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VOICE OF ASSENNA: Panel Discussion Re Ethiopian PM’s Recent Call for Peace with Eritrea – Part 1

Review overview
  • Mahta April 7, 2018

    I fully agree with Dr Gebre`s point here. We dont have to carry away with what ever the Dr Abiy`s speech, Being a pentecostal follower you can expect a nice word from him, though the reallity can be different. Having said that If he is seriouse with what he said he has to respect the international law and make history to both people by pulling out his army. Period!!

  • Berhe Tensea April 8, 2018

    Dr. Aby call for peace is good, however the dictator in power is not interested in any peace with Ethiopia. The dictator is using the border issue to prolong his rule and to make it as pretext to say that Eritrea is still at war and to avoid the implementation of constitution.
    As long as the dictator is in power I am afraid that there will be no peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia..

  • Berhe Tensea April 8, 2018

    Excellent discussion thank you very much, the two important issue s here i are,hat the regime is not interested in peace and secondly in Eritrea there is no parliament to approve or reject very important issues that affect the people directly..
    Death to the Sokotan dictator.