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Why Eritrea’s children are fleeing to Ethiopia – BBC TV Report

The migrant crisis has dominated in Europe for much of this year. After Syria, the largest number of migrants seeking to come to the continent are from Eritrea. The country's human rights record has pushed roughly half

The migrant crisis has dominated in Europe for much of this year.

After Syria, the largest number of migrants seeking to come to the continent are from Eritrea.

The country’s human rights record has pushed roughly half the population into exile. Many say they are escaping from enforced military service, and many of them are children.

At first, they head for neighbouring Ethiopia from where Clive Myrie reports.

Click Here to Watch: Why Eritrea’s children are fleeing to Ethiopia

Review overview
  • Afom November 10, 2015

    It is shame for all of us.

    • AHMED SALEH November 10, 2015

      In deed shame shame for every living Eritrean inside and
      outside the country . Issayas and his clique enjoy life
      while the picture of Eritrean refugees cry for help from
      every corner . And we hide behind many excuses scared to
      confront head on the evil that destroys the nation .

  • Wedi Zere November 10, 2015

    Wedi Ali is the ONLY and ONLY brave person this nation so far had given birth to that NEVER feared death for the sake of JUSTICE and FREEDOM in its modern pathetic history. His bravery had no parallel and its written in blood in our coward hearts forever. Unfortunately, it didn’t spark a damn thing in a form of riot as it could have in any other normal and healthy society nor did anyone seemed interested to pick up the slack. Instead, RUN,RUN and RUN in every direction at a rapid pace and in disproportional number.
    Indeed, shame on us.
    Ezi wedhankum,

    • AHMED SALEH November 10, 2015

      If you watch the video . Small children 8 ,9 ,10 years old age
      to cross the border alone by themselves and the claim to escape
      from enforced military service can’t ring into my ears . There
      is more than that behind it .

      • k.tewolde November 10, 2015

        Ahmed,intuitive, you have a probing mind,yes! there is more to it than simply escaping forced military conscription especially, regarding those unaccompanied minors.Who is doing it?for what reason?to whose benefit?to accomplish what? It is a double edged sword that is slicing through the carotid arteries of the True Eritrean People.This dialogue box is too small to expound this bestial putrid scheme.I wish we all had that sixth sense “ringing in my ears”like Ahmed said,way back when,the tyrant wouldn’t have played us this way.

        • AHMED SALEH November 11, 2015

          If you observe what is going in the last ten years regarding
          with youngsters issues from highlands , I think we have big
          problem difficult to figure out what is happening in front of
          us and worst of all the negligence showed by our people bothers
          most . Do you remember the veteran TEGADALAY who lost three
          children in their attempt to cross border of Sudan then Tm-zip.
          Yimharena ilna kab Amlakna imber kabanas newihu tesfa ayterekhben

    • selamawit2 November 12, 2015

      HOUSE 1:
      A loving house with parents and many children in the middle of a brutal dictatorship. They uses every trick for the sake of survival:
      Sometimes they hide their eldest son in the cabinet, or the most beautiful daughters under the bad, sometimes father disapears through the bak door and returns when the air is clean.
      And sometimes very rarely, the young soldiers come and the mother invites them to eat with them and call them „my sons“ and for this minute they might remember their own mother and leave the family only – for that day.
      This way the family survives – some of the members longer, some of them shorter but everybody with love and trust for each other. BOUND and EMPOWERED and because of that able to MANAGE EVERYTHING despite worst hardship.

      HOUSE 2:
      Father dead, mother ill and tired. One day there comes a new father and a housemaid – carismatic but with hidden evil agenda:
      First they abuse the youngest child. But the rest of the family don’t believe him – they think it was „nursemaid“. The kid loses shelter and faith and therefore power!
      One after the other the family members get abused in secret, besides the mother. Some of them sense the threat, some of them know it but stay calm (because of different kinds of fear), few of them don’t know anything.
      Then the mother gets it and wants to complain, but too late:
      The housemaid now sits in the livingroom, wearing the gold of the mother and for her the old mother is forced to cook coffee – not allowed to drink it herself. The rest of the time she is in a tiny dark, cold tack room, doing hardest labor.
      Many members of the family die one by one and the others are not allowed to bury them and if they mourn (cry) they get punished even more.

      How can a kid fight the threat in such a house?

      This generation is so, so UNFORTUNATE! And the last generation (of heros and mothers) sent their inner alarm system in retirement way too early.

      • k.tewolde November 12, 2015

        The evil work of HGDEF runs deep, so deep it sipped into the aquifer of the Eritrean society and contaminated it for generations to come. AYTIBKE INDYU ZEBKIYENI, Selamawit.

