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Voice of Assenna: “Voices of Torture from Sinai” – Hiriyti, Amputee Eritrean woman Dies in Sinai from Repetitive Torture and Severe Burns Do you remember, Hiriyti, the amputee young woman, who was featured on Radio Assenna “Voices of Torture from Sinai”? Her anger and despair that she lived to face the ugly side of life as if

Do you remember, Hiriyti, the amputee young woman, who was featured on Radio Assenna “Voices of Torture from Sinai”? Her anger and despair that she lived to face the ugly side of life as if her disability was not tough enough was evident throughout the informal interview. Her worst expectation, the dreadful suffering that she saw on the poor Eritrean victims when she arrived at the underground death cells in Sinai has happened to her in its most horrible form.  No more Hiryti; she is gone forever at the hands of the wild, human traffickers, the Sinai Bedouins. HIRIYTI is dead.

Hiriyti Hishal, 30, is from Eritrea, a small village called Bilenayo, in Gash Barka region. She fled her village to Shagarab, refugee camp in Sudan. Hiryiti was kidnapped by the Rashaida along a teenage girl on the New Year eve when she was going back to her house from church. Radio Assenna traced her in Sinai, and her heartbreaking story was featured on our previous program.  This time around, we could only speak to eyewitnesses. She died a week ago after repetitive torture and severe burns. Hiriyti, the poor refugee disabled victim’s only fault was her failure to pay the huge ($40,000) ransom to the lawless, brutal Sinai Bedouins.

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  • Kemey zeykowin February 20, 2013

    U ppl damn U put your self as Hrieti was on , alas she is dead, have , an empathy. uyyyyyy wey ane , AQmey wHidu. WDBAT WDBAT seb bret pls do some thing

    • Mehret February 21, 2013

      Kemey Zeykewin,
      aqmi aloka!! Look at your name ‘Kemey zeykewin!’ ajokha just be ready for it and contribute your part! it will happen. Do not despair bro!! We can do it and we will do it!
      Kemey zekewin!!!!

  • ogbai February 20, 2013

    where is the sompthy Eritrean Mothers and Sisters Brothers and Fathers on Hirity


  • ogbai February 20, 2013

    Where is the Eritrean mothers,sisters,fathers,and brothers sympothy of Hirity Hishal’s death at the hands of trafickers in Sinai as usual? Shame for you that you can’t see the root proplems of these all cause is DIA or his circle groups. Oh You People do somthing or say somthing. Please Stop Dancing with Evil.

  • VERY SAD - Human Body Spare Parts! February 20, 2013

    I think one brave Eritrean need to kill Dictator Isseyas Afewerki! And Also Sibhat Efrem and Wuchu! They are good for nothing – Eliminate Sibhat Efrem and the three generals first and the coward is vulnerable after that! Wake up Eritrean Muslim at least you guys are brave to counter the Rashaida and Bedewin!

    Help us Eritrean Muslims – You guys are the last hope of Eritrea! Unless civil war is imminent in Eritrea between the supporters of isseys and opposition!

    • Warsay February 21, 2013

      First there is no opposition, it is liquidated in Awasa, some where in south Ethiopia, at the end of the world!
      Second the highlanders are so much intereested that they have no interest in overthrowing DIA.
      Third the case is so twisted that no one has a real overview of the situation.

      How can then be a civil war? DIA is clever enough to estimate the situation – no fear at all!

  • Anti-DEMHIT! February 20, 2013

    More demhit people are coming to Eritrea and see the latest vidio from demhit!

    All demhit is from Tembien.

    Very sad – for Eritreans!

    • TPDM February 20, 2013

      U are right – The entire southern Eritrea is populated with Tigrai from Tembien. I think if the Eritrean doesn’t kill this bastard leader and cut his head like his grand father Kasa Mircha of Tigrai. I think this evil man need to be killed in the street of Asmara.


      To all seraye or hamassien or Akele people who are helping this dictator WEYLUKUM!

      • ahmed saleh February 21, 2013

        Very disturbing video shows as far as I am concerned . I think we should have to be cautious .
        Because I do not trust this evil person who run the country to let the country like safe
        heaven to outsider military forces . He might use them against Eritreans as he did it before
        against ELF using WEYANE .

  • ahmed saleh February 21, 2013

    Why , why , why ; what is their sins to deserve all of this miseries . Imagine as an human being
    putting yourself in their shoes how cruel the condition could be to die like that , does it make
    a sense for GOD sake . And take a moment to think obout their loved ones faces corroded by greif
    and their cheeks flooded with tears . This wasn’t supposed to happen after long bloody battle for
    freedom . Unfortunately we let the country run by cold hearted hypocrites who are guilty from this
    kind of criminality . And I do not hesitate to say that the main source is inside the country among
    Eritreans in cooperation of RASHAIDA-BEDOWEEN and Sudan agents . The problem is unless some patriots
    stepped uo to stop these kind of nonsenses , there is no way to stiop its continustion .

  • dinosaur February 21, 2013

    Unless we stand and fight for our very existence, we’ll extinct just like dinosaurs and mamooths. Wedi berad from inside and rashaida from outside are dedicated to cancel us from the face of this planet. Atleast let’s try to arm our brothers in shagaraab so they can defend themselves.

    • Mehret February 21, 2013

      We will fight for our survival! just have it in you to do your part when the get gets going! I do love your energy though.
      Eritreans are good people, you know! EZ’WN KHALF’YU

  • fthawi February 21, 2013

    please we need your help eritrean muslims you live in east sudan
    this is the time to help your brathers and sisters we are hopeless

    • ahmed saleh February 21, 2013

      I use to think same way . But in reality when they are sqeezed
      between Hgdf and Sudan’s security intelligence I doubt they
      Can make a difference unless Sudanese people cooperate .
      Inside Sudan no Eritrean is save from hgdf security they can
      abduct and ship them across the border easily . That is why
      Etipia become safe place to opponents .

  • Kalashin February 21, 2013

    Action Plan

    1) Arm the eritrean refugees in the camps. Many have been in the military. Eritreans know how to organize. This could be done.

    2) Protect especially the young and the fragile. DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNGUARDED IN THE CAMPS.

    3) When a rashaida or any arab or sudanese tries to come close: SHOOT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER.

    4) Rashaidas status as one of eritreas ethnic groups must be revoked. Accordingly, when the regime has changed, the Rashaida must be gathered up and exterminated once and for all. To the very last man woman and child.

    5) Punitive actions against the sinai bedouin must be taken. It must be known that these actions can not go unpunished.

    • Mehret February 22, 2013

      It is a very good option. It may even be the only option we have! But we all have to be for it. We all have to stand behind our eritrean refugee there.
      Bedewin, we can give the a lesson they will never forget! But unity is the most important thing!
      I love your idea!

  • dinosaur February 21, 2013

    Omg 14 ppl paid the ransom of 30-40 thousands and got killed at the end!!! But Why they don’t kidnap somalis, sudanese, ethiopians…? I mean Why only eritreans?

    • ahmed saleh February 21, 2013

      What will happen if a shepherd abondoned his herds ?
      They will be valnurable for imminent danger for their lives
      and our people are abandoned by their government . Don’t
      you remember when Eri-TV portray Sinnai victims as
      Africsn refugees in their news report, that answers you all .