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Voice of Assenna: (ዕላል ሳህለን መሃንዘልን) SAHLEN MEHANZELN – by Amanuel Eyasu, 06 Jan, 2016 –

Review overview
  • ERU January 7, 2016

    Amanuel very talented!!!
    one thing to remind you with due respect, Eti b asheberti IS zikitelu eritrewian, biseri haymanotom zeykone , kone elka ab mongo eti hizibi b haymanot kifelale emo dilayom kigebru zitewtene rekik silti eyu. Silzi amanuel b miknayt haymanot tektilom elka ab media kitzareb keleka neti majority hizibi kalie eyu zesimie. We have to be smart ,smarter and the smartest.Esika bifilay tewihbon tekabilnetin silezelka nezi hizi hadinetu kiekib bejaka bejaka etizarebo zereba ezi zitehate hizibi kemey yirido elka kidim hiseb. B kulu felaliyomina, eti aziyu hadegena haymanot enabililu , no more eritrea.
    eb eninebrelu sidet, kulu aynet hizibi tesaniyu kinebir nihna entay silezikona ena adeda fililyat nikewin.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 8, 2016

      One point I agree with you is to restrain ourselves by considering
      the capability of people’s understanding on sociopolitical aspects .
      Some corrupted individuals are beneficiary to exploit ideas for their wicked mentality purpose or out of stupidity .

  • ከቡር ሓዉ ኣማኑአል፡ ብመጀመርያ ርሑሰ ልደትን ንዉጹዕ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝድብስ ዓመትን ይግበረልና። ሰብ ዝሓዞ እኳ አኢንተ ሳኣናዮ፡ ኣምላኽ ዝሓዘልና ግን ኣንስእኖን ኢና።
    ኩሉ ስራሕካ ድልዱል ሰረት ሓያል ሕመረት ዘለዎ መልእኽቲ ሓዲጉ ስለ ዝሓልፍ፡
    ኩሉ እትብሎ ብንጹር ብትባዓ ስለ ተቐምጦ መሳጥን ማሃርን’ዩ ኣጆኻ ቀጽለሉ።

  • guest w January 8, 2016

    Dear amanuel
    This insults eritrean muslims and arabic culture in eritrea totaly.
    – when u refer ” rabi rabi” to terrorist, this is completly wrong. This word means god in arabic and all muslim say and even cristians in egypt and muslim tigrena speakers use it as well. your objection to arabic program in eri tv is not accepted also as arabic is a formal and pupolar language for all eritreans.
    – all eritrean muslims are suni muslims and have good relation with other suni such as egypt and Saudi.
    – as eritrean muslims were are not happy to wht happened to cristian brothers in Lybia. Dont forget,one muslim was killed defending them. and these terrorists have no link to real islam and even saudi gov.
    -saudi gov is one of 1st govs started fighting terrorist and suffering from them. Dont forget saudi is one of few countries supported eritrean fighters from early stages and has historical relation with eritreans.
    -shariea islamia is not a ghost to use , it is not killing people as you think. I advice u to read more about real islamic hertage, not from poor resources. By the way it is used in eritrea now for muslims afairs.
    – as per media, arab emirates is in asab and u still repeat that is qatar. They are two different countries at all.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 8, 2016

      I listened the contents of the message Amanuel tried to highlight .
      His criticism against Arabs has nothing to do with Eritreans and
      the uneducated and confused peasant with Nairobi to say Rabi Rabi
      shouldn’t be taken seriously offensive but to make fun of the way
      humble people think and talk .
      I noticed how people became sensitive to jump on negative reaction
      when somebody else mentioned their religion and region the same way
      they reacted with forum writers .
      I might have liberal mindset but I don’t compromise on integrity of
      my religion in case my objection gave false impression . So can we exercise tolerance and respect each other than look for unnecessary confrontations with nothing to gain but as usual only emptiness .

  • Merhawi January 11, 2016

    Ahmed Salih, you are so brilliant,I really like the comments you wrote in this platform.especially for the word you use tolerance.what we Eritreans can’t adapt in our politics are equality,tolerance to our diversity and respecting each other.