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Voice of Assenna:Intv with Mr Yemane T/Gergish – Part 16 – Thursday, Nov 06, 2014

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  • Truly Truly i say to you November 9, 2014

    Fact-is Fact, i may agree with Woyane leadership quality, specially with that you perfectly described how our dearest brothers willingly for certain known pure honourable goal were bravely sacrificed, since you do not like to give it different definition for that sacrifice. In deed who ever exposing the evil Schabia regime should to put in to consideration and give credit for the honourable reason our dearest brothers and sisters they sacrificed for, otherwise be Yosef G/ hiwot or Tegadalay Yemane, if by belittling the Gedli purpose or by opposing the Eritrean independence are talking to us , believe me no real Eritreans buys their beautiful narrating in whatever angel language they spoken to us. But i well come Yemane´s contribution, because i believe he is not talking against the independence, belittling Gedli and majority honest Tegadelty the reason for they sacrificed for motive it is.
    However, as i said I agree about woyane leadership quality you described, but when it comes in Eritrean issue , i differ with your assertion, if you believe as for Ethiopia woyane have good will to see peaceful prosperous Eritrea. I can give many reasons, but shortly i do not believe like first they gave recognition for Eritrean independence still their stand is not changed. So since they have a lot dream systematical to reverse the independence, least to gain Port Asab as their own, my logic their intelligence is only uses to them, but not to we Eritreans. So if in case you are Eritrean could you explain me what do you like to transmit the massage talking about Woyane´s leadershipment intelligence please? The other point as you and I appreciated and gave credit the woyne leadership for they doing good for Ethiopia, do you think only Amharas are dissatisfied with Woyane leadershipment? What about Oromos Ogadens least to mention?. Anyway this is not our matter wishing good to their internal issue, what it matters me is the policy they follow towards Eritra only. Do you believe Ethiopia likes to see a peaceful, strong, united prosperous sovereign Eritrea? I wish you can give me an honest answer.

  • Delai Fithi November 10, 2014

    Fact is Fact,

    I appreciate your explanation of what it meant to be raised as an Eritrean in Ethiopia. I agree some Eritreans felt proud of their Eritrean heritage, even when they never set foot in Eritrea. Obviously due to parental influence. Still, I knew others who hid their identity and never spoke Tigrinna in public. So Eritreans born and raised in Ethiopia were far from monolithic. In some cases, I knew some in Addis who I thought were Ethiopians and only later in the diaspora did I learn that their parents were actually Eritreans.
    I realize Yemane was in Eritrea until the 4th grade. But his formative years were spent in Addis Ababa. I knew others like Yemane who joined Ghedli from Addis. Some didn’t even speak Tigrinna or were barely conversant. There was some Tigrinna literature from Meda floating around but was not easy to access unless you were connected or already at University. I will have more to say about Ethiopian born Eritreans and my experience at some point.

    With regards to cleaning our mess in Eritrea, I really believe it has to be done by Eritreans for Eritreans. Don’t ask me how? I have never feared for our people as I do now. We are polarized and divided. The tragic and disgraceful situation we are in should unite us. The only thing worse than the overthrow of Isaias is fragmentation and anarchy. We have to focus on things that unite us. I think most Eritreans still want an independent Eritrea. We can hold on to that desire. I believe the only way that can be sustained is through unity. It is a fight for survival as a people.

    We cannot depend on any neighbor or power for this. Once we stand on our feet, we can negotiate good neighborliness and peaceful relationships. It is a very steep cliff to climb. But if we don’t rise to this challenge, I’m afraid the hard won independence is in danger of being lost.

    • Hagherawi November 10, 2014

      ” We have to focus on things that unite us. I think most Eritreans still want an independent Eritrea. We can hold on to that desire. I believe the only way that can be sustained is through unity. It is a fight for survival as a people.”

      Delai Fithi

      Well said brother. Eritrean nationalism is still strong, but unless we work hard to restore trust in each other, and resist the divisive tactics of the fascist regime, we will be in serious trouble for years to come.

  • asme November 10, 2014

    Zekeberka Tegadalay Yemane

    bzhu zegerm zanta gedli Eritrea tezaribka aloka, hzbi zeferdelu gize kemzimexi zeyterf yu, iska wun abalom wun sle zneberka iti frdi nkulatkum yu.

  • Fact-is-Fact November 10, 2014

    Delai Fithi,
    Greetings! First off, your civil way of airing your opininon is valued..

    well before I share with you about the Addis kids from Eritrean parents, let me inject a similar scenario so you see it from the same angle you being a sensible person.

