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Western Leaders are Insane, says Eritrean President News In a two-hour long interview with ERI-TV that took place on 27 Jan 2017, Isaias Afwerki, the Eritrean president, referred to the leaders of EU as insane for helping Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and News

In a two-hour long interview with ERI-TV that took place on 27 Jan 2017, Isaias Afwerki, the Eritrean president, referred to the leaders of EU as insane for helping Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and Sudan. Angered by EU’s funding for two projects designed to aid Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and Eastern Sudan that are worth €500 million and €170 million respectively (in 2016), the president labelled the aid packages as ill-conceived conspiracies to deplete the country of its youth.  The interview, produced for local consumption, made numerous intemperate claims including the West’s elaborate scheme to squash Eritrea.

‘The world has declared war on Eritrea’, said the president.  ‘The main aim of this conspiracy is to dampen our resolve by enticing our youth out of the country’, he added.  ‘The money is earmarked for the upkeep of and to create jobs for Eritrea refugees outside the county which I find totally bizarre’, he said.  ‘Why doesn’t the EU give us the money to train our youth in our country instead?’, he argued without mentioning why tens of thousands of young Eritreans took flight, making Eritrea one of the world’s top producers of refugees.

President Afwerki equally blasted the aid package that was granted to Sudan.  ‘According to the donors’, claimed the president, ‘the plan is designed to enhance the capacity of reception centres in Eastern Sudan that are supposedly overwhelmed by thousands upon thousands of Eritrean refugees’.  Having questioned the motives behind the West’s generosity, the president re-iterated his claims by saying: ‘this is an organized machination by the West to weaken Eritrea’. However, the president fell short in explaining why the West is hell-bent on weakening the small east African country.

The rest of the interview focused on hurdles to the economic development of the country. He explained in detail the chronic shortages of supply of electricity and energy in urban areas. He acknowledged that factories are sitting idly because there is not enough supply of water and electricity. He said there is enough water in the country’s dams and reservoirs and yet there are no functioning water supply networks.  He openly touched on infrastructure problems such as roads, sea freights services and air transportation that have failed to facilitate adequate public services.  Again, the president failed to mention that Eritrea is lacking resources and professionals to maintain such services.   There are no well-trained experts in the country. And many of the trained personnel had fled the country.

In what seemed inadvertent, the president admitted that the majority of the country’s budget is spent on wages for armed forces, security institutions and government employees. He ignored to mention the role the private sector plays in the country because it is of little consequence within the scheme of things in the country’s economy.  He re-assured the public that the government has plans in pipelines to rectify those major scarcities. However, it is to be remembered that similar pledges were made last year and the year before regarding water and electricity shortages.

The president took ample time to explain why wages-increase, which was promised last year, failed to materialize. Instead he went on to explain why the government took action in improve the purchasing power of the Nakfa, the country’s currency. He launched into a long-winded explanation of how the plan was not carried out as planned by talking about market speculation, metrics, consumer protection, fiscal policy, income distribution, market failures, risk and return, human resources and more without addressing why the government failed to make good on its promises.  Lastly, he spoke of the chronic shortage of living accommodations for people in government and forces employed by the government. He blamed the shortage on greedy landlords. Although it was not clearly delineated, the president fired warning shots to home-owners.

Lastly, the president expressed his frustration in catching up with corrupt official, traffickers, and money-launderers without addressing the implications of last year’s change of currency, ‘money rationing’ and other financial constraints prevalent in Asmara and other towns.  He concluded by saying the government has devised plans that have yet to be prioritized concerning urgencies within Education, Health, agriculture, communications and other sectors. The rest of the interview will be aired today at8:00, local time.

Review overview
  • Abate January 29, 2017

    Ethiopia signed power sale agreement with Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and uganda

    • Asmara Eritrea January 31, 2017

      In July 2015, during an interview of Yamane Geberab by Jon Snow, C4 News showed a clip of Isaias in which he said, when asked of the exodus of Eritrean from the country, I paraphrase, “it really does not matter if all these people leave the country, they are no good and they make work difficult for us. It is better without them” . As such he saw the people leaving their country in fear for their lives as disposable chattels.

      However, in his National TV interview on 27 January 2017, Isiais seems, as always, to have forgotten what he said. This time Isiais lashes out at Europe for what he says is “its role in economically sabotaging the country and depleting its human capital” (now instead of chattels, the people become capital). He goes on to say in what is an incoherent and unworthy of someone who claims to lead a country ““Eritreans being the greatest historical threat to our enemies, trafficking in human beings has been used to disperse and weaken the country’s human capital. The highest priority has been given to this policy, of asylum to the Eritreans”. Could someone please translate what he means by “Eritreans being the greatest historical threat to our enemies”? It really does not make sense to me but then again, a lot of what he says is nonsensical.

