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West Chester ISIS supporter admits plot to attack government officers

Feds say southern Ohio man communicated with terror leader in Syria. By Lauren Pack and Michael D. Pitman Staff Writer CINCINNATI — A 21-year-old Butler County man recruited by an ISIS leader in Syria admitted guilt to a host of terror-related

Feds say southern Ohio man communicated with terror leader in Syria.

By Lauren Pack and Michael D. Pitman

Staff Writer


A 21-year-old Butler County man recruited by an ISIS leader in Syria admitted guilt to a host of terror-related charges, including a plan to attack police and military forces in southwest Ohio.

Munir Abdulkader, a 21-year-old from West Chester Twp., planned to use an AK-47 and Molotov cocktails in the attacks, according to federal court documents unsealed Thursday.

The plans came after Abdulkader said his cousin had died fighting for ISIS, documents said. He used Twitter accounts to post statements, videos and content expressing his support for the terrorist organization that he wanted to join.

Abdulkader also planned to record an execution of a member of the military, and expressed a “desire to attain ‘shahada’ (martyrdom),” according to documents.

Abdulkader began online conversations with Junaid Hussain, a man killed by U.S. forces in August 2015 by a drone strike. Officials say that Hussain — court documents spell it as Hussein — “directed and encouraged” Abdulkader to “plan and execute a violent attack within the United States.”

Dr. Scott Bresler, associate professor of clinical psychiatry at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, is a forensic psychologist who has served as an expert witness on several terrorist or hate-crime related court cases.

Bresler said it is often hard for law enforcement and professionals who are tasked to study criminal behaviors like himself to work up a profile of what a terrorist is.

“There simply is no prototype of who a terrorist is or isn’t,” Bresler said. “If you had a profile of say an immigrant from a foreign country, maybe a Muslim, that is disgruntled with the U.S., than you would have hundreds of thousands that would fit that bill. But there is a tiny statistical number of people who fit the bill of Abdulkader that would want to go to the extent he was proposing to go to.”

Exactly how close Abdulkader was to putting his plan into action is unknown, but court documents indicate he was talking with a confidential informant early on, and he was arrested the day he purchased an AK-47, just three days after he conducted surveillance of a local police department.

Abdulkader is a native of Eritrea in East Africa, but he became a citizen of the United States on Sept. 22, 2006. Records indicate he spent several years in southwest Ohio, graduating from Lakota East in 2013 and attending Xavier for about two years.

Under the plea deal, Abdulkader pleaded guilty to attempt to kill United States police officers and a military officer, support the foreign terrorist organization ISIS, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said the police station and military official “are not identified in the court documents, and we do not intend to release that information.” Multiple agencies helped in the investigation, including the West Chester and Cincinnati police departments and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Lakota Local School District reported to the Journal-News they have a record of a Munir Abdulkadir Mohammed who graduated from Lakota East in 2013, whose name is spelled differently than what’s listed on federal court documents. Officials declined additional comment.

Xavier University also confirmed with the Journal-News they had a student named Munir Abdulkader as a student.

“Munir Abdulkader was a registered student at Xavier from fall 2013 to spring 2015,” according to Kelly Leon, Xavier University director for Strategic Communications. “Because of student privacy laws, there is nothing more the University can say about the student. I can tell you that University officials have conferred with the FBI, and at no time were our students or campus at risk of harm.”

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According to the statement of facts admitted by Abdulkader at the plea hearing, beginning in July 2014 and continuing into 2015, Abdulkader expressed his support for the Islamic State on Twitter accounts. From around March 2015 to mid-April 2015, Abdulkader began speaking with a confidential informant about a desire and intention to travel to Syria in order to join ISIS as a fighter.

Officials say Abdulkader made “plans and preparations” to travel to Syria, including securing a passport, saving money for the trip, and researching details of traveling to the country and joining the terrorist group.

However, officials say he “expressed concerns” in late April about his ability to travel and delayed his original departure date.

He communicated in May 2015 with one or more people overseas he believed to be members of ISIS, and officials say one of those people claiming to be a member of ISIS was identified as Hussain. He was also talking with a federal confidential informant.

