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Voice of Assenna: Member of the 5th Round National Service, Tekeste (wedi Gindae), Speaks about the secret PFDJ battles in Sudan, Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

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  • Jaguar November 26, 2015

    Ema, u always give nice advice to our people and u r the only my hero, but our people is the laziest, worst, and non United. ??We always say that we r different people so where is the differences.
    ?? We always say, our people is brave, strong but we r the weakest people.
    ?? We always say, our country is rich and secured, but where is security and we r the poorest country.
    ??We say agame, Ethiopia etc, at least they are weigh better than us. They have constitution, secured and strong governance with responsible and accountable party.
    ?? Imagine how poor we think in our mind. We have to fight, struggle, unite and start revolution.

    • yo November 27, 2015

      I read your comments Jaguar. Let me say something to that.

      (1) You can not describe “People as a People” as either weak, or brave, rich or poor. People as a people can not be described by such terms. You can describe individuals as such;

      (2) History has shown as People as a people can be strong or weak, poor or rich at a time depending the prevailing political situation. Romans, Persians, Greeks were strong and mighty, now they are not. China and india were poor, now they are not;

      (3) Please don’t insult people as a people. You use the word “Agame” a which derogatory implication of poor tigrians who were migrating to Eritrea and worked in low paying jobs. If you are going to use the term now, WE ERITREAN ARE NOW THE NEW AGAME”. So by association you and I are Agames.

      We Eritrean has to get rid of this chauvinist attitude, we are not better or worse that any other people. We are people challenged by the worst political leadership, HIGDEF. So if you have to put a blame, don’t blame Eritrean people or other people.

      • Memhr November 27, 2015

        Yo said, ” … we are not better or worse that any other people….”
        It is somewhat close to the fact but the truth is Eritrea and Eritreans are in the worst shape in Africa since the Italian Fascists left it in 1941. There is nothing more humiliating than being an Eritrean now. Eritrea is the shameful poster child of Africa. It is the majority of Eritreans who are dying in the Mediterranean Sea, raped, kidnapped and sold into Arab slavery by the Arab Bedouins and Rashaydas, beheaded and rounded up by the savage Islamists of ISIS, the second most number of refugees in Europe, the most refugees begging to enter into Ethiopia at any cost… a land that have the most jails in Africa. There is nothing worst than being Eritrean these days.

        • AHMED SALEH November 27, 2015

          Just to give a hand to assenna moderator .
          WOULD YOU PLEASE STICK IN ONE PEN-NAME . Even though we are
          tired from your attempt to divert focus of the subject in discussion but stop acting as an Eritrean .
          Because a Loser Eritrea hater also hate Ethiopians and
          everyone in his surroundings except the tiny village that
          belongs to him .
          People like him are sources of evil for hatred and violence .
          When you sow mistrust , confusion and hatred you can’t expect
          to harvest peace & love . We do not tolerate hatred in here .

  • AHMED SALEH November 26, 2015

    Tekeste concluded to suspect after he witnessed how HGDF regime
    mishandled Eritrean people . It has been that way since Ghedli
    time . Eritrean lives didn’t matter except to win the war but
    the people were fed misleading information because Issayas won
    their heart hiding under 03 cover in Sahel .
    At the end everything about a person’s ugly side exposed in front
    our eyes . Even though we refused to listen others warnings . The
    problem nothing can stop him while people stay dormant for more than
    three decades .
    The case of BADME was closed after 1981 because people want to defend
    EPLF leadership reputation . To blame Weyane is defensive mechanism
    for faults of self guiltiness .
    And that is why I keep saying we all share responsibilities.

  • Wedi Zere November 26, 2015

    We Eritreans are not known to tell the truth when it comes to the sad Eritrean state of affair.This guy though seems to be the most articulate and brave Eritrean interviewee I have ever heard. Emotional, forthcoming and forthright indeed that describes the disgusting regime like it is. The most pathetic interviewee is Mr. Dejen the so called pilot who happened to be suffering in their jail for over 15 years seemed to be protective of the syndicate organization
    he grew up under.

    • Memhr November 27, 2015

      wedi Zere said “The most pathetic interviewee is Mr. Dejen the so called pilot who happened to be suffering in their jail for over 15 years …”

      You are dead wrong. The brave Dejen Ande Hishel is a young man who had never seen anything else in his life except Ghedli. The worst are the elite Ghedli leaders of both the Jebha and shaebia camps who had the opportunity to live in freedom in the free Christian West but are ashamed to share their ugly Ghedli sewra experiences. Some of these are the ardent Ghedli romantics. Blame the older Ghedli romantic generation who are supposed to know better.

      • AHMED SALEH November 27, 2015

        Bad memhr profess his icon YG theory of cowardice behind computer
        to complain when thinks went wrong to complain GHEDLI ROMANTICS .
        You want your right respected better fight for it and if you are
        entertaining have a fun talking trash . Otherwise nothing in this
        world come easily for free . A grown up man shouldn’t wait others
        put effort to change his life . Be a man or shut the hell up .

  • lemlem November 27, 2015

    Great man Wedi Gindae well described event as always PJDF is a bandit and they have no bases of humanity and peace for people.Its their Nature, they can’t deny or hide it.

  • Yiakel November 27, 2015

    God bless you wedi gindae. You are genuine; his story is true and emotional. I agree 100% With you wedi gindae even those g15 we think are our heros are part of that ugly dictators dirty bussiness. I Love you brother.

  • Yiakel November 27, 2015

    Sorry i mean your story

    • Tesfit November 27, 2015

      Thanks. We wouldn’t have figured that out…

  • Delai Fithi November 27, 2015

    Wedi Ghindae Thank you for your honesty and sincerity.
    This makes me wonder about Eritrean brothers and sisters who shed their blood for decades under this or that pretentious leadership. PFDJ is the latest criminal.
    Even those in prison, I feel terrible for them but as Wedi Ghindae says were accomplices at some point. You can’t survive around Isaias for as long as they did without being a partner in crime. He is evil but not stupid.

    I think the only hope is for someone from the inside to do what Wedi Ali tried to do. Unfortunately, the people inside Eritrea are too tired, exhausted and distrusting of one another to organize in an effective way. The PFDJ is rotten but they still have money and enough cult like followers to continue to repress.
    Information provided by Wedi Ghindae’s, Ruth Simon, Dejen, Kubrom Dafla, Neamin Tekie, Yemane T/Ghiorghis and so many patriots has educated people in deep sleep. As Wedi Ghindae said, even the deaf have heard the tragedy that is Eritrea today.

  • Sewrana. November 28, 2015

    Thanks wedi Ghinda for telling us the truth.
    It’s about time to stand up for justice!
    It’s about time to get reed all the gangs, criminals and liberate all political prisoners.
    It is time to enforce our constitution.
    It time to get reed of Isayas’s flag and replace it by our original flag that stands for freedom, liberty, equality and justice!
    It is time toget reed the zobas and replace them by our original provinces that stood for freedom.
    Then freedom will ring all over ERITREA.