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Voice of Assenna: “Voices of Torture from Sinai” – Hiriyti, Amputee Eritrean woman Dies in Sinai from Repetitive Torture and Severe Burns Do you remember, Hiriyti, the amputee young woman, who was featured on Radio Assenna “Voices of Torture from Sinai”? Her anger and despair that she lived to face the ugly side of life as if

Do you remember, Hiriyti, the amputee young woman, who was featured on Radio Assenna “Voices of Torture from Sinai”? Her anger and despair that she lived to face the ugly side of life as if her disability was not tough enough was evident throughout the informal interview. Her worst expectation, the dreadful suffering that she saw on the poor Eritrean victims when she arrived at the underground death cells in Sinai has happened to her in its most horrible form.  No more Hiryti; she is gone forever at the hands of the wild, human traffickers, the Sinai Bedouins. HIRIYTI is dead.

Hiriyti Hishal, 30, is from Eritrea, a small village called Bilenayo, in Gash Barka region. She fled her village to Shagarab, refugee camp in Sudan. Hiryiti was kidnapped by the Rashaida along a teenage girl on the New Year eve when she was going back to her house from church. Radio Assenna traced her in Sinai, and her heartbreaking story was featured on our previous program.  This time around, we could only speak to eyewitnesses. She died a week ago after repetitive torture and severe burns. Hiriyti, the poor refugee disabled victim’s only fault was her failure to pay the huge ($40,000) ransom to the lawless, brutal Sinai Bedouins.

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  • sabbe February 20, 2013

    This is sad really sad situation we must do something folks what are we waiting for, soon there may be no one left in eritrea we must act now before it is too late.

  • Mehret February 20, 2013

    I have just been watching CNN on CNNfreedom project. and looking at the horrific pictures breaks my heart. I applaud the German MP lady who is trying to use economic strings to pressure the Egyptian GVT to deal with the bedewin. May God Bless her.
    Guys let us help here by at least going to our MP’s and asking them to do what she is doing in our respective places of residence.
    Come on! we just can not watch this and sit around!!
    Otherwise we do not deserve the freedom we are looking for!

    • Saba February 20, 2013

      Mehret sweety, can you send me the link? I will soon be finished with my website in GERMAN;TIGRINYA;ENGLISH;DUTCH,ITALIAN and ARABIC also trying to find a chinese and hindi editor to make it real global…. Can you tell me, the name of the german MP lady? You are not refering to Mrs. Merkel,do you?
      I need as much details as possible.
      Those happenings starting from Eritrea,Sudan and Egypt nobody can easily believe that this madness is existing. I have collected a wide range of pictures. This is why i cant sleep since the very first time i saw and heard those voices calmly. Even blaming oneself why not taking “SUGUMTETAT”…

      • Mehret February 20, 2013

        It is a regular program on CNN. It is called CNNfreedom Project. It was aired about an hour ago. The German MP is Annette Grothe, if I spelled it correctly. I live in Uk so it was about 7pm when it was aired. They may repeat it tomorrow morning or late this evening.

        • Saba February 21, 2013

          Thanks a lot my sister. Anette Groth is indeed a firm and tough lady in the party of the “LINKE”=leftist.. Their party fight for more fairness and they gained a lot of more people into their party the past years…

          I will email her, they react very fast and try to answer detailed and competent.
          The other big parties dont really give a damn.. THey might even benefit indirectly from it.

          The whole world is fucked up, we must help ourselves, pressure from other countries would be helpful but not solving our issue.
          Anyone who kidnaps people or sell people is a biest. This madness is so unbelieveable that people have a problem in believing. I mean kidnapping a refugee??? Then extorting by all ways money??? WHERE IS GOD????!!! Back to the topic of biests aka PFDJ and Rashaida or other DESERT-INBREEDS, A biest must be eliminated because they eliminate for no reason. I´d eliminate because biests are a pure danger to a society. Look how many children got orphans, how many wives and sisters got raped in front of their brothers,

  • zafu February 20, 2013

    Sad, sad this is just one but how many more are suffering and dying? I am sure there are so many untold stories of people perishing under the those savage inhuman bedowins and higdef collaborators.

