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VOICE OF ASSENNA: Sactizim – ሕጊ ኣልቦ ትካላት – ግፍዕታትን ንግዳዊ መሓውራትን ፍሊጶስ ኣብ ምብራቕ ኣፍሪቃ – 4ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • Abraha Deress April 20, 2018

    Hiber Simer ab Seret Messeret Hizbi Weha Melash- Bahri Melash People to get Peace, Development, Progress of the People of Metahit Kebessa Tigre Tigry Bahri Habesha.. Ras Casar to Welquayt- Quobo- Asseb- Beylul- Af’ali- Zula- Massawa- Debarwa- Adwa- Aksum- Shire- Mekele- Agame- Scimezana – Toconda.- Buri- Dahlak- RAS CASAR.So try to analayz of these direction, if you want to live in Peace. Forget the Menelik and CRISPI Policy, it is not necessary in this time, espescially cancel the Colonialist word Eritra, it is a Simbole of Slavness. The word Eritra, if understan, it have bad meaning, they day a loot Dekebat without reason over their Land Metahit Kebessa Tigre Tigry Bahri Habesha People. So Unity the People Dahlak to Aksume,Unity from Ras Casar to Mekele is necessary for those who understand

  • Michael Tesfamariam April 23, 2018

    We heard enough about Philipos and his crimes, how about the low ranking HGDEF colonels, such as Simon Ghenredingil and likes?