That plan included abducting a military employee at the employee’s home and filming the execution of the employee. The identity of that person is not being released.

In preparation for the attacks, Abdulkader:

  • asked a confidential informant to purchase a vest for holding ammunition;
  • on or about May 18, 2015, traveled to a police station in the Southern District of Ohio and conducted surveillance of the police station;
  • on or about May 20, 2015, went to a shooting range, learned how to operate certain firearms and practiced. He also negotiated the purchase of the AK-47 assault rifle for $350; and
  • on May 21, 2015, he purchased the AK-47 and took possession of the weapon.

Abdulkader was arrested May 21, 2015, in Mason by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force as soon as he purchased the assault rifle.

He was charged a day later and a bill of information was filed on March 2, 2016. Abdulkader pleaded guilty to the three charges on March 24, 2016, before U.S. District Judge Michael R. Barrett.

Attempted murder of government employees and officials is a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Material support of a foreign terrorist organization is a crime punishable by 15 years in prison. Possession of a firearm in furtherance of an attempted crime of violence is a crime punishable by a mandatory sentence of five years in prison.

The plea agreement does not include anything pertaining to what sentencing could be, and the court could impose the maximum sentence, according to the plea agreement. Sentencing is set for 10 a.m. on Oct. 4 at the U.S. Southern District of Ohio Court before Judge Michael R. Barrett.

Staff writers Wayne Baker and Eric Schwartzberg contributed to this report.

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  • Nabil July 15, 2016


  • Vigilancy Is required July 15, 2016

    Unfortunately, we Eritrean aren’t immune to this cancerous extremists views. It will demand from all of us to be vigilant and give it no chance sip into our society any further.

    • AHMED SALEH July 16, 2016

      Eritreans have two known enemies to keep their eyes vigilantly if they want see
      lasting solution . HGDF and WEYANE plus their puppets are the nightmare inside
      our national politics .

  • Keshi Mars July 15, 2016


  • Genet July 15, 2016

    Gutless moron! there is so much misery in his own country and he wants to die for a country and people he is not related to?

    • AHMED SALEH July 16, 2016

      Weyane cadres are more dangerous participants to maneuver in Eritrean politics at pretext of opposition supporters . They are the loudest to speak up negatively on religious and regional tension issues .

    • Ali July 16, 2016

      “A country and people he is not related to ….”

      Syria is an Islamic country, hence his country according to the teaching of Islam.

  • k.tewolde July 15, 2016

    It would have been productive if all that commitment and preparation was channeled towards the tyrant and his do boys back home,Unfortunately, the wicked world doesn’t work that way.

    • zeray July 16, 2016

      You are sadly still stuck in your ghedli holes unable to see the outside changing world.
      Haven’t you heard yet “aslamay Adi yeblun Awdi yeblun” fact?
      To any muslim his Mohammed’s Islam religion is his home and country.
      No matter whether a Pakistani. Egyptian, Turkish or Afghan mugahadenes.
      Simply, this is what is awaiting poor Eritrea, full of terrorist blowing up things and killings.

      • AHMED SALEH July 16, 2016

        Aslamay adi yeblu awdi yeblu , ninebskha bihasot aytiwerazey
        Poor soul doesn’t know himself that he is stateless arrogant refugee
        in foreign land . Pakistan , Afghanistan and others are brave people
        who stand ground in their homeland to fight and die in honor . Poor
        Eritrea is better off to get rid cowards like you who don’t have a gut
        to protect their vulnerable weak section of own society .
        Do not worry who knows if another Muslim will come out to clean the
        mess your NEHNA NISU alike that created Eritreans misery . Anyway
        hold your breath we Eritreans have not issues among ourselves and I
        suspect where you came from to bring divisive arguments .

      • AHMED SALEH July 16, 2016

        aslamay adi yeblun inabelka ighrey awxieni ab bahrin ab Saharan mot
        nimot khoyna ala iza hagher .
        Blame Moslems to cover your guilt consciousness . Cowards have not
        courage to defend their own religious leader and arrogantly to speak
        about others . I wish you possess a little manhood like those Moslems
        who fight back to preserve their dignity .

