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Voice of Assenna: Voice of Eritrean Justice Seekers in Seattle, Wed, May 28, 2014

Review overview
  • rahwa May 29, 2014

    our sister LUCHIA is an example of resilience and good-will. she is very smart and articulate and matured. i am sure our brothers and sisters in Seattle will unite our people in their city anytime soon b/s they are in the right, they understand that women like Luchia with their wisdom can work miracles and b/s they are committed. well done SEATTLE!!! i am already seeing the day when all Eritreans sit around a table to discuss their issues. thank you.

  • Mike May 29, 2014

    Job well done Luchia!

    As to the rest of us – let us keep bringing facts and exposing the Eritrean gov. and driving for a change. Do not get caught up with the sick Eritrean government announcement for new constitution or some sort of change. That is a crafty and typical response of any government that is in the verge of collapse. When all things are tightening – the Eritrean gov. will play its tactics so that we all debate in a non-value added discussion. The first constitution was questionable for itself and anything that comes out in this round of the so called “change” is bound to be worst or the same at the best again.

    Again – Assenna and Team keep at it!

  • TwoWayStreet May 29, 2014

    Well done Lucia and company: Smart move.
    I have seen some of the T-Shirts, all regarding Unity, freedom, justice, constitution, ..etc nicely written. They don’t accuse anybody, they are just phrases that wish all the best for Eritrea, and Eritreans. Everybody whether Eritrean or any other nationality wishes to see those conditions in his country. The irony with PFDJ supporters is that, if they see the same phrases written in English, and worn by and American they will treat it differently, but if it is written in Eritrean language and worn by an Eritrean then their eyes will start to hurt.

    And for the readers, the ceremony was not in a closed venue as Amanuel was saying again and again, it was in a very big open park, there were no check points to get in and out of the PFdj sponsored celebration area.

    • rahwa May 29, 2014

      TwoWayStreet, “the ceremony was not in a closed venue as Amanuel was saying again and again….?” do you mean to tell us Amanuel just made up the story about the pfdj site which was guarded? do mean to tell us anyone could go in and out without being checked out? do you mean to say Lucia and the other justice seeker had no trouble at all accessing the site and that our sister Lucia and her comrades were not at all harassed?

  • Aman kidane May 29, 2014

    What a great move Lucia, I wish I knew this movement during that time. I would have joined you guys to spread the voice. Anyways, I would love to join you guys on this movement and I am looking forward to hear from you guys especially where you guys meet. my email is and website

  • senai May 29, 2014

    I can’t wait to hear volume 6 interview with Dejen.
    I am cheking assena every 10 minutes.

  • Dhab May 29, 2014

    i have one question to the commentator who complained because Assenna did not report about incidents where Johova witnesses have been arrested. we all know Eritrea has no foreign correspondents. and Assenna keeps talking about the challenge of not having sources of information within the country which is understandable. so why did not the commentator forward the information to Assenna when he first heard about it? or did he do so and Assenna did not report it? i mean we need to be fair folks. i was shocked when i heard the commentator go as far accusing Assenna that it was biased, that is focused more on certain issues than others. i wish he justified his accusation. to say whatever you like simply because there was no one to ask you questions is a bit childish. dear commentator, can you put yourself in Assenna’s shoes just for one minute in order to find out what it could feel like to operate a media organization which depends on meager financial donations from Eritreans and on citizens within the country for information which may or may not be reliable? i don’t understand where you may be coming from but frankly i find you are being disrespectful to our brothers and sisters who are volunteering their time and energy to run Assenna. it is shameful.