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  • Beselot Merhawi December 9, 2013

    Ayee Wode Tikul – Glad that you come out of that prison and your music is what contribute to the young ones to go out join the EPRDF. Now is the time to pay back the people by exposing this dictator Wodi Berad. It is not far for Essaya’s days in Eritrea. I feel sorry for the Kisha’s and other croonies of him. You will be hunted no life for you in the World you better hang yourself before you kill our country and leave your body there for a land manure.

  • Michael February 16, 2014

    Wedi Tikul is real Eritrean and jigna Shaebia!! -your wedi tikabo is from Tigrai born in Abashaul like your dictator!!

    • D:M:W June 28, 2015

      don’t be fast there is time for all thing.

  • Kudos March 3, 2014

    Wode Tikul is hero for Essaya (Wodi Berad) but enemy for Eritrea people

  • Esaw March 13, 2014

    People, I dont care much for Esayas, but stop saying wedi berad wedi this wedi that. He is the one who defeated Ethiopians. Without him you couldn’t even have dreamt it. By the way he is from the ruling class of Ethiopia. When you talk about a leader speak with respect

  • karkasa January 23, 2015

    no comment …..just pray the lord for better future of my country.

  • amin January 24, 2015

    Yes,WEDDI BERRAD and his followers are the reason for the agony of our people and the destruction of our beloved Eritrea.He is already payed for his heroism during his rein of Eritrea for more than two decades,by the blood,suffering and slavery of the people of Eritrea.