  • Hazo July 15, 2016

    The newspaper article describes him as: “Abdulkader is a native of Eritrea in East Africa, but he became a citizen of the United States on Sept. 22, 2006. Records indicate he spent several years in southwest Ohio, graduating from Lakota East in 2013 and attending Xavier for about two years.

    Under the plea deal, Abdulkader pleaded guilty to attempt to kill United States police officers and a military officer, support the foreign terrorist organization ISIS, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.”

    I can not understand why this particular person and his many likes who were used and abused by the Arabs of the Jihadi murderous Islamic State ISIS volunteered to become their Abeeds and condoms after running away with their parents from the hell in Eritrea and the savage Arab world?

    The Hgdef parents teach their Young PFDJ puppies how great Eritrea is and in the same manner, the parents of this like Islamist State ISIS Jihadi dogs may have taught him how great the savage Arab world is, ignoring the carnage in Yemen, Somalia, Darfur, Libya, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Syria …. coming soon to Turkey.

    If the PFDJ and Jihadi dogs are unhappy about the democratic and christian west such as California, America, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Great Britain, Spain … then go back to Eritrea or to the Arab world with your family and children.

    • zeray July 16, 2016

      You’ve really caught ‘hizikayo’ it brilliantly, well said and please keep it up.

    • Hagos July 16, 2016

      Munir Abdulkadir Mohammed is not Eritrean.

      • Ghenet July 17, 2016

        Ahmed Saleh is not Eritrean either. He is on Assenna to spread islam and poison poor innocent people. May be he is a paid agent of Christians while he is being fed by Christians in the West he is at same time stabing back his feeders. This is what you get from nasty muslims ungreatful sick people.

        • meg July 17, 2016

          ghenet to talk to Ahmed Saleh like that it is clear now you are not one of us, you don’t know how we Eritrean feel. You are here to confuse people mind your busz. I don’t differ you from Abdulkadir

          • Tsige July 18, 2016

            meg aka Sheikh WoBawzan of Rashaida, Lemlem, Khalid and other cheap evil moslem names.
            Who the hell is Ahmed Saleh for you to tell or warn off the super and straight Ghenet? It is so cheap and so appalling for you to say ‘it is clear now you are not one of us’ just because Ghenet dared to challenge your old sick useless moslem cousin. Do you always defend each other as in your ELF crime era time up to now with the new savage moslem ISIS terrorists?
            Can you see how desperate and low that you have really fallen so rapidly that you and your moslem cousin are just becoming a laughing stock.
            Please also tell us how you super “genuine” moslem Eritreans feel? You and your moslem cousin sole presence on Assenna is to confuse, disrupt and Islamize/Arabize poor Eritrea and then declare your backward evil moslem sha’ria law on Eritrea and Eritreans. So it is you, your sick cousin and your moslem thug Munir A/kadir that need to get lost to your savage moslem Arab world and to leave us alone in peace.

          • AHMED SALEH July 19, 2016

            Ignore non Eritrean intruders . What they wished for
            Eritrea is in their heart and it started to hunt them .
            Neither opposition nor HGDF supporter but with many pen names KURDID . The language is proof
            of non Eritrean from southern border .

  • AHMED SALEH July 16, 2016

    Well in that case if reports from FBI and police departments are true findings to give full support , we
    seem clueless arrogant to understand the biased American justice system .
    The person who befriended him in school was close to 30 years old Somali informant who used to drive him around since Munir didn’t own a car for around six months until he surrendered him to the authority according their plan . I am not trying to defend him because God is the only witness for the TRUTH . But wasting time and money for months to play cat -mouse games wasn’t necessary . Infact
    they should take fast measure from the beginning when these young generation expose in dangerous
    ideologies .
    But the way they arrested him with purchased gun at hand after the informant asked a favor for help
    on moving out into different residence but instead to take him at designated place where FBI were
    waiting speaks the volume . And not only that , he convinced him to bring his brother for additional
    man power which luckily it didn’t happen because of unavailability reasons .
    Once they threatened prisoners with harsh sentence many of them make a deal for leniency even
    if your crime is words from big mouth . Remember the informant car was wired to record everything .

