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VOICE OF ASSENNA: News – North & South Korea – ሰሜን ኮርያን ደቡብ ኮርያን ኣብ ውዕል ሰላም ተሰማሚዐን ፡ ዓለም ብውንታ ተቐቢሉዎ

Review overview
  • Hagos April 28, 2018

    Congratulations Korea and the Korean people. Yes, there is long way to go and these are your first steps.
    This is what I dream for the the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This may take few years; however, I guarantee ya. The people of Korea will live in peace as one people, so will the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.
    If the Koreans can do it, so will the Eritreans and Ethiopians despite the few but laud futile failed and bankrupted elites … The Germans had done it in 1990 too