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Voice of Assenna:Voices of Torture from Sinai – Inc Intv with Dr Alganesh Feseha

Review overview
  • ማሊሻ May 15, 2013

    Another heart rending and disturbing news of Eritreans in the Arab world.
    With out any shame, Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea said during The United Nations High-Level Meeting on the Appraisal of the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons on May 13, 2013:

    “Eritrea is strongly committed to fight human trafficking nationally, regionally and globally. It has undertaken concrete measures to prevent this crime from happening and mitigating its impact on victims.”

    Mr ambassador needs to see just this video clip from Africa, if he does not want to listen to the above radio Assena broadcast:

    ኣየወ መጕሃይቲ ጎርቤትን ኣፍሪካን ኴና ፣ ኣብ ምሉእ መፈጠርና ከምዚ ሎሚ ሓሲርና ዘይንፈልጥ።

    ኣምሓራ ክምስሉ እንታይ ይብሉ፤

    ሚሉሽን በሰማሽ ፣ ገበያ ባልወጣሽ ።
    ዝብሉኺ ተት ሰምዕዮ ፤ ንዕዳጋ ኣይምኸድክዮ ።

  • ማሊሻ May 15, 2013

    ዋእ ሓቁ ደኣ

    እዛ ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ካን ኣኺልዎ፣ ተዓጽያ ድያ ፧
    እዚኣ ናይቲ ቀጠር ንኢትዮጵያን ኤርትራን ፣ ንምቅርራብን ወደብ ዓሰብ ንምክራይን ካብ ዘቕረበቶ እማመ ፣ እታ ቐዳመይቲ ቅድመ ኩነት ደኣ ከይትኸውን።
    ቀጠር ንኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ንምሽንጋል ፣ ንሓንቲ ኣብ ብሪጣንያ ዝመደበራ ናይ ሕግን ኣህጉራዊ ዝምድናታት ዋኒን ፣ ብኣማኽርነት ደረጃ ውዕል ከም ዝኣሰረትላ ይፍለጥ ።
    ኣብዚ ናይ ዓሰብ ናይ ምክራይ ልዝብ ፣ ባድመ ከም ኣርእስቲ ከምዘይትለዓል እትዮጵያ ኣቐዲማ ኣጠንቂቓ ይበሃል። ክልቲኤን ሃገራት ግና ነቲ ናይ ተጻባእቲ ፈነወ ራድዮ ከም ዝዓጽወኦ ክሳማማዓ ይኽላ እየን።
    በዚ መሰረት ድማ እቲ ናብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝቐንዐ ፣ ካብ ኣስመራ ዝፍኖ መደብ ራድዮ ደምሒት ኦርሞ ግምቦት ሰባት ኦጋዴን ፣ ከምኡ ውን ካብ መቐለ ዝፍኖ ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ኩናማን ዓፋርን ብቕጽበት ደው ክብል ፣ ይርከቦ።
    እዚ ሓድሽ ኩነታት ስጋብ ክንደይ ወይ መዓስ ይቕጽል ዝብል ብኽልቲኦም ጥራይ እዩ ዝምለስ።
    ንኩነታት ፈነወ ራድዮ ካብ ኣስመራ ዝፍኖ መደብ ራድዮ ደምሒት ኦርሞ ግምቦት ሰባት ኦጋዴን ግና ዝፈልጦ የብለይን ። ንምንጭታት ኣብ ኣስመራ ደዊልካ ምፍላጥ ከቢድ ኣይመስለንን።
    ዝኾነ ኾይኑ ብኹነታት ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ኣብ ብዙሓት ሰባት ሻቕሎት ከምዝፈጠረ ዝሕባእ ኣይኮነን ፤ ንምንታይሲ ራድዮ ወጋሓታ ኣብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራን ሰራዊታን ዘለዋ ጽልዋ ኣዝዩ ኣገዳሲ ስለዝኾነ።
    እዚ ኾይኑ እቲ ፤ እዛ ዕላል ሱሳስ ኣላታ ።

