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Review overview
  • Forto September 25, 2013

    People we must take music very seriously. We need to realise, it is a very useful tool for changing the way people think and feel.

    What sparks engagement is something that speaks to you personally. The purpose of music in revolution is to find a way to wake people up who are going through their lives sleep-walking and say: ‘stop it. You can’t walk past this. This is your life.

  • abraham October 13, 2013

    Wedi Tukul explain what Eritrean experienced in homeland and in diaspora.I am really it is good song.Well done vivaaaaaaa

  • kibrom October 18, 2013

    Thanks wedi tekul but let me remained you lets go back to 1993 when you try to cheng this dictator regim PFDJ I understand you are one of greatest real eritrean still now I hope you will do some thing for chenge kick the local weyane wdi adwa wedi medhin berad

  • Gemati October 24, 2013

    Wedi Tikul,,,,,indihir kiElka hidem,,iza derfi natka HGDF bah ayktiblomin iya,,,,Kem Abraham Afwerki,,,shetet keyebluka

  • ambabi October 30, 2013

    tell us the true picture of eritrea through your song. Weditukul what is going on wake up join the movement and help remove the dictator.

  • helen November 17, 2013

    we need a hero artist like wedi tkabo at this time

  • helen November 17, 2013

    Our president will be capture by… this coming months God bless our country

  • Fisehaye H/selase November 22, 2013

    Great Song! It is never late to come to your senses and tell the truth. But Kibrom don’t try to associate your garbage dictator to Adaw. I hope you know very well how dignified the great leader wedi Adwa is loved by his people and respected all over the world. I hope you know who I am referring to.

  • berket gebre yonas November 23, 2013

    ayni sewra wedy tkuil hawey aytdehll hgidef erbetu akilu eu key lkimeka nay nehawaru brhan hagerna kitrey dagim tnsea hagerna esele ketblo hzbina ay ttehamil erey lemalmo baelka kizazimo eka kiseyn kab paris kisanet hagerna hzbina kirey key dekese zhadr gids zega kabaka zey aby kabaka zneis gdis tesekami hdry bsim zaderfika yemsgineka nafikot kenhsro enakiseyn wedy may nakifa

  • mogos December 3, 2013

    I don’t undersrand why Wedi Tikul is taking this kind of risk.
    no one should should give him any chance to this dictator to lock you up.
    “aytikedem eyu” with this dictator.

    May God keep wedi Tkul safe from the hands of the criminals

    May God blesss Eritrea!