved, this is not possible without considerable part of the military involved, which also shows the division of the Turkish military, and this an unfortunate situation for the country.

While condemning the coup, I sincerely hope that Erdogan will not take the path that drag Eritrea, my country into a situation that now threatened its very existence, after Isaias imprisoned higher government officials and journalist for calling democratic reform without any due process since 2001 for more than 15 years now. But to use this opportunity to overcome the crisis and heal the country.

Habtom Mehari

A PhD candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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  • Amanuel July 17, 2016

    Salute u sincerely for supporting military means to eradicate the neither elected nor selected criminal gangs in Asmara. As intense as our desire for democracy, our hate and despite for gihila wedi medhin berad, monkey hasawit and others, the future is bright.

  • Muhammad July 17, 2016

    Lesson to learn from the bravery of the Turkish: Turkey is not Egypt! Watch this video as it unfolds>

  • realistic eritrean July 17, 2016

    Dearest Habtom Mehari,

    The military in Turkey has been overthrowing governments that were democraticallty elected and denying Turkish female university students from wearing hijab and be second class citzens..The Turkish military has in the past deemed null and repealed Islamist governments elected by the people.
    As in all Islamic countries Turkiash people want to practice their Islamic belief and culture .I always wonder why ppl would democratically prefer to be 7th century savages than europe like civilized bloc ,however that is what democracy is ,choosing people go back 16 centuries to practice their state and mosque are inseparable “peaceful” existence were a raped female is murdered by family members for being not honorable shermuTTa.
    While I like all normal human beings would like freedom some preffer 72 virgins or and nonesensical violent belief to democracy…well, democratic right also includes the right to be a 7th century savage, we can not have it both ways….Islam and democracy are like eyes and dust ,they can not co-exist, the 72 virgins do not come democratically ,apparently.

    • Hame July 17, 2016

      Dear Realistic Eritrean,
      By the way it also happened in Egypt, to the Muslim brothers. But I don’t agree with the idea that it is only Islam that is in conflict with Democracy. All religions are in fact in conflict with Democracy, Jewish, Christian and Islam to mention. Countries succeed to develop democratic norms, when they divide the state and religion, and Turkey is one of them. But when you have democratically elected “undemocratic leader”, I think this is the challenge for democracy, And it is happening everywhere, in Turkey, in Israel, and maybe we will soon see it in USA if Trump is elected.

    • Tiria July 18, 2016

      You call yourself “realistic eritrean”.
      As usual you may be an intruder who want spread hate.
      You are insulting Islam.
      Assenna should stop this.

      • Sirak July 18, 2016

        Tiria, and what do you call yourself? An intruder from Islam Mars or jihadi ISIS from Libya?
        Stop the usual empty drum beating and threatening innocent commentators just for expressing their free views and opinions. Isn’t that what you are preaching us about democracy being the best system of governance as “Mokie”?
        Once again, stop drum beating and articulate your ideas if you have any, or are you on Assenna 24/7 disguised under different deceiving nick-names to defend Islam? And why do you expect special treatment or protection from Assenna when their responsibility is to always remain fair and impartial to all of their readers.
        You’ve already been reminded that if you are not happy at Assenna then get lost to your taliban websites but never expect for Assenn to go out of their way to accommadate a loser and rootless nomad as yourself. Stick to one nick-name in future.

        • Nahom July 19, 2016

          Go to Ethiopia and search for TorSerawit father if he is alive.

          • Nahom July 19, 2016

            Go to Ethiopia and search for your TorSerawit father if he is alive.

          • Tekeste July 20, 2016

            Wedi devil Mohammed, why are you coping our Christian names, do want to convert to angel Christian than the devil moslem religion.
            But before we can accept you as a Christian Nahom we have to baptize you and clean you up from your all ghost moslem past, it can be done but you have to promise us you don’t go to your savage dog’s way of life and killing innocents. You are not that smart but dumb of the dumbest to think that you can get away with Nahom, stop insulting our intelligence.

