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  • Berhe Tensea February 19, 2016

    Thank you for your nice interview with Assena. The Eritrean people are not going to benefit from people like you who posses great technical and scientific expertise.
    I hope and wish one day you will open a technical establishment, where by hundreds of students to work and to upgrade their skills in Dekutsenea, to benefit the Eritrean youth.
    People who finish the hopeless and meaningless high schools or the in name only university are turning to Areki and Jin, or rotting in Sawa.
    Blata Khahssay must be proud of you.

    • Berhan Tecle February 21, 2016

      Selam Berhe,

      Because of the contributions people like aboy Belata Kahsay Malu, Aboy Weldeab and the many brave and forward looking Eritreans a torch was passed to a generation galsnt fighter. My generation owes it to them who have provided us the tools to be dedicated and productive citizens.

      On a personal note we Eritreans have a unique heritage deeply rooted in our home villages. Dekitsinai like every village and hamlet in Eritrea is a place I hold with high reverence. It is a place that has provided me with indelible childhood experience full of happy memories. Now imagine what the loss of such attachment and the deep rooted connections we inherited would mean to our Eritrean identity.

      Looking at the past 25 years I personally feel we have all lost the opportunity to build, contribute and use our productive years to be of great service to our country and people.