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Voice of Assenna: Wedi Vacaro Calls for a Unified Movement, Tuesday, 22nd April, 2014

Review overview
  • haqiyesar April 22, 2014

    Whether through radio, or conference or interview he conveys the same outmoded message.

    • selamawit2 April 22, 2014

      You call Unity “outmoded” – “haqiyesar” whether you are joking or you ARE a joke.

      • haqiyesar April 22, 2014

        Selam Selamawit2,

        My understanding for the word outmoded it means redundant kind of keep repeating i.e he is conveying the same message, the same phrases, the same words… he keep repeating it, I don’t understand how you related it with the call of unity.

    • Sala April 22, 2014

      huh you’re new info junky right? He has to keep repeating the same message, that is part of the strategy more people would hear it, more people will think about it it will be clear by the day…huh you don’t get it

    • Yohannes April 24, 2014

      haqiyesar ata Fara! So what if he repeat the message again and again? Have you got a headache by the power of his message that you can not cure by Pandol? Get strong pain killer NEFAT. In fact he should repeat the message again, again, again,again ……The message he repeating is the bases of the movement. You like it or not, the movement will flourish by the Eritrean people, because it is every Eritrean demand.

      • haqiyesar April 24, 2014

        Selam Yohannes,

        You wrote I am fara and nafat, but for sure that is not me,I don’t have to call you names you already exposed yourself as what kind of person you are. You said he should repeat the message again and again and again, well people have different level of understanding as what others say, some are smart they get it right away but others like yourself low level of IQ they want the same message to be repeated again, and again and again…any yet they don’t get as a result they lack to analyze.

  • Truly Truly i say to you April 22, 2014

    I would like to see Dr. Tewolde Tesfariam to be Eritrean president in coming free democratic Eritrea. He is so trust worthy person with moral and dignity. He is too wise positive person a man of deed. I no doubt under his ledershipment Eritrea as will be blessing and will live peacefully with all neighbors and in whole world could get more recognition and respect. Thanks God for blessing Wodi Vacaro with 8 children. Not only Wodi vacaro self after he retired i wish his children to be my next president. Because i believe if the foundation of any tree is healthy, no question as its branches also will be healthy. As we seen since Isyas foundation is sick, no question its branches as will be also sick. That exactly is What Lord Jesus teaches us.

    • haqiyesar April 22, 2014

      Welcome to some African rulers and some kingdom countries, that you are wishing a father and his 8 children will run Eritrea for generations to come. I don’t think many Eritreans will agree with you to run Eritrea by a father that will be followed by his 8 children one after another.

  • Gideon April 22, 2014

    Bravo Wedi Vaccaro(Dr Tewolde Tesfamariam),
    Today our political organisations striving to institute the principles of democracy
    and justice are at best struggling hard to establish a rapport with the public, but
    very often just struggling for effective existence as a viable alternative to lead
    the nation. This picture is similar for the civic organisations that were set up as
    a backlash to the abject violations of human and democratic rights abuse that continues
    to rampage unabated. I wish you all success and please accept my heart felt solidarity
    both for your upcoming events and activities and also for the wider struggle for justice
    and democracy in Eritrea. God bless you dearest Abo/Father Wedi Vaccarro.

  • Dala ksha April 22, 2014

    To all Deleyti Fithi
    is it true the dictator has tossed G.sebhat Efrem in his garbage bin and replace him by another disposable yes man Philipos welde stelot ,I am just wondering ,I am jjust curious I want to know what is going on behind wishate of HGDEF .

  • Roak April 23, 2014

    Bayto is unity unity with out Bayto is not unity

  • Roak April 24, 2014

    Unity is a good song but to have a good band you need to have the whole orkestra

  • Mike April 24, 2014

    Selam Wedi Vacaro

    I here you loud and clear. You are standing for Eritrean people. So I am here and let me know. But I have one precondition:

    1: Avoid by all means, if you have any plans, bringing Ethiopia or even thinking of going to Ethiopia in to the picture if you are going to make it happen. The wounds is there and do not touch the wound until it heals itself. Some might say otherwise but this experiment has already failed to achieve its intended goals. Good thing Eritrean Refugees are sheltered in Ethiopia but I rather have you not even intend to get them involved here.

    2: Keep your focus clear. Make few points and work on Uniting the peace and change loving Forces that will support the cause.
    3: Prepare for any fall out in your new moving forces and/or sudden collapse in the Eritrean system and on how to handle it.
    4: Last but not least, I repeat again, make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic for any Eritrean to understand it – then time will work through it all to achieve the change.

    I am in and do let me know…..May God bring peace to all Eritrean.

    • Roak April 24, 2014

      We need to understand how vital isRelationship with Ethiopia. We must put the right faundetion for the coming generation.

  • ahmed omer April 24, 2014

    I am hearing a lot of people are calling for unity and one of them is Weddi vaccaro .I am going to take WEDDI VACCARO’S case I have to be honest and fair he should be the last one who call for unity because he killed a unity sharing the idiot mad dog Asiyas so now I can not believe him before he tell us about all the evil stuff have done which damage the unity between our people are
    Weddi Vaccaro said that he knew Asiyas from school-hood or child hood and he talked a bout his behouvr that time and flowing time
    Shabia’s time .Dr.Weddi Vaccaro the unity way is not just calling for unity you have to a base for it ,beginning from putting a point on what is the cause of the unity damage .we have to be honest and fair Eritrean people are angles in the same time are not evils Eritrean people are like any people the world if any group of the them discriminated more than others is going to fight for it’s right if to day is weak tomorrow is not the same as Eritrean struggle for a right begin by seven persons against Ethiopian occupation .Weddi Vaccaro should talk about all idiot shabia’s policies
    in a lot of the Eritrean life field .From the beginning from early Shabia’s time human live was not has a value and this policies are continuing .In brief enough is enough no anymore cheating Weddi Vaccaro is no much deference from Asiyas from from(NIHNAN ALAMANAN ) Weddi Vaccaro wants continue the policies without Asiyas because he did not recognise that even the policies going on Eritrea is other problem for Eritrea if any single Eritrean wants an staple in Eritrea must recognise that the country is running by wrong policies(Eritrea affected by a serious rare disease called ASIYAS ‘S POLICY AND HIS SUPPORTERS )anyone wants solve this issue must recognise and face it bravely .last word for Weddi Vaccaro if you love your people touch the main points which damage our country please stop flowing NIHNAN ALAMANAN POLICIES BE CLEAR IN YOUR SPEECH ABOUT UNITY .

  • Dala ksha April 25, 2014

    Ahmed omer
    Guess what ,Ahmed omer is not different than abdela idris who has murdered several tegadalty by the name of falul and siryet Adis.

  • Dala ksha April 25, 2014

    Ahmed Omar
    why do you want to start from shabia time why not from Gebha time .

    • ahmed omer April 29, 2014

      Dala ksha
      if you want me back to Abdall Idris he is an angles not with Asiyas even with Weddi vaccaro .tomorrow you are going to tell me that Abdella Idris killed MANKA’A AND G15 GROUPS .DO NOT WORRY THE TRUTH IS COMING SOON .