        • Adulis July 20, 2016

          Sirak, And what do you call yourself? An intruder from Higdef or from nihnan Elamanan or from niHnan nisu, nisu nihna blind followers of the barbaric regime back home? all what you are trying here is to show your muscles against an Eritrean Muslim who doesn’t have anything to do with ISIS.

          it would be better if you say things that strengthen the unity of Eritreans wherever they are, regardles of their background.

    • Sol July 19, 2016

      In the three elections on which the party won, the highest number of votes it got is 51% and the Novel Teacher is exposing himself through hatful comments

  • Mokie July 17, 2016

    “I am not a fun of Turkish President Erdogan, it is not personal, just for his contempt and disrespect on democracy. ”

    Habtom Mehari

    Although democracy is the best system of governance, despite its myriad problems, how much of its principles are properly implemented depends on specific historical and social realities of each country.
    That is why even a country with an ugly apartheid system can claim to be the only democracy in the region. It’s supporters look elsewhere while they see the pain people go through everyday in front of their eyes.

    • Hame July 17, 2016

      Bibi and Erdogan are in the same train!

    • Sirak July 18, 2016

      Mokie aka Lemlem, WoBawzan, ertra n Arebawyan, Nsane, meg, Khalid, Khaled, Hagherawi, Wedi Hagher, Seif, Almaz2, Tiria and so many pathetic and fancy rootless moslem pen-names.
      Simply, tell us what do you know about democracy and how do you practice it rootless nomad?

      • Sol July 19, 2016

        Since you are commenting using multiple pen names don’t think the others are all like you, your enmity and hate is directed to all Eritreans by insulting their revolution and to Muslims by calling them many names. If you are planning to make this respectful website like asmarino which is polluted by you and your likes, you will not succeed.. From your comments it is clear that you are one of those desperate DIA supporters who are deadly struggling to get him some credit through spreading hate between Eritreans

  • Adulis July 17, 2016

    Nice read! Good Job, Habtom. Yes , indeed. the only way to a power must be a ballot box. anything out of this is unacceptable in all its forms. and i understood between your lines how much you are concerned about the current situation back home. In my view, the regime back home’s age is very short, either he will go away naturally or he the other way round. Stay tuned, this will happen before the end of 2016.

    • Hame July 17, 2016

      Thanks for your comment, let it happen before the end of 2016, I will stay tuned!

  • Berhe Tensea July 17, 2016

    You are right, democratically elected government must be removed by vote only. The military was wrong to stage a coup..
    This kind of coup is required to remove toothles and cruel, and criminals like Iseyas, the Tembenay.
    Thank you for your excellent input..

  • AHMED SALEH July 18, 2016

    Turkish people understand the dangers if they couldn’t defend their national constitution . Any military
    government in history rules a country under marshal law tactics of harassment , intimidation and fear .
    Unfortunately in Eritrean politics the military oriented Hgdf government kept entire civilian population
    hostage of oppression . Since every opponent either silenced or fled from the country it has become
    unpredictable scenario to expect change from members of our military forces . But at the same time
    we don’t have alternative choices than to stop these humans lost that shocked international world .
    I don’t think Eritrea can produce another wicked leader who inflict pain to destroy the lives of his close associates and the whole society in general .
    Even if we get another Evil person , it wouldn’t be comparable to this manipulative and deceitful man
    that kills you while showing pleasant face expressions .

    • AHMED SALEH July 23, 2016

      Watch out the bugs that contaminated started to appear in this
      forum too . You better prepare to eliminate them before they made enough damage to the reputation of your website .

  • Helllo July 19, 2016

    Only The law is the supreme ruler, the free choice of people must be respected by any cost. The Turkish people managed to understand this and defended the rule of law and won. Egyptians, in the other hand overthrew their democratic elected government to end up handing the power back to military.

    To Respect the law above anything would have been the lesson from Turkey and Egypt but I am afraid we need law first then to teach our people the concept of law rights justice and humanity.
    Long way to go my people good luck on your journey to modernity.
    Lookforward to see you soon here in your final destination.
    Not yours
    Eyni gual morro

    P.s. good read habtom