      In a world of “alternative truth” gone, it seems, are the days of “the truth”. Isaias calling President Hollande of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany “mentally distributed” is a classic example of this. Isiaias asks “what does he (Hollande) know? What can it do to him? Clearly Isiais does not know where Calais is located and the fact the President of France has spent the last 5 years dealing with the “jungle” of whom a substantial number of its inhabitants were people who fled his misrule. One has to remember both Hollande and Merkel are highly educated and experienced politicians with the mandate to rule from their respective people. On the other hand, Isiaias is a college dropout (he lasted just a term at university before he was kicked out) and a self-appointed president. Who is mentally disturbed in that case? Here is the full article for those who wish to read Isaias calling the great leaders of Europe “mentally disturbed”

      In a day when the The American Psychiatry Association said “Donald Trump displays classic traits of mental illness – malignant narcissism’ using a nine-point checklist for narcissism, I thought to use their criterion to check if Isaias rather than Hollande or Merkel was in fact “mentally distributed”. The American Psychiatry Association says if someone displays just five of the nine traits he/she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I have denoted with a tick where, in my judgment, Isaias displays the symptom:

      1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognised as superior without commensurate achievements). √

      2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. √

      3. Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions). √

      4. Requires excessive admiration. [He does not give a toss about anything but himself – so Isaias fails this test].

      5. Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favourable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations. √ [Isaias believes he liberated Eritrea single-handedly and hence thinks he owns the country].

      6. Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends. √

      7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognise or identify with the feelings and needs of others. √

      8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her. √

      9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviours or attitudes. √

      By my judgement and applying the empirical evidence based criterion of The American Psychiatry Association, Isaias scores 8 out of 9, making him the one who is mentally disturbed.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • asgedom1 February 1, 2017

        Well what can we say!Every time this guy comes out of his hole and talk before the camera is a night mare for the Eritrean people.I am not a psycologist or psychaterist to desipher his language i hope there were some around to give us some indications about what is going on in the mind of that guy,but to my opinion the presidential office for the guy is beyond his capacity and capability,taking into consideration his achievements in the last quarter of century.Some time ago i followed his life interview and in that interview was asked the same question about the young Eritrean exodus and his reply was”if they come back with 30 or 40 thousands of dollars let them go”.Well,well,unfortunately this is the language of the self proclaimed Eritrean president.Instead of doing the reverse to contain the brain-drain and exodus of the young generations which is the future of the country ,he is emptying Eritrea of its people day by day….When he was touring Europe during the border war with Ethiopia,i atended in one of his speeches…and at that time believe or not ,i was shocked by his language of skill and communication.I think i was the only one around who was not clatching when he was saiying multiple times Weyane,Weyane,Weyane…The people in the hall were in extacy when ever he mentioned the Weyane….clap….clap…even if he had said Weyane captured Asmara the people could have clatched without understanding the whole sentence, just by hearing the word Weyane coming from the mouth of that man.His communication skill was /is very very poor I do not know where was he living when he was in MEDA,did’t have Tigrina speaking people around him?.At that time i noticed that he is not telling the Eritrean people the truth….one thing i could not forget was that he put forward a sentence which was not clear to many attendees”was it to retreat completley to Sahel like in 1977 or not or some thing like that”.Just he left it in the air.And the attndees were confused and devastated…many were saying…HIJI KEA NI SAHEL..WEY GUUD…in retrospect it was ment not to give the Eritrean people a piece of mind that was his intention .Whenever i hrear the guy speak to the Eritrean people and about Eritrea there is some hidden message in his speech intended to degrade and insult the people and the country psycologically At last when he finished his speech .he was shuffed and pushed by three men and the cartain of the poduim was closed.For me it looked very harsh…i never saw body guardies act this way. to the person supposed to protect him/her.The people left the hall with their heads down and,devastated….may our ancestors and martyers have mercy on us… why have we allowed the guy and his handlers to come to this extend while,the indications were /are there for every one to see? I watch a video clip accidentally on youtube by a guy called WEDI AREGAY ,in only 8 minutes he said it all what the president of Eritrea is.Now we have enough of talks,whining,complaining…it is time for action…last time he pronaunced the death of the constitution,this time the infrastructure (economy,water,electricty,trade,agriculture)of the country and next time is going to tell us. this.”.Hi guys, i was not the president of Eritrea at all,i was just playing the clown”.

