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Voice of Assenna: Update – Botswana High Court Decides in Favor of the 10 Eritrean National Team Players/ 7 Eritrean Cyclists Defect to Ethiopia; Saturday, Oct 17, 2015

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH October 17, 2015

    In one week soccer players and cyclists defect
    into foreign countries . Poor nation of Eritrea
    can’t help but to mourn for her lost youth .

    • k.tewolde October 18, 2015

      Ahmed, if they open the BLOCO, the whole nation is ready to migrate, except the goons that benefit some scrapes from the regime.There are two pathways in the central nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic, the fight or flight. The fight mode was disabled permanently by the tyrant the day he opened the gulag called SAWA.

      • AHMED SALEH October 18, 2015

        The tyrant enjoyed the support of people’s sincere ignorance and stupidity
        to lead the country in darkness . At times of comfort naysayers inflicted
        wound at souls of courageous challengers .
        SAWA generation issues in pretext the promise Issayas made publicly for
        national reconstruction development purposes was a plot missed to recognize.
        From the beginning we observed disturbing signs that might lead the people
        into unpredictable consequences but to talk about it wasn’t permitted back
        then because no matter what , anyone who criticize Issayas decision-making
        face outrage cry from strong supporters.
        Time to learn from our single contribution to the problem and do something
        about it before the ship sink with everybody at board .
        Silence in time of comfort zone shows cowardice . Brave men step their foot
        in front of others to challenge wrongs .
        Right now the call is up to the people whose life has been effected badly .

  • Dehai October 20, 2015

    At last the tyrant himself will seek asylum somewhere. I feel we are close to the end. Then we, together shall create economically viable, politically inclusive, environmentally sustainable Eritrea!!!