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Why don’t we Ignore DIA and his Cohorts?

Mr. Fitsum Abraham, in the first place I want to give you my highest esteem as a nationalist Eritrean, for the timely articles that  you are launching in Assenna. Surely your dedication will be rewarded

Mr. Fitsum Abraham, in the first place I want to give you my highest esteem as a nationalist Eritrean, for the timely articles that  you are launching in Assenna. Surely your dedication will be rewarded in New Eritrea, as it will for all others who are tirelessly struggling to bring freedom to the country. This is the worst of all  time in Eritrea. Eritreans, above-all those in the country, are in the most abysmal and despicable situation in the world.

Mr. Fitsum I admire you so much of your erudite analysis of on your articles.  However, in all your articles I see you replying those junk people who are after character assassination. In my opinion, you don’t even have to give a minute of your time to this gibberish tidbits. These people can not write any thing better than this. I want to tell you that these are people in the lowest echelon of our Eritrean society. So why do you follow this kind of people. Please, no need to reply. They are trashes wherever they are.

As you know more than I do so many has been said about Isaias.. He never bothered to give a damn on us. He continues ignoring us and keeps on again and again. There is no one who can show him the way including, his Aya,  the leader of Qatar. They are after their casino hotels in Dahlak Kebir. Of course, Nissu (he)  will be the only one to enjoy there. No minister, no general or his top intelligence will go and enjoy there. As you know Nissu is the greediest person on earth.

In our case, the fact that we are writing about him or his cohorts continuously can not bring an iota of change in our struggle to dismantle him from his cubicle. When we write, there are many ready on his payroll who will fabricate words and facts to demean our writing. Let’s not go down with them. Since it is what they wanted.

The point is now to dedicate ourselves to the highest authorities of the world, UN, USA, Africa, Europe & Asia and with other organizations. By doing that we can make change in a short time. Look how President Obama cited modern slavery in Eritrea. He didn’t get this information out of the blue. I am sure that the White House is already well informed about the situation of Eritreans being sold by Rashaida  to Beduin in Sinai. Surely from Eritreans. This is what we need now.

It is high time now that we find a venue to the higher authorities of the world, where they can hear our plea. This will break the backbone  of Nisuu, since we are going show that we are more important than him.

Over and above we need to join hands with Eritreans, as well,  who are fighting Nissu from different areas. Troubleshooting and solution finding for administrative setbacks to the ongoing Meniseyat movements, like Meniiseyat ni Lewtin Democracin would be more than welcome. They are doing what they can challenging the DIA regime,  with various demonstrations all over the world. We can also do the same to other organizations.

In this context the fact that I mentioned Mr. Fitsum Abraham, on my first paragraph, is  not to give more importance than all the other heroes working day and night. Others are also there writing in good command of Tigrigna, Arabic, and English just for one cause of Eritrea. It is such a wonderful thing to hear from poets, young & senior fathers, who are diligently coining words to give living poetry, as well as songs to glorify the freedom struggle. Songs made in honor of Wedi Ali and the veteran EPLF tegadalay Tesfay Teminewo and others  are great.

So far so good. But this is the time to ignore Nisuu, afterall it seems that he is going to pass out from his liver cyrosis, God willing, soon. We are hearing good news that he got faint before they took him to Abuzabi, before two weeks. His end is going be like all the criminal cruel leaders of our leaders. We will see it soon.

By luck we are endowed with hundreds of Eritreans, highly educated and others who have the means and the way to lead us to victory. We have organizations and opposition forces as well who know a lot about ignoring Nisuu.

Lets ignore Nisuu and Nihina Nisuu. No reply to whatever they write. Nothing. Deaf ears. He is not ours. Maybe, he is extraterrestrial, so Ignore him and his cohorts Nihina Nisuu.

Finally, it is timely to reiterate that Assenna and Amanuel Iyassu are the shining stars of the time and up-to the time that we are back to our homeland.


Review overview
  • Ghenet April 23, 2013

    True! It is time to move one past DIA and his cronies and think ahead. We have to stop engaging with the spoilers and destructor. Let us pull ourselves out of this sticky mess of talk and chit chat with spoilers and the nehna nesu. We have to for the sake of our people and country.

  • bnjbhb April 23, 2013

    well said man.let us ignore their sticky mess of all sorts of talk

  • gebela Stoop April 23, 2013

    Dear Mobae, I do not agree with you and Ghenet. Mr. Fitsum should continue exposing the evils of the despot. If we let it go, his crimes will be forgotten. However, Mr. Fitsum, should not waste time justifying himself or answering to the lower of lowest. He should continue inspiring and advising the Eritrean population, as peaceful and merciful he is.

    • Ghenet April 23, 2013

      Dear Gebela,
      you are right. But I was trying to stress the fact that we should be talking about post DIA. Now that we have come to know he never meant well for eritreans we have to look and move forward and talk about how this monster can be toppled.The low of the lowest? they will always be there but as you rightly said it, we should not engage with them.

  • FreeExpress April 23, 2013

    Dear Mobae (the writer)

    I love your passion your willingness to move forward. From your writing I understand you are way ahead of many Eritreans.

    But “ignore” seems to me a very passive approach. We cannot “ignore” what DIA and Issayas is doing without giving them a response to their evil doing and evil rhetoric. Fitsum has been putting a lot of things in perspective for us and I like it. Information is powerful and we must negate what DIA is doing to us by exposing it and hopefully the followers will either shut-up or change their ways and support their people. To those who are hardliners we must respond with courage and be vocal and match their unpractical, unreasonable rhetoric with reasonableness.

    I know of many who have opened their minds and have either chosen at least not to be on the way.

    The most powerful force that is becoming a hindrance to the democratic movement in Eritrea is passiveness amongst Eritreans. We need to shout back, we need to say no to killings, no false imprisonment etc..

  • fenkel April 23, 2013

    Fitsum l disagree with Mobae’s ignoring DIA comments because you are one of the few writers that have a guts say what you feel about your beloved Country without a fear of any sorts. You telling them your passion for justice is the only motive you have to confronte them in your writting. Doing so you relates with regular Eritrean because your story telling style which includes exposing these DIA and his supporters . Fitsum’s articles are not only for DIA opposers but for all Eritreans whom by any fair standard willing to listen and learn from ideas that make senses . Things havenot made senses in Eritrea since long time. By the way that includes the supporters of the regime in Eritrea and outside Eritrea why not if they conduct themselves civilized .Fitsum’s style of writing is also tolerance to each other which we luck’s a great deal. DIA is the one that runs Eritrea and slso sol responsible person for any outcomes in Eritrea good or bad . If you donot write about DIA who you going to write about Eritrea ? In facts some Erirean DIA supporters they think he is more than Eritrea. Brothers donot writers to tell your fellow Eritrean what kind topics he or she writes. We need more writers as we grew in our capacity it will come natural to select the topics , now we are in experimental journey.I myself started few weeks ago because I felt obligated to share my opinions with my fellow Eritrean in this very difficult time .Let responsible writing florist it wil expand knowledge where by we will accommodate each other’s different opinions and learn from them . Use our difference as a tool to learn from each other not attack each other that method didnot helped Eritrea and its people.Yesterday DIA supporters most of them could be valuable tomorrow ‘s citizens. Dear brothers most of Fitsum’s writings are tolerance for differences in options. You are intitle for your options that is what we missing among ourself .We belongs to the same country we have one common destiny Eritrea .We can do well if you and me respect each other’s views and discuss it for our common goods Eritrea.