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Voice of Assenna: PFDJ,The Root Cause of Eritrea’s Ills Sheds Crocodile Tears in a Foreign Land; Mon, Oct 20, 2014

Review overview
  • Wasdemba October 21, 2014

    Eritrea, also defined as, the nation that sells its own to slavery, is shamelessly blaming “outsiders and foreigners” as the cause of the humiliating and degrading slavery and human trafficking of Eritreans.
    The Higdef regime and the romantic elites will never take responsibility of their own mess to fix Eritrea.
    The future of Eritrea is so dark, the issue of a failed state in the image of Somalia and Yemen is not a fiction anymore.

  • Wasdemba October 21, 2014

    Is it irony or bad luck that there are hundreds of Eritreans enslaved and human trafficked in the Arab world?

    • ahmed saleh October 23, 2014

      You can blame Eritrea with your sinister motives but we know who to blame . In fact
      people like you with ill will but nice talk are the enemy of our people .

  • aus 17 October 22, 2014

    You can not cry over and over again with identical motives, either we the people are idioter or the regime or bothe! the regime took his lion’s share of power grip and thereby extended his life span at the cost of you;- the youth, the elderly and the martry’s sons and daughters.You are the losers, lost your time, childhood, youthood, futuredream, and inner peace.The authoritarian regime will soon follow the natural course of events:death.
    You people are given the faculties of: seeing, hearing and mind for analysing. Why do you forfeit these gifts to end-up where you are now to lament for; crocodile tears, we knew it from day one, isn’t?

  • Geje October 24, 2014

    ኣየ ኤርትራ ቀስ እንዳበለት ንገደል ት ሶቱኽ ኣላ። ነዚ ድዮም ገድሊ ዝበልዎ፧
    በሉ ናይ ሓምሳ ዓመት ሕልማዊ ሃተውተውን ሓሶትን ገድሊ ብተግባር ርኣይዎ።
    ጥንታዊ ታሪኽካን ቋንቋን ተሓሲምካ ዝወለዶ ጉድ።