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Voice of Assenna: Our Lives – ህይወትና – Redei Kifle ( Bashay) Part 4 -Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Review overview
  • Senkam May 10, 2017

    kab eta”zerebay simaeni ” tibl gtmi :zenbebkaya ezen zseeba kilte Mesmer gitmi ab nay Barya “Hagerey Zbele Tezekiru Yinebr” tible derfi alewa.

    1) Yewah Eritrawi zerebay simaeni
    afra keytregix mesiluka emni

    2) Medeb waga ayblun temenzika neidi
    ayaklenan’yu belom godolo meadi
    egbay bel bibret anxar ezi guguy frdi

    eta nay Barya derfi gin ezi tray aykonen gitmi nata. xbuk tarik eyu nezi zfelt darga yelen. Emo Barya ke n’aberktoka gelixwo do ? weys n’su win kem megosgosi geru tray sleztexaweto aytegedeskumulun ?

  • መፍቀሬ ኢየሱስ May 10, 2017

    ኣብዚ እነሆኻ ወግዒ! ኣማን በኣማን ብሱልን ዕሚቚን ዘረባ ሰሚዕና። ኣሰናዳእቲ ኣሰና፡ ሠናይ ፍቓድኩም እንተኾይኑ፡ ምስ ኣቶ ረድኢ ክፍለ (ባሻይ) ዳግማይ ዕላል እንተትገብሩ ኣዝዩ ባህ ምበለኒ። ዝተፈተወካ ደርፊ “ ቢስ! “ ምባል ሉድ ኢዩ። ነዞም ክቡር ሰብ እዚኦም ደጊምኩም ትዕድሙልና እልምነኩም።

    This interview is extremely important. Mr Redee Kifle (Bashay) comes across as versed in the Eritrean political, cultural, and linguistic matters. He is story teller who can connect with our society at various levels. He has the knowledge and the empathy, he is articulate, among many of his assets.
    I would like to kindly request the Assena to give him another opportunity in areas of his choice..

  • Gezae May 12, 2017

    I greatly appreciated Mr, Bashay’s worthy interviews. This said, I hope it is not caddish to respond briefly to his critics his worthy analysis. Anyway I will restrict myself to two points.
    First- concerning to young Eritrean in the diaspora I agree with Mr. Bashay. I think his point is well taken.Eritrean youth in the diaspore have low levels of political interest and knowledge. Their views and conceptions are based on a restricted understanding of politics and they lacked faith, or trust, in politicians. These have alienated them from the contemporary Eritrean politics as well as the difficulties they perceived to grasp. So they feel as there is lack of opportunities for them to engage politically
    Generally, I comprehend young people consistently feel powerlessness and limited opportunities for them to engage in politics; even some of them do not think anything could be done to arouse their interest. Because young people conceptualized politics in a limited and narrow way as such they perceived the subject as boring and irrelevant to their lives at present. Indeed young people often reported that they were preoccupied with other interests and activities that dominated their lives, which resulted in their having little time to devote to politics.
    However, in spite of all these damn problems, we also see a lot of young people involved in a wide range of issues. For instance, as Mr. Bashay mentioned as an example the YPFDJ are more interest in politics of their mother land and their organization. Across the sample, they propose various initiatives for stimulating their interest and aim at making politics more accessible. So I have great admiration and respect to the YPFDJ unlike the other scatter-brained revulsion or horror groups of youth. Cont………

  • Gezae May 12, 2017

    Second- I do not agree with Mr. Bashay’s back story of rectification. I was one of the fighters who found SAGM. I do know Bashay personaly but I really believe he and all the senior and junior ELF cadres’/ friends fled the struggle tactically did not to shutter the window for independence. Hence, now talking about independence, freedom, democracy, and criticizing others is ridiculous.
    However, I understand there are many citizens abroad who have fought for the country, dedicating their lives to the armed struggle, independence and national services. Their stake in the country must be respected. This government should not deny them the opportunity to have their say in the way their country is governed. That is why I am proudly to say because at the dawn of the twenty-first century, democracy is more widely accepted and practiced than ever before.
    At no time in history have so many people enjoyed the right to participate, through elections, in the government of their country. But I also believe the spread of democracy from abroad should not captivate us into triumphalism. In that spirit, I wish you a most productive understand. This kind of struggle cannot make indentation nor to bring peace, reconciliation, and justice to Eritrea. So let us not look at our work as the export of one form of government from one part of the world to another. Rather, let us focus on common challenges to governance, and ensure that democracy is at the heart of our solutions.

  • Gezae May 12, 2017

    “Instead I know Bashay, Iwould like to be read I do not know Bashay’ Thanks

  • Anghesom Ghebrejohannes May 12, 2017

    መርሓባ ባሻይ ! ድሃይካ ይጥዓም ድሕሪ ነዊሕ እዋን ድምጽኻ ክንሰምዕ ብምኽኣልና ኣገናዕ ንኣሰና። ብጻይ ረዲእ ! እቲ ካብ ኲሉ ዝኸፍአን ዘሕዝንን ግን ኤርትራ ሃገርና ድሕሪ መስዋእትን በጃን ብሉጻት ደቃ ክሳብ ሕጂ ራህዋን እፎይታን ከረኸበት ኣብ ዓዘቕቲ ስቓይ ምህላዋ ኢዩ። ኣያታትናን ሳናዱናን በብሓደ ሓሊፎም ንሕና`ውን ከነርክቦም ሓደ እግርና ኣብ ጉድጓድ ይኣቲ ኣሎ። ቀጻሊ ወለዶና ከምዚ እንርእዮ ዘለና ሃገራዊ ሓላፍነት ዝስከም ኣይመስልን። እንድዒ ከብድና ብፍርሒ ማይ ይሓቊን ኣሎ ንምሸቱ እንታይ ክመጽእ ኢዩ ሓርቢቱና ኣሎ። ኣብ ዘዘለናዮ ዕድመን ጥዕናን ይሃበና።ብጾትካ ኣንገሦምን ኣኽበረትን ምስ ደቅና ልዋምን ብርሃንን ካብ ጀርመን።

  • Danny May 13, 2017

    Thank you Bashay, it was very educational .