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Voice of Assenna: Panel Discussion with Eritrean Activists Habtom Mehari, Zebib Sultan, Shishai G/Hans Re the Situation of Eritrean Refugees in Israel

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  • Footscray July 16, 2013

    Amanuel tokato,

    Israel = USA = Democracy = Human Right. Isn’t it?

    Now if you ask to the Eritreans (Africans) in Israel they say

    Israel = USA = No mercy = Human Abuse = Hell.

    So, why don’t you try to have an interview with the officials of Israeli government? what about your advisors W/ro Elsa Chirum and “gual’Bar Lidya? They pretend as if they can talk to the government officials. . . .inviteds guests . . .. hahahahahaah.

    All nonsense

    • Said July 16, 2013

      you zinst an monkey. slave falash you forgot ware you come from. now you got a good in Israel. one day you will Eritrea . and I know that for sure. that’s when we going to burn in hell.

    • salma a. July 20, 2013

      you are a lunatic. i pity you. i know u are not worth a reply b/s u are confused. does insulting Mr. Amanuel Eyasu make u feel as if you were his equal? think again. hahaha….poor soul.
      “unaka ferisu” is Elsa Kidane’s song. very interesting interview Mr. Amanuel Eyasu and his guests. keep up the great work all of you! VIVA ASSENNAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      down with the lunatic dictator!
      long live the PEOPLE of ERITREA!

  • Said July 16, 2013

    to those who believe in Israel, please don’t waste your time, they going to try playing cat and mouse. enough Zionist. we need to save our people fast.

  • Said July 16, 2013

    Zionist asking for active war.

  • ida July 16, 2013

    Thanks Aman for a very interesting interview. Ajokum Eritrean activists!

  • ida July 16, 2013

    Does anyone know who the singer is of the last song sung by the woman about “unaka ferisu…..?”