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Voice of Assenna: Mr Kubrom Calls to Reject the New Nakfa/ Mr Neamin Advices for Grassroots Movement ; Wed, Nov 25, 2015

Review overview
  • Haqi November 25, 2015

    It was a good idea to “reject the new currency” but too late and impractical. Most Eritreans have already handed the little money they have, plus, the majority of Eritreans have no money. The people in the army and the Warsay have no money to worry … even if every currency goes on fire.

  • Daniel Joseph November 26, 2015

    It is true that higdef is half dead but how can one believe the coming regime
    Isayas is still in control there has to be armed opposition in the ground

  • ጽንዓት November 26, 2015

    Lets say Ato Tekle has 1,000,00 old NKF. He uses that money to run his business. Lets also say that Ato Tekle accepted Mr Tafla’S advice and kept them old currency in secret place untill the next government comes. How can Ato Tekle run his business now? In order to get new currency, he has to return the old one. This is simple logic. Or let Mr Tafla send him some hard currency so that he can exchange

  • Gebray November 26, 2015

    By changing the currency the only people who are hurting are the conspirators of the regime. why dose the public have to have any sympathy for them. We been paying this individuals for the life of our brothers and sisters. the time have come for them to throw out. Your argument doesn’t make any sense to me what so ever.

  • semere 2 November 26, 2015


    Pope Francis is already in Africa, for his first ever visit. He is saying conveying important messages for peace, justice, reconciliation, tolerance, etc. It is the dominant headline in all media houses all over the world. I believe it can give a wider picture to us how the real world is moving. Otherwise, I fear that we risk of becoming self-centered like Isayas and his goons. We need to be able to see beyond in order to evaluate and assess our own situation.

    This is just a suggestion and I have no intention to belittle the wonderful service that Assenna is doing.

      • AHMED SALEH November 26, 2015

        If God close our eyes blind , I bet we open our ears to listen
        words of wisdom through unbiased thinking .
        Meanwhile world becameplaying field of arrogance , hatred , grudges
        and killing field at its worst in modern history . And that was how mankind brought world war to begin .
        Direction of life from light to darkness has determined our way of
        life choice from reasons based at “them or us” stupid side show .
        Peace , justice , tolerance and reconciliation lost it’s meant to
        be positive intention because of twisted minded people in earth .
        At the end evil reign to bring down the whole world in crisis because from destructive self centered attitude of people in general .
        We Eritreans must understand we are our own makers as society either
        for bad or for good endings . LEARN FROM OUR SURROUNDING .

  • Hakilu November 26, 2015

    Changing the nakfa currency is a clear indication of a dying and desperate regime fighting for a bit of more breathing time. Mengistu H/mariam tried it with many similar tricks and changes but couldn’t stop the unstoppable people’s opposition and uprising. So far Eritrean people have waited patiently but time is approaching to push Esayas and his brute gangsters out of Eritrea for once and for all.

  • AHMED SALEH November 26, 2015

    A government that doesn’t respect nation establishment delegated
    under the law of constitution leads it’s power limitless and it’s
    influence toward people lives crumble the foundation of principle
    on which the country was founded .
    Issayas cold heart decision based on his authoritarian policy rebuked
    every man and woman who stand at his path . The rest of us know well
    the facts of leaderless coalition can not interrupt HGDF authority
    similar to Eritrean students and workers movements of the past .
    Our people must stop to panic and beg to leave rather than unite and
    fight for their right on implementation of national Constitution.
    Lack of constitution led the people in darkness and contributed the
    beginning at how the whole society started bleed .
    Eritreans at this moment split on two pros-cons groups to gamble at
    the expense of Eritreans mess . We need soul search to revisit our consciences and moral value outside the box independently free from
    any outside influences for couple of minutes . Think about the poor, unfortunate and the weak brothers/sisters left behind inside the
    country if indeed we care .

  • keshi mars November 26, 2015

    I have a mixed feeling related to the audio clip.

    First, Mr. Kubrom’s suggestion of rejecting the new currency, it hurts the people rather than the evil DIA’s government. Because ‘A currency entails a liability to the issuer (in our case, Bank of Eritrea) and an asset to the person who has it.’ so not changing the old currency means you are forfeiting to make use of your hard earnings or burning you asset.

    Second, Mr. Naemin, though he presented a strong and convincing story, thanks for that, but his argument about “the opposition vs us” doesn’t go smoothly along his narrative rather branches out to unnecessary arguments.

  • Kebret November 26, 2015

    Where have you been sir , since the declaration for changing Nakfa is now some weeks gone.
    Impractical advice, your Idea is not thought to the end.

  • yohannes November 26, 2015

    It is impractical as well as suicidal for the people to challenge it as there is no organized force to help the people if HIGDEF moves by force. One can not ask the people in Eritrea from outside. If initiate it should by the people in Eritrea, As an idea it is good, but works only in democratic society.