  • Saba February 20, 2013

    Guys our people beeing squeezed to death and beeing butchered! What are we waiting for?
    Unfortunetly, this madness of kidnappings is starting to get rooted in Eritrea.
    Thousands of families lost their loved ones in SINAI.
    Let us not ask whose fault it is, let us come to an end. My opinion is getting PFDJ´s illegal Embassies closed (illegal because the title Isayas holds is illegal so his party is illegal to me too).. try to correspond with the right ones inside Eritrea, focusing on the top EVILS inside Eritrea and on same time weaponizing our people in Sudan mainly near refugee camps or in those METAHIT regions like GASH BARKA, Gulij etc…
    Who has opinions how to go for it?
    LET´s DO IT.. We all have to die anyway , one day!

    • Mehret February 20, 2013

      Yes, we need to move from commenting and lamenting to doing and taking initiative.

  • Breaking News from Karneshim - Hammsien!! February 20, 2013

    I have got information today that 10 people were kidnapped from Massawa last month!The people who are kidnapped are identified as people whose relatives are Germany! It is now clear that the Rashaida are looking inside Eritrea to indetifay who have relatives in Diaspora and in collaborations with some Generals – They kidnapped them and send them to one of the Eritrean DESIET! people need to understand this that – there is no government in Eritera! At the same time – more Tembien people are coming to Eritrea! assuming refugees in Eritrea! In the last few years – 180,000 Tembien people are move in to join TPDM! and relocated in Gash-Barka and Tsorona! Most of the TPDM high ranking Milisha are also taking the security of Eritrea by systematically killing the true Eritreans…. This shows that there is a government sponsored demographoc change in Eritrea is going on! It is to be remebered that – most of the people who are coming from tigrai are relocated in karneshim as well. All the semenawi keyh bahri and so on!

    This is Genocide in Eritrea by Tembien Eritrean leader Isseyas! and their collaborators from some sector of Eritrea! Now the total population of rashaida reached 1/2 million in Eritrea and they are excepted from national service and they can have 7 women and easily populating the coastal and other places of Eritrea!

    • Mebrahtu from Hazega! February 20, 2013

      Dear Hammsien,

      I have heard the same story from my relatives back home and they said that the semenawi Keyh Bahri is not safe any more – the rashaida are coming there in the night and hunted Eritrean women and kids for smuggling to the Arab countries… They have guns and heavenly armed people – How they came to inside Eritrea. I think the government is killing his own people – I think he is on mission to eliminate Eritreans from hammsien and bring the Tembien people to Eritrea.

    • Saba February 21, 2013

      Salam Howey… You know i had a feeling that there will shit like this happen in Massawa because there also many Rashaidas. What you said it is too shocking but no real surprise anymore. Something really nasty got rooted in Eritrea. The people of eritrea used to have such great culture and unbelieveable pride and dignity. Look to what they have changed thanks to this wild,biestal old gangster Isayas and his crew.
      Khalas, now i am the greatest supporter of killing anyone who is a dedicated PFDJ supporting aka Killer. I talk about the active ones.
      Khalas i need more people to make a plan since i grew up in Germany and have no much clue about the regions and local reliable contacts. We will make money by all means ready to begin from somewhere… I know that one thing in life is guaranteed , which is the death. So i am not afraid whatever comes.

  • Hamid Mohamed Adem February 20, 2013

    tahnk you nayzi tegbruwo zalkum bitamie kay amesganku kahalif aydalien ana wien tesatafay assena kikawin yedali bi akmay win kehegiz thnk you

  • Hamid Mohamed Adem February 20, 2013

    thnk you nayzi tekalasiwo zalkum menti hezbi eritre ana win bezkalani mesakum dewkebil yefatu yakniyalay

  • Kemey zeykowin February 20, 2013

    I just stopped listening more, I can not. NO NONO no. We have to revenge by any means. Tit 4 tat, if not kill all the rashaida mercylessly inside Eritra , to begin with

    • Saba February 21, 2013

      LET US SPLIT IN TWO GROUPS…ONE WHO IS ELIMINATING RASHAIDA and other one PFDJ and DEMHIT.. I always said let use Isayas tactics.. i know it is difficult to think like a primitive bastard but just focus on the AIM!!!

  • Andebrhan Ekube February 20, 2013

    It is sad very sad .
    Do we have any body to lead as to do some acts be side talking ?
    We are just like a lost sheep with out a goog Shepard .

  • Yikun Selam February 20, 2013

    Bezi nedaf Adgi hizbina tewaridu

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