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Voice of Assenna: Women for Change & Eritrean Community in Denver to Mark March 8 Jointly & Assenna Editorial

Review overview
  • EYENSN March 3, 2014

    Woman for change , youth for change , ex-EPLF for change , ex-elf for change. Now the only for change left is children for change so let’s have that then we can go start the changing process.

    • Genet-orginal March 5, 2014

      Don’t forget, EYENSN for PFDJ and the lunatic dictator.

    • selamawit2 March 5, 2014

      eyensin, as you are confirming it, the whole eritrean people is for fundamental political change!

      (sorry, but we, the eritrean people, don’t use children for political missions – its you who abuse children for propaganda/for your criminal labor. just watch all the youtube videos with the poor brainwashed babies)

      p.s. i feel pity for you mother for she gave birth and it is you who came out – ugh!
      and i am happy that you won’t get children (you know, you told us about your experience with changing “orientation” etc..), so that i don’t need to be pity for them.

  • selam nhizbina March 4, 2014

    Assenna sanction is destroying our people back home more than anything else I hope one day you wakeup and realize it.
    Stop your nonsense politics while you don’t suffer like the innocent people back home.

  • Mike March 4, 2014

    Assenna Team –

    Well done in bringing the real issue with Eritrea that has always been there, will remain to be there in this current state, and will always remain so. And that is -almost everyone is either a “cyber tiger spelling out his/her wishlist” or “opportunistic element” in our blood and culture. When the going is smooth we all jump in to the wagon and keep it riding and when we are asked to stand up for Eritrea and keep the movement going we are nowhere to be found.

    1: Every opposition group that has sprang up from Ethiopia – is a lost cause. none of them have any validation nor do they have any vision. Their too old – not only age wise but thinking wise – so they can only do so much. I am sure many of them are either too sick to even walk up in the morning to think about tomorrow or stuck with how they will be embezzling money or survive. I could write more on this but they are simply hopeless.

    2: Those, movements, who sprang up from diaspora are the least hope but then they are also stuck with day to day living struggles outside of Eritrea and how to compile wealth. Furthermore, their credibility is in the eyes of Eritrean people is nothing. Almost all just showed up in the 11-th hour. Those people are called opportunistic! Many of these people were part of this very system in Eritrea that ruined and raped the people and system. They abundant the ship (the system they are so responsible of creating to abuse and rape Eritrea of its riches) when the it really got hot and their seat stated to catch a fire. Can they be trusted? Well – I believe in second chance but they need to come out clean and we all need to question them. Put up of ….they say. I am sure I am including some who mean well but so far not sure if I have seen any…. Yes some of them write well, speak well, and show passion – but when hell breaks lose – I am sure they will recoil back.

    3: What to do then – I still have not seen any viable option except that we need to all punch this crumbling system in Eritrea fro mall corners at any thing… But if that brings freedom from the current Eritrean system then we risk the country might end up in a state of chaos. For that – I say it needs a whole lot of prayer and a few cool heads to think now on how to work future plan for Eritrea.

    4: I am sure there is always hope and those who are working for a change and true change – build a character and trust and confidence. Make your vision clear. Do not contaminate your true goals and visions for Eritrean people.

    God bless Eritrea and all freedom lovers….

    • Genet-orginal March 5, 2014

      Well said. But we all have to do our part. Where ever we are, we need to do our part. Pressuring any groups to clearly state their goals and visions is our part to do. Hope and luck is for those who are hard working and ready for challenge.

  • ahmed saleh March 4, 2014

    The struggle for women’s right had been oppressed for long time in Eritrea . It is
    time to highlight Eritrean women issues and stand up in collaboration with this
    timely political process for change . Do not forget the integrity of our women
    reflects the pride of the society but nowadays looks absent when you hear
    disturbing stories about their sufferings which is strange to our culture reputation .
    I still stand on my conviction against forced military national service against
    their will again quote ; Not against their will . Men should defend their women ,
    children and elders .

    • EYENSN March 5, 2014

      Ahmed salih

      You said men should defend their women and Childers so do you mean like Saudi Arab? Because in Saudi Arab woman can’t do anything with out their husband permission so I think you want some kind sharia law in Eritrea right. It’s not going to happen. Woman in Eritrea need equal right just like their male partners so that means they serve their country together and they should benefit together to. Remember eritrean woman fought for their rights them self so nobody will take that away from them. So if you see them oppose the government don’t think they do that because they don’t want to serve their country but the oppose because they need constitutional government that’s it.

      • Genet-orginal March 5, 2014

        You are too immature to understand Ahmed Salih’s comment. Have you heard people saying. A man defending and safeguarding his woman. A man defending and protecting his children from internal and ecternal harm? FYI, Eritrean women are beeing forced to raise their children as single mothers. Eritrean women and children have been denied their God given protectors, the Eritrean fathers.

        • selamawit2 March 5, 2014

          Cosign Genet-original and Ahmed Saleh.
          The situation of the eritrean women is even worse:

          – the so called military service (frequently ending up as sex-slaves for the military officers)

          – “classical” role as mothers and housewives

          – as single mothers (like Genet-original said it) fulfilling the duties their husband should do

          – as possible physically meet “miss sawa” (very macabre!)

          AND ALL THIS AT THE SAME TIME. This is equality by the standard of iseyas and his gang.

          eyensin, i am pity for your mother for she has a son like you!

          • ahmed saleh March 6, 2014


  • selamawit2 March 5, 2014

    This is my experience/observation on Eritrean who live in Europe since decades:

    I Think the community of Eritrean who live in Europe since decades is (quantitatively) dominated by female Eritreans. Father/brothers are quite rare in diaspora – more of them died/got lost in the wars.
    Maybe for this reason there are on average more women who support the regime.
    What i see is also, that there is an increasing number of older women, who pressure other women to get involved in working for the regime – i also have the impression this female DIA supporters are hoping to make kind of career in their old days! It is embarrassing how fanatic and aggressive they are…

    BUT STILL: The majority of these (older) women is deeply mourning due to the situation of the Eritrean people. But the voice of this women is not hearable because:
    -they are not familiar with new media (e.g. online communities)
    -they don’t dare to speak out what they think/feel openly, because they are afraid (they even feel left alone)

    DIA is actively working to involve this very big group of Eritrean in diaspora in opposite to the movements who want democracy (“oppositional” groups).

    WE SHOUDN’T LEAVE THE HUGE GROUP OF MOTHERS (who will never ever discuss with us on