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Voice of Assenna: Mother’s Timely Message to Eritreans, Thursday, 17 July, 2014

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  • hinzi gedli July 17, 2014

    The best song ever ,since the inception of the delyti fitHi, mamma tHamena ala, mamma timotena la. Just great, just current.. bravo

  • ERITRAWIT July 18, 2014

    We have two Gedley one for Natnet!!!!!!! the other one for enwet!!!!!!!
    Kab mejemerta ztetensese hatela b kemey eu kserey?
    Gebel atman ms fereye?

  • Kombishtato July 18, 2014

    Three Drown as Italian Navy Rescues Over 1,000 Migrants

    Reuters Updated: July 17, 2014

    Rome: Italy’s navy on Thursday said it had rescued more than 1,000 migrants from multiple boats intercepted crossing the Mediterranean over the past 24 hours, as smugglers take advantage of calm summer seas.

    The rescues came as Libya’s navy said it had retrieved the bodies of three would-be migrants and rescued almost 100 others after their boat sank off its coast.

    “Over 1,000 migrants have been rescued,” the Italian navy said in a statement. It said 764 migrants were rescued from a number of boats overnight and then 427 on two more boats intercepted on Thursday.

    The rescues were part of Rome’s massive ongoing search and rescue mission, “Mare Nostrum” (Our Sea), after two shipwrecks in October in which over 400 migrants drowned.

    Italy estimates around 100,000 migrants will have landed on its shores by the end of the year around the same number that arrived in 2011 in the wake of turmoil triggered by the Arab Spring revolutions in North Africa.

    The navy said dozens of women and children were among the latest arrivals and released videos of the migrants wrapped in thermal blankets being transferred onto warships where they were checked by medical staff.

    Many of the migrants come from Eritrea, currently under investigation by the UN Human Rights Council for alleged abuses including extrajudicial executions, torture and forced military conscription that can last decades.

    The migrants rescued by the navy are usually taken to temporary centres in Sicily all already full. Many try to avoid registering asylum requests in Italy and make their way to other parts of Europe.


    • Kombishtato July 18, 2014

      Four die as boat carrying migrants sinks off Turkish coast

      A boat carrying 17 migrants from Eritrea and Afghanistan, who were aiming to take refuge in the European Union, sank off the coast of Ayvalık in the Aegean Sea on July 18, leaving four people dead and one missing.

      The boat was on its way to the Greek island of Lesbos, which is located in the northeastern Aegean Sea and had 13 Eritreans, three Afghans and one unidentified passenger on board when it sank.

      The Turkish coast guard patrolling the area saw the boat and managed to save 12 people while they were in the water.

      Once on shore, the 12 rescued migrants were taken to a nearby hospital to be medically examined and then later to the local police station where they will be deported.

      The bodies of the four drowning victims were taken to Ayvalık state hospital and then to a forensics laboratory in Bursa, a city in western Turkey, where an autopsy will be undertaken.

      A search and rescue team has been assembled to find the unidentified person lost at sea when the boat sank.

  • hatnokum Rigbe July 19, 2014

    ረኤኹም ዶ ዞም ደቀይ እንታይ ድየ ዝበልኩኹም ብቐዳማይ። ኣዴታትኩም ቅናትና ገጥ ኢላ ኢያ ደጊም። እዛ ሓብተይ’ኳ እንተሀለት ከመይ ግሩም ዝኾነ መልእኽቲ ሰዲዳ። እዛ ኮርዒዳ ብጮታ ዘይረሰዐት’ምበር እቶም ዝረስዑስ ዓዲ በታቲኖማ። ሕጂ ኸኣ ሰብ ዓዲ ብዓዲ ሰብ በረኻ ከምኡ፣ ሰብ ስደት ከኣ ብስደት ሃየ ዛ መሸንቆቓ ናብ ክሳዱ ነልግባ። ኣንቱም ደቀይ አዚ ሓደ ብጮቱ ኣዘንጊዕ ቢሉ ዝቕፍድ ዝሩግ መዓንጣ ከምዚ ጌሩ ዓዲ ሰቡኡት እንተጥፈአ ሃየንታ ለዎ። ተወሊድኩምላ ኢኹም ዛ መሬት፣ ተበጂኹምላ ብኽንደይ ሞ ክብሃል። ሕጂ ድማ ሃየ። ብኽያት ሓብትኹም ኣበይ ከየደቅሰኩም ንሱ ግዳ፣ ኣደ ውን ኣጆኹም ትብል እነሀት። እንተቶም ክቡር ኣቦደቀይ ሞ ንስኺ ሱቕ ኢልኪ ክትቁዝሚ መከራና ኣይተጽግብና። እቶም ደቅና ናይ ሰቡኡት ኣይጠፍኦምን ኢዩ። እተን ኣዋልድና እኳ ናይ ሰቡኡት ዘይጠፍአን፣ ሕጹባት መዓንጣ ደቅና ነዚ ኣረሜን ከየባረሩ ደቂሶም ዝሓድሩ ከይመስኪ ይብሉ። ልቦም ምሉእ ዩ፣ ሓሶት ኣይበዓልቲ ለይቶምን ኢያ። ባዕለይ እፈልጠልኩም ናቱ፣ ግዳ ሓንትስ እቲ ኣደ ኮይነ ክቑዝምስ ደሞም ይፈልሖም ኮይኑ ኣነ ከኣ ክቑዝም ዘይገደፉኒ ይጉሂ። ካብ ምቑዛም ዝርከብ ፍረ ከምዘየሎ ስ ግርም ገይሮም ይፈልጡ እንድዮም ከኣ ብዘይካ ዑረት ዓይኒ። ደቀይ ሃበርም በሉ ምሕረት ጓለይ ከኣ ትታኸስ ኣላ። ባዕለይ ከኣ እዛ መጽሓፊት ዘይክኣልኩዋ ኮይነ ሕጂ ይእከልኩም።