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  • Gezae September 8, 2017

    I know Moral Rearmament since its first and only session of 1969 at Haile sellassie comprehensive High School Auditorium, Asmara, Eritrea. The movement at that moment had more Evangelical Christian roots. As I understand the time was the Eritrean Revolution in particular intensified its movements. Students of Asia and Africa have looked to Maoism and Lenism-Marxism and wondered in general. and we long since ceased to look to Western ideology and democracy thus the tide of history is being turned. Hence, to my understand basically, Moral Rearmament was acting as a revolution for the renaissances of western ideology and democracy.
    But as my dear brother Abrahaley said, the MRA movement changed its name to Intiatives of Change a non governmental organization grew into an international network of people of all faiths and backgrounds; based around absolute honesty, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness and absolute love and it encouraged its members to be actively involved in political and social issues. One of the movement’s core ideas was the belief that changing starts with seeking change in oneself. Thanks, following up.