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Voice of Assenna: People without Leadership – Message by Deacon Yohannes G/Hiwet

Review overview
  • Mike November 5, 2014

    Well, I am still waiting for the other faith based Eritrean churches to have one voice and come together as well like their sister faith bathed churches. Where are they? Editing the message, thinking if it is right or time, hiding and letting others standup for them, or is it that these remaining faith based churches are not sure who will represent them as one voice? We are all waiting to hear from you to sound your voice on behalf of the displaced Eritreans.

    As to the G-15 – I have no idea what their crime is. I cannot say until I hear out what it is they did – but my point is – as any democratic system and nation – they all will need to be heard. either in this current system or the system to come in Eritrea.

    Deacon – again, well said and well rounded message you have delivered.

  • Truly Truly i say to you November 6, 2014

    Normally such right God´s massage supposed to be preached again and again as soon as the problem when start reflected. I was asking to my self where are those religious law teachers missing, those have kept the key that opens the door to the house of knowledge, I was almost dare to say ,”you Pharisees yourself will not go in, and you stop those who are trying to go in! like Jesus said. (Luke 11, 52) But thanks God. Finally from house of God someone appears with right massage. Thanks and God bless Deacon Johannes G/ hiwot and few of others God´s men formerly more or less with right similar God´s massage attempted to awake us. In dead like in those days before Israel had a king, we are also now living with no king, no order, no law and constitution, our people have no shepherd, this is why our people are scattering everywhere.
    I do not how many of you marked my opinion , in Tadess´s and Amanuels´s actual written article bellow regarding regionalism, there i liked additionally to express that Deacon Yohannes now speaking massage, but because i fear not to boring you if write long, I left only for you from the book of Judges all chapter 19, 20 and 21 so that you all read self. Book of Judges Chapter 19; 1 and Chapter 21; 25 the phrases exactly telling us what Deacon Yohannes excellently described.
    if you remember also by Phlimon Habtom, “If I was President of Eritrea for a day
    By assenna on September 27, 2014 written article,
    by mentioning this God´s word, ” LET`S GO AND GET GOD`S COVENANT BOX; WHICH WAS IGNORED WHILE SAUL WAS KING:” ( read 1st Chronicles 13; 3) to that King David had spoken when became King after Saul, the bible readers as you know Saul even though he was king but because he ignored God´s law and order like Isyas ignored, i was commented like this, I do not like to be a president , but if i get fever to be a president advisor, i advice, in Isyas era that ignored God´s covenant to be erected again. But some fools because think i spoke about a fundamentalist Christian regime establishment, they was rebuking me. But what i meant was like Deakon Yohannes well described to be ruled by rule of law and constitution was. Nothing more nothing less.

  • Tewahedo November 7, 2014

    I don’t understand why people like this d. Yohanes are involving in political organizations like asena while they are accusing the diocese in Eritrea for involved politicians. for us Eritreans this became our nature to overcome a problem by problem we accuse Eseyas for being in the power for many years and we do the same with our parties. My unhappiness is not toward the preach or him but all of them starting from Abune Mekaryos they don’t have to tell us what’s missing because every one knows it. what we need is someone to show us what’s missing.