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Voice of Assenna: Our Lives: Intv with Prof Araya Debessay – Part 1, Thursday, 10 March, 2016

Review overview
  • Araya Debessay March 14, 2016

    Corrections & Addendum
    1. I feel embarrassed that I called the late Habte Kidane, Habte Yemane, during the interview. Habte was one of the outstanding students in my 9th grade class. He ended up going to the US as a participant of American Field Service. He was a student at Haile Selassie University (HSIU) on his return from the US and left HSIU to join EPLF. My blood boils when I remember that he was one among those who were assassinated as members of what EPLF called MenKaE group.

    2. Ambassador Adhanom Gebremariam was one of my outstanding students whom I always proudly refer to as my former student. I apologize for not using his appropriate title during the interview. Once an Ambassador, one remains an Ambassador for life. Sorry Ambassador. I was remembering you as the 10th grade student during the interview.

    3. Two of my close Eritrean friends in Adi Grat were Sennay Kifleyesus who was credited for the world famous EPLF’s underground pharmacy in Sahle. It makes me mad to think of him languishing in Isaias’s jails. Sennay was an outstanding student who became my classmate after a double promotion from 6th grade to 8th grade and ended up being a prize winner in 8th grade. When I was assigned to go to Mekele Secondary School, Sennay was mistaken to be a female student and was assigned to Itegue Menen Girls’ Secondary School in Addis. He was lucky, he ended in General Winget Secondary School, in Addis.

    4. The other Eritrean friend of mine who has remained a life-time friend is Assefaw Goitom. Assefaw joined me in 8th grade from Asmara. He was a star soccer player. He was very handsome, cheerful, and a sociable student who was loved by everyone. He still remains the same.

  • Araya Debessay March 15, 2016

    Addendum #2
    1. I forgot to mention Memhr Ghidey who was a highly respected Head Master of the Elementary School in Mendefera. I also remember his son, Dr. Yohannes Ghiday, a medical doctor in St. Louis, who was one or two years behind me in school. I also remember the graceful Memher Asier Gebremedhin who was the Headmaster of the middle school. Memher Asier was my favorite teaching who taught me in second grade in Hiberti before he was transferred to Mendefera.

    2. I also forgot to mention an incident that embarrassed my teacher and still embarrasses me when I think of it. This was the time when Inspector Isak who was the Inspector General in the Eritrean Ministry of Education came to visit our school in Hiberti when I was in first or second grade. Inspector Isak was definitely a well-fed person, at least by our standard at that time. When he asked us a question we could not answer, he wanted to give us a tip, and said what do you think will come out if I scratched my hand with a razor. Looking at his fat hand, I thought I knew the answer and raised my hand to tell him “Sibhi” (fat). That must have embarrassed my teacher. I feel embarrassed of that incident till this day.

    3. Those who were my contemporaries during my fourth grade in Mendefera, may remember a sad incident that shocked the whole school. This was the time when a group of elementary students from Adi Mengoti were accidentally severally wounded from a bomb blast on their way to school. If you remember this incident and if you were in grade three or four then you must have been my classmate.

    4. When I was teaching in Dekemhare Secondary School, I forgot to mention that there were two other Eritreans who were also doing their national service. The late Dr. Habte Aregay, a Kerenite, who was a brilliant and very kind person, loved by students. Habte was from Alemaya College. He was a science teacher. I feel sad that such a brilliant and kind person had to die from malaria as an ELF fighter. He is fondly remembered by many former ELF fighters. My other colleague was Al-Amin Humed Derir, wedi Ghindae. Al-Amin was an outstanding economics student at Haile Selessie I University but I think he was teaching English in Dekemhare. Al-Amin is a CPA who is working with one of the Big Accounting Firms in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al-Amin is my life-long friend and was a popular student in college.

  • haikel March 15, 2016

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