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Voices from Geneva: Eritrean justice seekers – Arabic/Tigre/Afar, PART 7 – June 23, 2016

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! June 27, 2016

    If we notice the movement of justice seekers they all come from every Eritrean
    society fabrics that shows Eritreans resistance verses HGDF policy of division
    and mistrust similar past colonizers attempt of divide and rule . These pros and
    cons separate demonstrations in Geneva brought eye opening reality to observe
    solidarity of TRUE ERITREAN PATRIOTISM determined people that might achieve
    more than they think about possible outcome .
    HGDF defenders after all played a role for death wish was the initial reason for crimes
    committed on innocents but keep the march unstoppable until people’s demands find
    an answer .
    Issayas received the most unreserved trust , respect and support in our lifetime history
    but some delusional individuals say we can’t betray our country because we hate him .
    And we say ; it is the cruelty , unnecessary maltreatment , lack of freedom and one man unconstitutional government is the one we hate . Issayas can go and another of
    his alike can also succeed if we can’t prepare ourselves to bring lasting solutions .
    For heaven sake open your eyes to see and your ears to hear Eritrean young age
    sufferings . Political philosophy of fake nationalists at critical time of life or death
    has no value to give serious consideration . They had done it before at the expense
    of our generation and we must not allow them to repeat again .
    Remember that enemy come from two forms , external and Internal . They both
    enjoy to inflict pain .

    • Berhe Tensea July 1, 2016

      Ahmed Saleh, You are right in most pfdj festival, 95% are from one ethnic group, some puppets are asked to wear lowland clothing for camera purposes and to confuse the general population regarding the identity of participants.
      Few years back a goofy supporter was photographed wearing jalabia and with a big cross in his neck that he and others forgot to hide.
      Any occasion be it political community based reflects the diversity of Eritrea.
      Pfdj festivals let alone fail to reflect ethnic groups it fails also to reflect the full regions Eritrea..
      Dictators are keen in using religion and ethnicity to divide people, however, their approaching rock bottom or to zero.
      Every one is opening his or her eyes before it is to late ..

  • yeakel June 27, 2016

    elllllllllll elllllllllll ellllllllllll ellllllllllll I loved you my people. You are best

  • yeakel June 27, 2016

    100% Eritrean