    We the Addis kids from Eritrean parents are NO different from those kids born in the US, Europe, Australia. Are we, should we? No. you should judge us with the same measuring stick that you measure your kids born in the West. If you as an Eritrean living in the West proudly do not teach your kids about your own country, villages, relatives(ሥጋብ ሸውዓተ ወለዶ ምቑጻር),cultural norms, custom, manners, etiquette, language then where do Eritreans put themselves to judge us, Addis kids (your siblings, cousins…) from Eritrean parents? As you and I have witnessed it all, let alone the kids born from Eritrean parents in the West, the parents themslves have ridiculed their own culture, dignity. Forget the oblivion Eritreans who are saturated by the West’s lavishstyle and totally drunk by Anenet, even the most enlightened ones are indifferent. You would expect more from these West exposed eritreans than from our Addis parents.

    Now you are absolutely right on those who hid their identity. well, I tell you what, let me even stretch it for you.There were 3 kinds of Eritreans in Ethiopia The cities & towns i.e.:
    a) Those educated who pursued their lavish lives nothing but theirs. And these eritreans joined the institution (Emperor & then Derg) along those elite Ethiopia that raped , robbed Ethiopia and its ordinary citizens (all of us working class & the poor) the way PFDJ & its elites do now to Eritrea/ns in Eritrea. These eritreans are the one you picked who hid who they are from their offsprings.

    b) And there were those who came tfrom he country sides of Eritrea. Unpoliticized minds, only there to live peacefully along their kind, institutionaled destitute ethiopians. These poor souls had to leave Eritrea for various reasons: saftey, better life, forceful recruits of the fronts… etc… oh how home sick they were –little did we know then until we came to the West and learned what it means to miss home

    c) The 3rd kind from the towns of Eritrea, including Asmara – these were the merchants, garage owners,the teachers,…the most politicized ones and it is these Eritreans’ children that were so influenced and that headed to Gedli…

    the children of b) & c) absolutely have nothing to do the elites of Ethiopia but we truly loved our ordinary Ethiopians and we will continue to do so. Because the ordinary Ethiopians nurtured us with nothing but love & they are like the annihiliated Eritreans back then & now victims of their systems that instituiotnally whipped & destituted them. We the children of both were killed by Derg side by side during the red terror era. Derg never said these are from Eritreans these are from Ethiopians. Derg simply saw all of us as its enemy of its revolution.

    The Eritreans children from the elites in Ethiopia are NO different than their Ethiopians, Kenyans, nigerians… elites are elites. That is the way they were wired, nurtured, molded, and shaped. forgive them. You’d be amazed the life the elites lived in the Addis Bole neighborhood as we grew up in the 70’s & 80s. .

    hope this shades some light.

  • Fact-is-Fact November 10, 2014

    Delai Fithi,

    secondly, I deeply understand your fear of
    a) the unknown real danger that awaits Eritrea post Isaias.

    Are you fearing disintegration of the nation, and anarchy the way it now is in Libya?
    rightly so.

    Are you fearing that the eri soceity at this point in time is deeply
    corrupted in flesh & soul beyon repair?
    rightly so!

    In my view, I fear things.
    a) The Western section of Eri is the real danger that Eri as a nation, as a people should fear.
    B/c their mind-set is no different from what is happening in Libya.
    And that area has been practicing lawlessness for a very very long time. and Gedli simply extracted the hole and took it to another level.

    Now, this is the area that will put Eri in total choas and danger
    unless the post PFDJ institutions (from governance to military) are
    so strong that cares about Eri’s existence as a nation & embrace all people and install & practse very solid law-n-order.

    so dream of a solid instituition that swiftly pacify this and cleanup the
    can of worms that have been hacthed all over by the Gedlis org & pfdj

    b) I fear not, may time align with my wish, hope, optimism, on the other side of Eri, the Highland (be it muslims or christians) as they will come to terms
    & live peacefully as before as long as there are solid institutions installed that quickly, firmly cleanup the mess under a law that protects citizens with dignity. so fear the lowland & what it has in store as Egypt, Somalia, Sudan & the Arabs will always try to find ways to rock the boat to get to Ethiopia.

  • gerimuna November 14, 2014

    Haw Yemane: You have explained in depth uncovering the abomination and wicked acts of the great Satan (cowered and sadistic) and his dogs. Your timing is wise and appropriate. I absolutely understand it. I wish I could talk with you. For me it is the best interview so far.

    Wish you peace and health.

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