  • Gejera November 10, 2015

    Why is Eritrea the shame of Africa? what went wrong? When did this mess start and how?

  • k.tewolde November 10, 2015

    On that picture above holding MEBLEE INJERA, I see, a would be statesman,an engineer,a professor,a scientist,a doctor,a lawyer,a pilot, a paratrooper,an artist….a fulfilled proud father, we are bleeding, if we are not ready and willing to give a piece of us to plug this hole the Eritrea we love will go into a systemic hypovolemic shock, beyond resuscitation.Time is of essence.Glory of the highest to our fallen.

  • Sam November 11, 2015

    I think the soldiers should see who they are hurting. the people they love so if the government want to put the country that they fought so hard to get the freedom so now hurt the civil people please I think we have the power to stop from what happening now we just need to come together i sewer and believe we can do this

  • Berhe Tenesea November 11, 2015

    This is planned by the pfdj and the mafia boss who is the sworn enemy of the people. The modern day Eritrea is occupied by the old, disabled , and the sick only.
    As long the enemy of the people remain in power the pain and suffering will continue.

  • Yohan Frezghi November 11, 2015

    How is it possible in the 21st century that Eritrea and Eritreans are refugees and beggars everywhere around the world, while Ethiopians are producing cars and tanks and training their young generation to compete in today’s competitive technology world.
    But the old generation has to take all the blame for failing the poor young generation of today’s Eritrea.

    • AHMED SALEH November 11, 2015

      Good question , my take is how the hell one man silence whole
      nation including our military forces when he give preferred
      treatment to outsiders like DEMHIT group ? The answer seems
      from planned agenda nobody knows how , why and for what all
      the nonsense because we can’t get happiness while people in
      our surrounding endure sufferings .
      Eritrea fell at hands of sinners club to let evil rule people .
      And what you see in Eritrea ; poverty , desperation , imprisonment
      and unnecessary deaths are result of 20 years work of evil practice
      deeds that stole innocents soul to given up ?

    • k.tewolde November 11, 2015

      Yohan, I will give it a shot.I don’t blame the old generation for all the demise of today’s Eritrea. As a matter of fact, they provided the platform with their dear lives,liberation.Now, the tyrant who nurtured and trained TPLF which are the leaders of today’s Ethiopia, his cousins, and eliminated all progressive Eritrean minds since he settled among us,he made a pact with them that this mission will be accomplished at any cost,make us fight against each other,divide us in every shape or form,degrade us to the point that we stared hating the patriotic legacy of our forefathers, and the liberation struggle itself thereby eliminating the rudimentary element of Eritrianism. Making it difficult for us to live at home and forcing the young generation to leave in droves…..the grand scheme is taking shape.Yes ,young Eritreans will have a shot at education and compete in modern day technological environment under a different pretext which is already happening in a different venue.I blame the old generation for being too gullible for not seeing this one coming.The giant is not sleeping , we are.We are going to be served with a different plate soon.

      • AHMED SALEH November 12, 2015

        I don’t want give him attention to argue on young – old kind of
        games which I suspect the motives behind it and it has been sort
        of agenda in this forum by unknown commentators . But the truth
        is , compatriots of 60th and 70th kept opposition alive for our young generation moral support not to lose hope .
        We witnessed how they were treated by strong HGDF supporters
        and the name calling WEYANE – Kehadti loudly in public but they
        didn’t back up until the fight reached at this level .
        Myself , I commend their dedication and firm stand against DIABLOS
        we brought in our unsuspecting people . And our unity is a threat
        for our enemies , so expect the unexpected in this forum .

  • Yiakel November 18, 2015

    We had a old woman neighbor and she use to say ” Genzeb asha meweshawesha” We Eritreans are stupid people and egoist people. We are talking a lot but doing nothing. The dictator knows we are worthless and beggars of white people to solve our problem while we know there is nothing for free when it comes helping Africa. I pray day and night “ሐደ ምሩቕ ክትስእ ዘራፍ አነ ንዐደይ ዝብል፣ ካብ ሰብ ዘይጽበ፣ ተሲኡ ዘተስአና፣ በብሐደ ክንቅንጽሎም ነዞም ገፋዕቲ መራሕትና፣ ነዞም ተቓወምቲ እንዳበሉ፣ ተሐቢኦም ዝፍክሩ፣ ሃዲሞም ዘህዱሙና፣ ፈሪሖም ዘፍርሁና። ሰብ መሰል ቶዃሉ፣ ዘርኦም ዘይፍሉጥ፣ ኮራኩር ምዕራባውያን።