    • Tekeste July 16, 2016

      You seem to know a lot about this matter prisoners conditions, have you been a prisoner and also have you been informant to the FBI or to any other organization as you sound an expert?
      Don’t waste your time blaming others and also don’t bore us with your hallucinations. If you are a responsible old man then teach you kids how to behave like normal civilians and not wild animals. They say ‘when you are in Rome be like the Romans’, similarly, your extreme fanatics should learn to be like the Westerners as long as they stay in the Western world. The alternative would be to disappear to your fanatic savage muslim world for good leaving the peace loving people in peace. So go and preach your people to behave humanly rather than reporting the event. to disinterested and disillusioned people.

      • AHMED SALEH July 17, 2016

        With your tiny brain you can’t analyze to sort out different point of view.
        Because my name sound Muslim your judgment towards me is based
        on your fanatic belief . Because you don’t know about Ahmed Saleh
        lifestyle reputation . In fact I am typical Asmarino product lost in diaspora among bunch classless arrogant Eritreans like you . Do you
        think it is easy to find open minded and classy Eritrean friend ?
        You are lucky to have opportunity in communicating behind screen .

        • Simon G. July 20, 2016

          Cousin Ahmed,
          Please ignore the noise. Eritrea belongs to you and me, equally.
          Pay attention to the commentators like k.tewelde in stead.

  • Esu July 16, 2016

    Hazo ( Sheitan yehazka)

    you sound another idiot higdef or weyane kadre ( cause you are same). and i think you consider your self like expert and you are trying to teach us politics ? why dont you find your real father first, before you preaching your hidden agenda.

    am not going to wast my time explaining to you everything, because you are not going to understand it you sheet head. tell me which country in the west calls it self a christian Nation or government ? none, after they destroyed the church system 300 years ago, they are all controlled by Zionists or Freemasons. which are all against your beliefs. all Zionist leaders are like you fagots, rapists, criminals, pedophiles and etc…..

    • One July 16, 2016

      Dear brother Esu well said , this orthodox christ ain never learnt from their unit fathers who was in favour Eritrea to be part of Ethiopian and still living in the dark age. But God id great , God send an evel man from their society and punishing them. They are the one saying welka aselamu Isyas metsu besmay. I love Isyas to pieces he is doing a great job. Ede gebarit tsenahit.Never mind about this rock head they never understand and they never learn from their mistak . Let the Eritrean Muslim unit and have our own strength to get read off this edatic pple

    • Tsige July 16, 2016

      You also sound another wild moslem taliban dog hidden in one of his normal opportunist jihadi fox holes planning for his next attacks on innocent children and women.
      If you are not happy with the western’s way of life and beliefs of Christianity then WHO the hell begged you or invited you or forced you to live in their advanced and loving society?
      You begged probably kissing their feet and asses to come and live under them but as once a slave always the same old slave you are only used to your Arab slave masters way of living. . What don’t you simply get lost to where you belong the Arabs paradise/hell like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan for a shit dog’s life? You are sadly poisoned for life by your evil upbringing.
      The sad part of it all is that the kind western people are paying you to live comfortable and easy life in their countries while you producing/breeding savage terrorists everywhere, is this how they teach you in your religion to repay their hospitality and kindness?

  • Funnyman July 16, 2016

    Esu brother well said but this Eritrean Christian never learnt from their black history . Years ago when the Eritrea Muslims started to immigrate to Germany they dominated againest Eritrea Muslims to go to Arab countries as they eritrean Christian never treated by Arabe and Muslims. But the Germany Gov told them to shut their smilly mouths otherwise they would be deported ttheir to gods hgdf and their master Isyas Jegna

  • wedi Toronto July 16, 2016

    As we speak/write the barbaric terrorist fanatics deki Mohamed muslims who follow the Mecca moon god are conducting suicide bombing, raping, kidnapping and causing all manners of atrocities.
    Indeed, the so-called “Eritrean revolution – sewra ghedli” is an evil barbaric Islamic project brewed in Cairo (the destruction city) started by their foot soldiers and the mercenaries opportunists and still continuing to the other part of our world. Let’s just make sure that this extreme savage fanatics don’t breed or get anywhere near the beautiful Eritrea.

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