    • eri January 31, 2017

      And yet they still begging food.

  • Aba thimmer January 29, 2017

    Ethiopia singed safe exit for isaias probably to Temben, wukro, Gonder and Gojam. Good luck!

  • Teclay January 29, 2017

    ኣየ ኢሱ ! !!
    Issu made a big mistake in 1991, in the London conference..Yes,in 1991 the horn was in his hand .Instead of letting Melles (the mouse) ,he must have ruled the big Abissinia him self ….Had he been the king of Habesha …He would be respected as kings Tedros and Yohannes …He would have busy schedules …He wouldn’t know where Addi-Hallo is ,,,,Ohhhh,..yes,Issu would be respected by all the dirty Arab kings ..”.ራእስ ኢሳያስ፣ ራእስ ኢሳያስ ኣቦ -ሓበሽ “መበለን ነይሩ።
    ኣየ ኢሱ! ከመይ የጣዕሶ ይኸውን?? ” እዛ ግናይ መለስ ተጻዊታትለይ ፣ንሳ 60 ሚልዮን ሒዛ ክትከይድስ፣ ኣነ 3 ሚልዮን ሒዘ ተሪፈ ” ይብል ይኸውን ………እንታይ እያ ዝበለት ጽሃይቱ በራኺ…” እንታይ እሞ ይግበር ,ደኒንካ ይንባዕ እንበር “

    • Yodita January 29, 2017

      You are my hero champion memhir as you always make sense and great points.
      Please always keep it up and don’t disappear for too long as we miss your wisdom & charm.
      To many assenna readers and followers you are also king Teclay of Habesha.

    • alem January 30, 2017

      Zimiliselka yelen, baelika yodita endabelka, nebska awedsa. Yewhanes aynifelit alula aynifelit. Tigrayka hizka tifae. Iagame sahsah.

  • alem January 29, 2017

    Experiment Zobawi mihdera ayserhetinmo higi zonawi mihdera kinfitin ena. ” iseyas afcherki”

  • Bereket January 30, 2017

    Where is Issayas the Loner? 53-African leaders are in Addis Ababa, what is he doing in Adi Hallo? if the projects have all failed? Haw can he rule a country with out participating on matters that affects it? Iyugne!, Iyugne!, Yale, Debukugne!, Debukugne! Yilal Belu Amharu, he can not be a president while he is a loner, a Hermit and a solitary Cat family!

    • alem January 30, 2017

      He has never been a president but a mafia boss.

    • Biniam January 30, 2017

      You seem to forget that his highness Isaias the lion of Nakfa is the leader of Singapore and he only participates in Asia’s conferences not with ugly monkey
      African leaders. The Ethiopians also has to change the headquarters of AU from Addis Ababa to Tembiyen for our DIA to consider attending.
      Btw, our Singapore leader would soon be killed and just like the savage evil moslem Arab Taliban Bin Laden would be dispersed into the evil Arabian sea.

      • PH January 30, 2017

        Alem and Bereket, please ignore this Nefahito. Let him babble his saliva which has PH imbalance deviated from normal acidity and alkaline solution in the blood of him. yqhar gdefuwo. I think he is helping us other way to our strong unity

        • Daniel January 31, 2017

          Dear Aman (the cowboy so-called “fitihawi” journalist)
          You are truly the undisputed champion of deleting free view/opinion comments. Once a rug head of the killing fields bush then always the same old rug head. You should simply be made the next attorney general of the kangaroo courts.
          Sadly but deservedly you deserved all the slaughetering and humiliations that you get from the criminal savage barbaric Islamic ELF remnant terefmerf riffraffat goHafat deki lementi eraymirayat.deKhalun the rootless savage muslim Arab dogs.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! January 31, 2017

            Keep barking wooh-wooh savage muslims wooh-wooh Arab dogs wooh -wooh Tigrai-Tigrigni wooh-wooh ayte AGAZIAN. Why do not get lost from Amanuel sight . He did his part to
            defuse tensions between Eritrean and Ethiopian people but
            your ill-conceived mind set contradicts his noble attempt .
            Get lost from Eritreans sight to tigrai online where you belong.
            I am not lowlife person to offend the struggle and dignity of
            Tigrai people because of few Evils cruelty and hatred . NOPE !

        • AHMED SALEH !!! January 31, 2017

          You can not teach people who act stupid purposely but to apply order
          according forum guideline rules . By now destructors identity become clear and it is assenna moderator responsibility to block unnecessary
          comments .
          Lately the forum had been infested with dirty words and your staff
          allowed to stay posted out of negligence that disappointed forum
          participants . At the end ofcourse they act like spoiled kid deliberately
          to disobey assenna guidelines .

