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  • dekibat April 3, 2013

    That’s right. We heard the man from Sinai. There are no Eritrean soldiers in western Eritrea and the entire land bordering sudan because isias handed it over to the rashaidans to rule the eritrea and whatever they want with the population there. We must start our military offence from there.

  • ahmed saleh April 4, 2013

    In reality it is about just a failed government which can not secure it’s own territory to safeguard
    it’s citizens and also it’s people with out power threatened not to say a word to complain . HGDF’s
    authority , for better or worse try to give our people a message that they are spoiled generation
    of LEKALIKA-candy generation who need to learn discipline at the end Rashaidans to take part on their
    tactics for financial gain aim .

  • ማሊሻ April 4, 2013

    Is this the land called Eritrea as created by the Jebhas and Hgdefites? Hell on earth?

  • ahmed saleh April 4, 2013

    By now even outsiders know the situation of Eritreans in that region . To say our people inside the country do not know about this cruel events is an act of denial . What bothers most though is the silent respond from high ranks officials inside the country to ignore the dangers their citizens.face . It only shows the unhealthy relationship between the people and the government , I guess nobody give a damn except for their selfish personal desire .

  • Kombishtato April 4, 2013

    Taken from YG’s essay: (I) Eritrea’s Drive for Modernity: In Search of Asmara

    How did all of this happen? It is the sum total of Shaebia’s incompetence that has brought the nation to a standstill. Shaebia is legendary for its incompetence. Everything it touches – its Midas Touch – turns into ashes. Any institution it has run has been disintegrating fast: the military, air force, police, education, health system, municipalities, courts, etc. Every corporation or economic endeavor it undertook has failed: airlines, farming projects, fishery, commerce, industries of all kinds, etc. So has it been in diplomacy; the consistency with which it had been making enemies is astounding: NGOs, UNMEEE, UN, AU, IGAD, EU, USA, etc What explains this failure at every level – institutional, organizational, economic, diplomatic, political, etc? There has to be a general explanation that cuts across all these different levels, both categorically and individually. And there is: temekro mieda. It is this generational malady that is to account for every failure, rather than the simplistic narrative that attributes all such failure to Nsu. Nsu factors in because his modernity is an example par excellence of this generational malady. If so, we will have to trace this generational malady all the way to the ghedli generation’s “Asmara modernity”, which is the subject matter of of this part (Part I) of the article. In doing so we will ask this critical question: how did temekro Asmara morph into temekro mieda?

    The defining attributes of temekro mieda happen to be: debilitating incuriosity for anything outside mieda experience, be it of traditional Eritrea or the outside world; contempt or disdain for anything (any body of knowledge) outside that experience; archaic self reliance in everything it does (even in knowledge!), incompetence in all fields it is applied to; an ever-prevalent coercion that never leaves the scene.3 As a result, if there is anything that temekro mieda abhors it is institutions, for built-in in the latter are respect for precedence, law and order, predictability, professionalism, specialization, etc because they deny it the arbitrary world it needs to remain functional. That is why Shaebia’s visceral hatred for all kinds of institutions – political, economic, religious, traditional, educational, etc – is legendary. And since it is this overarching policy of temekro mieda that is to be accounted for all the institutional failures in Eritrea, we need to trace it to its generational roots; or, rather, to this generation’s confused understanding of “modernity”.