Voice of Assenna: Our Lives – ህይወትና – ኣቦና ሃብተማርያም ኣብርሃ – Part 2 – Monday, Feb 06, 2017



Review overview
  • Mesmer February 8, 2017

    this is the best narration of Eritrean revolution history ever I enjoyed to listen. This man is Amazing his honesty and nature of the way he tells the story makes it clear to collect the puzzle and see who was killed why!

  • Haileyesus February 10, 2017

    What intersting history .As Wedegorgo said When Asrate Kassa saw Isaise in KAGNEW station Asrate Kassa said “with Isaise evrything is possible .When Isaise split from E.L.F the Eritrea governer general at that time Asrate Kassa gave amunution to the Alla Group that led by Isaise inorder to fight E.L.F .Remember when PLF group came to highland Eritrea people used to call them Mercenary of Ethiopia

  • Haileyesus February 10, 2017

    Why they called them mercenary of Ethiopia .Isaise and co publicly using TESFMICHEL Gorgo car the licence plate 78 landrover and many people saw Isaise in and out from KAGNEW station to ALLA .Wedegorgo used to bring Whisky from Asmera and Decmhare to Isaise and co .Tesfmichel gorgo wasa mayor of Decmhare at that time but he was killed brod day light in front of his home in ADDIAs Abeba in April 13 1992 .I am quite sure Isaise Teklebrhane was assasinated because he was with Alla group as well as he is close relatives of Tesfmichel Gorgo Brother Alone already said the person who killed Isaise (WEDFINANCA ) now he works in security department in Asmera .All who were in Bazit (ALLA ) with Isaise were all systmatically killed by him in order to buried the secreat the he had affairs with the C.I.A .During 1970’s Marxist ideology was popular .It is to hard and illogical to find 3rd world revolutionary leader that he had had affairs with C.I.A .What is my point Isaise will do anything for power

  • Haileyesus February 11, 2017

    I am quite sure Mesfin Hagos If was in Bazit (ALLA ) he might be killed as well During Isaise hangout in Bazzit (ALLA) Mesfin Hagos was in Denkel With PLF1 (SABE GROUP) In Sode Ela that’s why Mesfin Hagos was not killed .Those who were in Bazit (ALLA ) were all systematically killed by Isaise starting from Legendery Abrham Tewelde .Solomon Tesfamriam ,Twelde Eyob .Habteselase Gebrmedhin .etc The only from Bazit Era who were martyred in 1974 Berake Nuguse (WEDEFENKEL) killed in civil war between E.L.F and PLF2 (WEKE ZAGER )

  • k.tewolde February 12, 2017

    The honorable aboy Habte and so many like him are still around,I hope they will come forward and share their stories in the future.Folks these are the historical facts that were swept under Hgdef’s rug never to be disclosed for those who have the right to it-the Eritrean people.It is the story of the shrewd tyrant and his evolution and how he got to where he is today,for some it is an epiphany and for others it is a teaching moment.This is how the true Eritrea got lost in translation.Stay tuned. Thank you Assenna for the stupendous work.