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Voice of Assenna: Mr Kubrom Calls to Reject the New Nakfa/ Mr Neamin Advices for Grassroots Movement ; Wed, Nov 25, 2015

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  • robi December 5, 2015

    Hi Asena and Mr Dafla,i think people of Eritrea should reject the new Nakfa currency, because most of our people are so poor this time except the high rank officials and some stupid bussiness people, so if majority of our people keep the old money at home under bed will be better than giving their money to the old regime, if the Regime collects all the old Nakfa currency to his pocket (bank) no one will be beneficiary, the issayas regime will not give them more than 20,000 Nakfa at any time untill disappeared from Eritrea, its looks like football game right now, hahahah the game between defense ( people of eritrea) and striker ( issayas regime) ,if people of Eritrea agree not to give the old money to bank which means to play offside system hahah much better than to play normal game with regime,Issayas regime will be collaps soon or later no matter time it takes, opposition parties works so hard to unite and to attack the Regime. I suggest to people of Eritrea to keep the money at home untill the Regime change. Thanks

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