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Voice of Assenna: News File on TPDM’s Disintegration & Amanuel Eyasu of Assenna’s Seminar in Zurich, Organised to commemorate Eritrean Prisoners – Part 1 Monday, Sept 14, 2015

Review overview
  • Halefom September 14, 2015

    Unfortunately, Higdef bit off more than it can chew and made fools of themselves and of poor Eritrea. The Eritrean regime has to stop hiding behind false propaganda all the time and this time has to come out and face the reality on the ground. This is what happens when you have a one mad man country full of disasters and secrets.

  • Tecleab Tewolde Misgun (Memher) September 15, 2015

    Hi Amanuel
    The struggle carried out, effort exerted and challenges faced to be the voice for the voiceless by you as an individual is appreciable and unparalleled. However, Amanuel did you everS in your sane mind sat alone in a soul search and analyzed the disadvantage of not coordinating your fight with other justice seekers.
    Why such lull, why don’t you be a role model and sacrifice yourself to work with others? Amanuel Please, take bold steps and get united with real zealots in expending what is needed to bring a unified struggle and overthrow the dictatorial regime through a popular struggle. You already know through your experiences and from facts how difficult it is to clap with a single hand.