  • Yibrah January 31, 2017

    While 53-African leaders congregate at the Ethiopian Capital, Kids killer Wedi Medhin Berad – Issayas Afewerki, is seeping his blue Whiski at Adi Hallo. In his recent interview by three timed journalist from Eri-Tv, he confessed that, his planed projects went Bankrupt. And he looked defeated to promise a hope. No Electricity- No Industry, and no export no foreign revenue, he reiterated. But the terrified journalists, could not ask where earning from the Gold is?, Knowing that it is going to finance Al-Shebab’s terror activity. But Wedi Medhin send his foreign minister to Russia, not for meaningful cause, but to weather away a perceived gossip about his behavior upon noticing the only person missing from the community of African leaders. The “pasta shuka” Civility is at work. with out Eritrea, The 51 African country were under European colony, but Wedi Medhin Berad thinks Great Britain, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain did not eat Pasta and therefore by Analogy, He feels Certain that, the 51-Colonized country did not test Pasta while under colony. But in actual fact, he is not alone, there is a BLUE Whisky beside him, and As he is seeping his blue Whisky in Addi-Hallo, he is shouting at the gathering in Addis “BOOFANKULU! and pick up his one shefaf Leg and FARTS! on the Salon-“What is in from Italy is what is out from Wedi Medhin!”

  • hidat February 1, 2017


    • Samrawit February 1, 2017

      Hidat if you are not PFDJ you can come and visit where Ethiopia is. You will be proud of us and really blame Wedi Medhin Berad. Asmara is in ruins and Mekelle much modern beautiful at present and Addis almost outpacing Paris. But you smell like a man who underwent gender change, is that a development?

  • mekonen February 1, 2017

    “ወዲ መድህን በራድ” ሎሚሲ መሊኡ ተፀሊሉ!
    1. ንነብሱ ኤርትራ ገንፂሉ ደቡብ ሱዳን ካብ ሱዳን ክትግንፀል አይነበራን በለ!
    2. ንነብሱ ኤርትራ ገንፂሉ አብ ኢትዮጵያ ሕገ-መንግሥቲ አንቀጽ 39 አያድልን ኢለ በለ!
    3. “ማፍያ” ውድቡ ካብ ኢትዮጵያ ክሰርቆ ዝሀቀኖ ምዕንታን በቢ ክልላት ተፍትሽ ከይበዝሆ ፍዴራል ሥርኣት ንኢትዮጵያ አያድልያን ኢለ በለ!፤ ዛጊድኮ ብስርቂ ኣብ 1997 ፈረንጂ፣ ኤርትራ ብዓለም ሰደድ ቡና 7ይቲ ደረጃ አስሪኡዋ’ዩ፡፡ እናሀደረ በቢ ክልሉ ተፍትሽ ስለዝበዝሀ ንሌባ ስለዘይምቹ ብልሂ ኮይኑስያ ካታልል ማለትዩ!
    “ፀማማት” በለ ወዲ ዜናዊ! ካብ ጌግኡ ኣይማሀር፣ ተጋጊየ ኣይወፆ፤ ን 3-ሚልየን ሕዝቢ ካማሀድር ዘይካኣለ፣ ንሕዝቢ ኤርትራ ፋህ ብትን ዛእተወ’ሲ፣ ናይ ዓለም ሊቅ ፈሊጥ’የ ኢሉ ንሕዝቢ እንካጽምሞ እንታይ ይባሀል? እዚ መወዳእታ ዘያብሉ ደንቆርቆርን ኣጀውጀውን ሕዝቢ ኤርትራ እንታይ ወረዶ? እዚ ሽፍታ’ሲ ቃታ ሂዙምበር፣ ኤርትራስ ካብ ኤስያስ ዝከፍአ ኣሻ አሎ!? አይኣምንን:: ሕዝቢ ኤርትራ ንኣካ ዝሀበካሲ ንፀላኢካውን ኣያሀቦ! ኣምላክ ምህረት ያውርደልካ! ኣብ ምንጋጋ ጭራቅ ስለዛለካ፣ ብማእዶ ዛለናውን ካብ ልቢ ሀዚና፡፡ ሙዚቃ “እንክርዳድ! እንክርዳድ! የተንከረደደ፣ ደህና መስሎ ገብቶ ስንቱን ኣሳበደ!

  • hidat February 2, 2017