    • ማሊሻ May 15, 2013

      NEW Hope Eritrea, NHE
      I agree with you. It is easy to see, state-to-state, the government of Ethiopia as more beneficiary. Though Ethiopia has nothing to fear about Eritrea and the Eritrean regime, it may need to use the port of Assab because Qatar has promised to invest in the port and provide better services at a lower cost to Ethiopia. Qatar is the government that signs the legal document but it is Australian and British multinationals that will run all the port services. Ethiopia’s economy of 90 million is growing very fast and the port of Djibouti is very small to accommodate Ethiopia’s needs. So, strictly, Ethiopia’s interest is economic while Issaias Afewrki’s motive is strictly survival. In this case, Eritrea has little to gain except some financial that is after Qatar and the multinationals take their part.
      If this is the case, the biggest winner will be Issaias, because unless he gets sick or an accident, he is assured that he will be the leader for the next 30 years.
      Issaias is not a good strategic thinker as Meles and Haile selassie were but he has the best survival instinct. Issaias will survive at the cost of the Eritrean people. Even if a quarter of a million people are left in Eritrea and the people who hate him leave, he has nothing to worry. In fact it is good for Issaias if the young people who hate him leave. It is what YG called a system of easing by “letting the pressure off”.
      If this is the case, the Eritrean opposition will be the biggest losers. They have lost every opportunity Meles had given them. Instead of ceasing the moment, they spent most of their time living in the old and outdated Ghedli dreams and multiplying like an amoeba.

    • Justice May 16, 2013

      Radio Wegahta was aimed originaly to encounter the Eritrean regime. Now a pause is needed until the outcome of the negotiation in the process of hand outing (selling) Asab to ETH.

      It the result is positive for ETHIOPIA it will never continue its programm forever. If the Artists of the case need further pressure against Eritrea or they don’t see any negotiation/compromise on the Eritrean side the bombarding news will even be worse than we know till now.

      We are only raw materials! Entropy needs time.

  • spadeISspade May 16, 2013

    May 24, Independece day..!! what for, for whom, by whom?? we are not free, we are not safe, we are not able to live in our own land thousands paid the ultimate sacrifies. So what is indepenedence…It was supposed to be a means, with goals being – democracy, accountability, transparency and individual rights. every year on May 24, we pause on the journey and dance, while the goals are far far beyond our reach.

    I challenge, what is Independece day for those trapped in sinai, and crying the agony that realy goes deep into your bones.

    and so,what is Independence day for you??

  • solomon May 16, 2013

    I am Ethiopian, born and grew up in Asmara. Deported by shabiya in 1991. I developed that hatred towards eritreans (like those eritreans who were deported from ethiopia feel towards ethiopia/ns) but this time, I am touched big time. so much in tears, having heard this young boys story. I admit, I never cared before. I come here to hear/read bad stories about eritreans to satisfy that “disease” called hatered. Now I quite, this boy is human and got my heart

    • ahmed saleh May 17, 2013

      For your information there are many Eritreans too who are untouched just because they are obsessed with
      ISSAYAS . Your reaction is out of humanitarian feeling of GOD , not less . Good and bad are everywhere .

  • simerrr2012 May 16, 2013

    There is evidence that the dictator Isayas and his brainless Generals, and colonels should be accountable for crime against humanity, for war crimes by sending thousands of boys and girls even school children to fronts, raping young women in the name of National Service , enslave them to serf the retarded generals and colonels and commanders to build private houses for the high level commanders with low IQ, selling Eritreans to Arabs to sell their organs to finance Hamas and other terrorist organization in the middle East, for slave labor in Bisha mining sector, for make them work inhuman condition in the places where they can get easily sick and even die, for taking forcibly children from their home to finish high school in sawa, for denying parent to raise children with love and respect, for shoot to kill order along the border, for making many children orphans, for killing the economy of the country, for helping all kind of terrorist to destabilize the horn of Africa and beyond. I can say 1000 reasons to bring them to justice in Eritrea and in ICC in the Hague. Each of us need to contact the Special Rapporteur of UN to tell us our story ,what happened to us ,friends , relative and the people of Eritrea. Each family has to tell the crime of HIGDEF in Eritrea and beyond. GOOD LUCK MRS Ms. Keetharuth

  • Justice May 16, 2013

    The song is sooooo nice!! Can someone tell me who the singer is! Thank you.

  • Justice May 16, 2013

    By the way, Dr Alganesh(& co) works since years in the Project “Sinai organ harvesting”. Why doen not she have no fruitful results till now? Why is nevertheless the whole world so silent as it had never been? …etc.

  • spadeISspade May 16, 2013

    @justice..u r just a spade.

    • ahmed saleh May 17, 2013

      Get the picture . Our women like Dr. Alganesh and others took the case by themselves to find answers
      while the so called men act like patriotic comedians with no substantial efforts but only talk , talk…. .

  • josef May 17, 2013

    Dr. Alganesh for president!!!